Gizelle Bryant Responds to Candiace Dillard Bassett Accusing Her of Attacking Marriages

Photo Credit: Bravo

 Candiace Dillard Bassett is done with Gizelle Bryant.

Real Housewives of Potomac” stars Gizelle Bryant and Candiace Dillard Bassett are no longer on good terms. They fell out after Gizelle said Chris Bassett made her feel uncomfortable at the reunion. The accusation upset Candiace a lot. She saw it as Gizelle attacking Chris for a storyline. And she feels like Gizelle has done this to multiple people in the past for the same reasons. Regardless, Gizelle won’t back down from the accusations she made. She thinks she should be able to tell Candiace she was uncomfortable without it becoming such a big issue. Karen Huger said she understood Gizelle’s perspective but having that conversation on camera wasn’t a good decision.

After their blowup, Candiace decided that she is completely done with Gizelle. And she doesn’t think they will ever be able to come back from this situation. So her patience for Gizelle continues to wane.

Gizelle thinks Candiace is overreacting. And she should be more grateful that Gizelle supported her after the altercation with Monique Samuels took place.

Chris is really hurt and disappointed by the situation. He said he thought he had a friendship with Gizelle. So he didn’t think he was crossing boundaries. And he just thought they could have a private conversation.

Well, Gizelle opened up about the drama. And she had an interesting response to being accused of trying to tear down marriages.

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  1. Gizelle if it really happen ok. But I could tell by the expressing on your face after you said it that you were lying. Why all the men have too behind you. You just need a story line. If I was Candiace, I would really let you have it. How did you feel when people were telling your ex was still cheating on you. You didn’t like it so why would you come out the clear blue sky and tell that lie on Candiace husband. Get you a story line please don’t let it be about a man. Last year it was you talking about Ashely husband. Your best friend doesn’t even believe your lie. Now the viewer is getting tired of you and that road you on

  2. Gizelle’s explanation is crap. Chris talking to her is not trying to see if he can with her. Giselle goes after someone’s husband ever season. While you laughed when she did to others, it doesn’t feel funny now.
    Giselle is doing what she does creating drama.

  3. That what you were trying to do tear up her marriage. If you weren’t why did you tell that or go alone with whom ever told you to tell that lie. If I were Chris and his wife, I would never have anything else to do with you. Giselle, you are getting just as RACHET as them Scotts on Huntsville.

  4. She is so overly dramatic and pressed to cause chaos . Over 50 yet always and seemed surprised when someone calls her out on her actions and behavior . She knows better. I’m glad Robyn called it what it was, nothing. I respect Robyn more for that. Gizelle is pathetic.

  5. Even though I’m not a Candiace fan “Neck, Ankles, Not today Satan”. That about summed Dizzy Gizzy up! She is soooo miserable a person, and it aint about her “knowing the assignment”. She was miserable before she got on the show. Let a KNOWN womanizer and Holy Whore put her in the hospital on her wedding day. When your own respected daddy won’t walk you down the aisle cause the groom is a whole mess and won’t back the mess on camera. Gizelly got some serious esteem issue.

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