Candiace Dillard Bassett Responds After RHOP Fan Says Gizelle Bryant Was Never Her Friend

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Candiace Dillard Bassett feels Gizelle Bryant crossed a line with her accusations about Chris Bassett.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard Bassett is not happy about the accusations that have been made about Chris Bassett on the current season. Gizelle Bryant accused Chris of making her feel uncomfortable at last season’s reunion. And she said that she took issue with him asking to speak to her in her dressing room. Gizelle didn’t like the optics. Although she confirmed that Chris didn’t hit on her, she doesn’t think the conversation should have happened there. She told Andy Cohen that the issue is all of the main cast members have dressing rooms with beds in them. Interestingly enough, Chris’ story was a bit different. He said it was Gizelle who suggested they speak in her room.

Ashley Darby actually kicked off the drama. During a conversation with Robyn Dixon, she said it was weird that Chris replied to her Instagram Story post about partying with friends. In the reply, he told her she should have partied at the hotel he works. Robyn told Ashley that she didn’t think this was weird or inappropriate since Chris tries to be friendly with everyone.

On the recent episode, the drama actually worsened. Candiace was under the impression that she and Ashley were turning a new leaf. However, Ashley caught Candiace off-guard with more accusations about Chris.

To no surprise, Candiace had a lot to say about the latest episode. And she responded when a fan said that she should have known Gizelle wasn’t her real friend. Plus, she shared her theory regarding the treatment of Wendy Osefo.

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  1. I agree Gizelle is not Candiace friend. I say that because Gizelle has done everybody on the show tge same way she’s doing to Candaice. Look how she did Monique talking about their baby[yea.. okay but Gizelle gets no clapback for that, mmm.], Karen, Ashley, Gizelle got her pond to do her duty work, when it came to Ashley, who did she use for that Candiace. Okay but when Karen got at Gizelle behind Jamal she went off. Cried became a victim. O.M.G. Okay look how Gizelle & Robyn is treating Wendy like really.. you can’t see that Candiace

  2. I think it’s so weird and pathetic that these grown women grovel and compete to be liked by Gizelle when the truth is this is just a job to her. You heard not one peep about colorism until Wendy and Candiace were no longer in good with Gizelle and Robyn. Before then, they said the cast wasn’t colorist. They also didn’t care about what Gizelle did to Monique and Karen until it was their turn. Using colorism because they’re no longer benefiting from the power dynamic that came from being cool with the GEBs is a pretty foul thing to do. But hey, some fans are buying it. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. Candiace is very interesting to me. When she did that interview with Carlos King, she said she grew up being like the only black person everywhere she went. She didn’t really know what colorism was until she joined RHOP and her black friends told her they thought that was why fans didn’t like her. So now Candiace sees colorism in everything. Real Housewives is a show that is cliquish in its foundation. This isn’t the right platform for sensitive people to watch or for sensitive people to be a part of. Producers love Gizelle so much because she truly gets that RHOP is just a job. This is why you don’t see her tweeting all the time and clapping back outside of when she’s paid to. She gets it. Candiace and Wendy won’t have peace until they get thicker skin.

    1. Candace and Wendy both rode the Giselle train like their life depended on it, Wendy came right in, not knowing anyone, but involved herself in the attacks against Monique, Karen, and Ashley. Neither one of them ever claim colorism, until last season when Eddie was accused of cheating and Wendy went toe to toe with the green eye bandits, now since the duo aren’t forgiving, there’s colorism, and Candace had a field day last season throwing all those racist terms at Ashley, bed w-nch, slave master, but she’s claiming others of colorism

  4. Gizelle isn’t likable. I think she may be the most hated cast member followed by Ashley then Robyn. But let’s be real here. Gizelle is one of the main reasons this show made it to a third season. She learned from how awful season 1 was and learned how to work with producers to make the show succeed. Candiace thinks she’s there because her life is so interesting but she’s really there because producers know making her angry makes the show worth watching. Candiace was almost fired after her first season on RHOP. Arguing with Gizelle, Charrisse, and Ashley saved her job. Not her “personal story” she came on the show with. She needs to stop hating Ashley and Gizelle because they are keeping Candiace employed. Candiace needs to have a real conversation with producers about what her real role is on RHOP because she seems to be the only person who doesn’t know. The moment she stops being rat tat tat tat Candiace, she’s getting fired. All these ladies are put in certain boxes for the show to succeed. Like this isn’t a secret anymore. This is show business now. Reality shows haven’t been real in a long time. Learn the game and excel at it or move on from RHOP like Monique did.

  5. I think many of us said Gizelle wasn’t really Candiace’s friend during Monique’s last season. It was so obvious to me that Gizelle never really liked or respected Candiace and Monique. This is why I was so irritated when they fell out. It was supposed to be Candiace, Monique, and Karen vs the GEBs and Ashley. But Ashley and Gizelle broke up Candiace and Monique before that could happen. Sigh…

  6. All these people are liars and drama queens. I’m not about to be offended for any of them. I’m just here to be entertained and RHOP always delivers.

    1. Thank you. Candiace is really milking this because she’s been wanting a bigger fan base from the start. These girls didn’t mind Gizelle or Robyn’s antics when they weren’t the targets. And I’m supposed to be outraged for Candiace now? Wasn’t she enjoying it when it was Chris Samuels that Gizelle slandered? She didn’t mind when it was Ray. Enjoyed it when Micheal was the topic for 3 seasons and she had plenty to say. And Wendy was cool with it all too as well. So fake!

  7. Candiace. She jealous of you and the things you got going on in your life. The only thing she got going is that show.

  8. Yes, she did Candiace every line to be cross, she crossed them. Candiace because she feels every man want her. What she got she feels so special. It want special enough to keep her husband.

  9. Giselle is only a friend to Robyn. When the other ladies understand that they will be better off. Candice has also shown herself not to be anyone’s friend either, look at how fast she dumped Ashley who brought her into the circle.

  10. I think it’s funny that fans and cast members are so outraged about what Gizelle and Ashley said about Chris but once again it’s crickets about Candiace accusing Karen of cheating on Ray in the same episode. Just shows the double standards of this show. Selective outrage always when the truth is they are all nasty and mean. I’m sure the fake outrage and hypocrisy will kill this show like all the others. I predict two people will be fired and next season the complaints will be how boring the show has become. Same sh-t with every black centered reality show. People are way too sensitive to enjoy trash tv anymore. Now you even got messy a-s cast members playing victim like they aren’t just as awful as Gizelle is. Cut it out. 😒

    1. Thank you! I just said this. The hypocrisy is on 10 this season. Candiace is no better than Gizelle or Ashley if we’re keeping it a buck. As soon as she thought she was friends with Ashley, she sat on that show and said Karen is cheating. It reminded me how Candiace was when the Monique stuff was happening. Candiace was cool with it all because she thought she had formed a solid trio with Gizelle and Robyn. I think Bravo will give in to the fake outrage and fire some folks too. And that will be the end of this show.

  11. Why are they pushing this colorism narrative like all these beefs don’t have a starting point? Like Wendy wasn’t loved by Robyn and Gizelle her first season? Like Candiace didn’t have Gizelle and Robyn working hard to get Monique up out of there after Mo hit her? They had Candiace’s back when it wasn’t even a popular position to take back then. Fans hated Gizelle and Robyn for defending Candiace. Now they’re colorist? Huh?! I mean this is just…wild to me. RHOA was already ruined. Now I guess it’s RHOP’s turn.

  12. I have always felt G and R felt they color when they made the remark about the black dude eating. Then made up something to say when people started talking about it. And the man was very dark in color.

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