Candiace Dillard Spills Tea on Michael Darby + Gizelle Bryant Doesn’t Back Down

Photo Credit: Bravo

Gizelle Bryant is in the hot seat with Candiace Dillard Bassett due to accusations about Chris Bassett.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard Bassett is furious with Gizelle Bryant. On the current season, Gizelle accused Chris Bassett of making her feel uncomfortable. She alleged that he asked her if they could speak privately at last season’s reunion. And she alleged that he suggested that they speak in her dressing room. The optics bothered her. However, Chris didn’t hit on her. She also said that he left when she asked him to. Interestingly enough, Chris alleged that Gizelle is the one who recommended they speak in her dressing room. And he was the one who allegedly suggested they leave the door open so people won’t start malicious rumors.

Candiace and Chris see the accusations made by Gizelle as an orchestrated attack on Chris. So Candiace has accused Gizelle of trying to hurt their marriage. And they believe she’s just using the situation as a storyline on the show. As for Gizelle, she thinks Candiace is the person who is dragging the situation out. And Candiace is the one using it for a storyline.

Regardless, Gizelle and Candiace attempt to have another sitdown about everything on the upcoming episode. And when Gizelle doesn’t back down from her claims, Candiace breaks down in tears. But prior to that moment, Candiace also causes a stir with fresh accusations about Michael Darby.

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      1. That part. People just learned the term colorism a couple of years ago and now they blame it for everything. It’s ridiculous.

  1. It’s time for something new. Candiace and Ashley have been fighting since Season 3. This is like the 8th time a husband has been accused of something. Wendy and Robyn’s beef is stupid. Mia lies about everything. It’s also hard to side with anybody because no one on this cast is innocent and they’re all annoying victim playing hypocrites. So what’s the point of even watching?

    1. Gizelle is full of sh!t, she did this to start sh-t with Chris Bassett, she’s going from husband to husband, but yet gets offended If anyone says anything about Jamal negatively, probably why she’s trying to pull everybody else’s husband down, this is a sorry a$$ storyline for her, she has nothing going on in her life, and this is the best she could do, no worries, by the time Reunion get here, Candice is gonna read Ashley and Gizelle for filth, ” ain’t no stopping her now” .

      1. All they do is talk about each other so what makes one is better than the other robin and gazelle need to just be fired from the picture all together as for of Wendy Mia would have a good old Asz whipping that night

  2. Didn’t Candiace say out her own mouth that she has seen Chris flirt with Gizelle? Then we saw him call Buffie a h-e on Twitter and he didn’t see an issue until enough Black women called him out on it. I don’t know why we’re supposed to pretend like Chris doesn’t do too much at times? I don’t put anything past any man. I remember how Monique’s fans used to get on here and call Gizelle jealous of her marriage. Then their truth came out on LAMDC. I’m Team Nobody this season. Fans always end up with egg on their faces in due time.

    1. “Didn’t Candiace say out her own mouth that she has seen Chris flirt with Gizelle?”

      Yes she did. And this won’t ever be brought up on the show so Candiace can continue to play the victim all season long.

      1. That’s Candice husband she can say whatever out her mouth about her husband, it’s that you can’t, and that’s how it goes with most people you can anything you want about your family, but it’s a problem if somebody else does, Gizelle has constantly talked about Chris brown d!CK around everybody, does she think that makes him feel uncomfortable, does he ask for an apology, Gizelle and her cankles thinks everybody wants her, yet nobody does, suppose be the pretty one, yet they are always the ones with no man and man issues, I swear Gizelle and Kenya Moore probably get along perfectly , two miserable souls

  3. So once again Candiace can talk about somebody else’s husband, make all kinds of accusations with no receipts, but when it’s done to her and Chris, it’s an issue and colorism. Whatever. Candiace literally told Ashley that Michael cheated on her at some hotel while they were filming. And she said a friend told her. As always it’s different rules for Candiace.

