Romeo Miller is Returning to ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ After a Controversial Departure?

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Romeo Miller’s fallout with Angela Simmons was a hot topic on GUHH.

Growing Up Hip Hop” OG Romeo Miller started the show with Angela Simmons. However, their friendship soured before he made the choice to depart the show. At the time, other cast members had strong opinions about their friendship. And Angela started to have questions about the friendship because she noticed that Romeo was communicating with her a lot less than usual. But when it got to the point that Angela noticed that he stopped responding to her calls and text messages, she became very frustrated. She vented to her siblings Vanessa Simmons and Jojo Simmons. Interestingly enough, Romeo confided in Vanessa about his issues with Angela.

Romeo just felt like Angela could be an inconsiderate friend at times. He didn’t like that Angela wouldn’t respond to his Bible study texts. Another thing Romeo took issue with was being viewed as part of the love triangle with Angela and Bow Wow. For years, GUHH fans have always speculated that she would end up with one of them. On social media, there were even conversations about which of the two was the most suitable man for Angela.

After Angela’s fiancé was killed, Romeo decided he didn’t want that narrative to continue on the show. But his decision to pull back from the friendship before communicating his thoughts to Angela made Romeo’s exit from the show a controversial one.

Well, it’s now rumored that Romeo is returning. And he’s had a few major life changes.

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  1. Life has a way humbling you & he thought so, much of himself. The same people you meet on the way up are the ones you pass on the way down. Amazing, spreading the word & now has a baby without benefit of marriage, imagine that.

  2. I think it’s very interesting that he’s returning based on the narrative he and his father painted. However, everyone deserves a second chance and forgiveness. Maybe, he’s matured and recognized that the show brought some value to his life. Hopefully, he can get along with everyone if he’s coming back.

  3. I hope your father don’t return we don’t care to hear him say negative things about Angeal like he did before. Because before he keeps his mouth in your affair’s, when he should have been letting you take care of your affairs. Because you are a grow man.

  4. I’m Not Understanding Why He’s Coming Back. Personally, I Feel As Though The Show Did Great Without Him. I Didn’t Miss Him On There. Who Really Did? Now That He’s A Father He Wants To Come Back And Do What? He Said He Wasn’t Real Friends With Any Of Them At The Last Meeting, So Who Is He Gonna Talk To And Hang Out With On The Show Or Is He Gonna Give A Fake Apology To Get Back In The Group?

    1. Bc it’s the final season…I always felt this would happen. Just the way he left and everything clearly left the door open for a return/ “closure”. Given I thought it would of happened sooner, but I wouldn’t be surprised if all the ones that left popped in here and there. Or not, seeing as the cast has grown and just randomly shot all over the place. I just hope the OGs get the closure/relationships they want out it this final season… I’ve always just felt the show was at work it’s best when the cast was like closer and friends then what they have put out recent seasons

  5. I think Romeo coming back is good he is one the original people who created the show. And I hope gets some type of understanding with Angela. And keep his father away….

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