  4. Wait wait .. Stop the Press
    Have yall heard about Mr. Quan Dixon .. so mo wonder fake a-s Robyn is trying to get a sorry storyline with Wendy. Basically Quan inappropriately blackmailed a student while currently working as a Basketball coach. Allegedly Quan and his Minon was tormenting this kid with inappropriate pictures with him & the other kid that now is in a high position Quan was all in on it. He never ever reported this s-xuall harassment with the pictures floating around the school. This is due to the Woman and the other student posted these pics Quan did nothing matter fact he told the student to come to practice after Quan already knew what was going on they humiliated this student. That’s why Robyn wants a prenuptial she knows what’s going on Quan in deep deep trouble it’s in the blogs already.

    1. It was actually the assistant basketball coach who was accused of harassment of a student. Juan is the head coach and he was named in the lawsuit for not reporting the incident. That has nothing to do with Robyn since Juan is an adult who is responsible for his own actions. And Robyn didn’t make up a storyline/beef with Wendy. We can’t pretend like the events from last season didn’t happen just because Robyn isn’t likable. Wendy wants to do that but that isn’t how it works.

  5. One day fans will realize that the other women on this show aren’t any better than Gizelle. Then they’ll be entertained again instead of looking for a villain every season and faking public outrage.

    1. The fans are exhausting bruh. We just can’t enjoy Reality TV anymore because everyone is always crying and complaining when the drama starts. But if all these women got along, then they would say the show is too boring. Candiace reads somebody, it’s a problem, fire her. Ashley stirs the pot, oh my goodness fire her! Gizelle brings it, oh my goodness she’s hates dark skinned women fire her! Robyn finally contributes, she needs to be fired! Wendy reads somebody, she’s elitist, eww fire her! Mia pops off, ooh she’s too ratchet, fire her! Like got d-mn it’s just a show! People wake up wanting to be mad at something. This is Real Housewives. Like we know what this platform is about and it ain’t about nice feelings and friendships. This RH platform is about mudslinging, throwing shade, reads and occasional fighs. Why are people faking like they aren’t here for the negativity when the negativity is what brought them here in the first place?

  6. Okay why are we supposed to be so upset for Candiace when she was chilling while Gizelle and the others plotted on Monique and her marriage at dinner a couple of seasons ago? Candiace didn’t even tell Monique what happened, Karen did. But Candiace wants loyalty from Ashley that she has never given anyone else. I feel like it’s the Twilight zone and we’re expected to forget all the past events that led up to this season.

  7. I said if before and I’ll say it again, you should not watch any reality show and take it personally. These people don’t know us and it’s not our job to defend them and get riled up over things that don’t affect us personally. Enjoy these shows for what they are, only entertainment. With that being said, the season is a little dry. Something is off. And I’m not sure what.

    1. It’s not giving. It’s been so many comments about Gizelle and Robyn not having storylines but truth be told, none of them do. So all they can do is gossip and pick fights with each other. Boring.

  8. Candice is getting paid back for all the mess she have caused. I do want to be entertained but if I want drama for a hour I can visit my family. I would like to see the cast get together and not have issues just have fun.

  9. I just don’t have any sympathy for Candiace on this because I remember how they teamed up on Monique and Big Chris. People are only riding with Candiace now because they hate Gizelle more. Candiace ain’t no victim. She’s just as much of a mean girl and bully as Gizelle and Ashley if we’re keeping it 💯. I see right through her and her husband got some mean and messy in him too.

  10. Oh please make it stop. This Chris and Gizelle storyline is so f-cking stupid. I just don’t care anymore. I’m ready to see Mia vs Wendy and Karen vs Charrisse.

  11. What did Candiace say about anybody man that wasn’t true or something one of the other said about them. This the 3 man’s Gezelle have had something to say about. Out the 2 or 3 men she was with on the show they didn’t stay long. So, that alone tells me there something wrong with her. Everyone that started with a man still got they expect for Ashley. And from the show she would’ still have her if she keeps let him sleep with her and his manfriends. I am not talking about one that about something in black and white. A good story line Robin, Ashley gives Gezelle lesson on how to keep a man or make her appointment with Dr. Jackie

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