Miss Wanda Worries LAMH Will Be Canceled + Takes Credit for Past High Ratings

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The current season of LAMH has resulted in backlash from fans.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” mom Miss Wanda has become one of the most polarizing cast members. She’s interjected herself into LaTisha Scott’s feud with Melody Shari. Although Wanda believes she has every right to defend her daughter, some cast members and fans think Wanda has taken things too far. In fact, Melody thinks Wanda crossed the line when she questioned the paternity of the youngest Holt child. However, Wanda thinks she wasn’t wrong because she was only coming for Melody. Martell Holt disagreed with that perspective. And he said the comment not only targeted the child but him as well. So he was in support of Melody confronting Wanda at the MaDonni reopening event hosted by Destiny Payton.

It didn’t take long for the conversation between Wanda and Melody to go left. Wanda was so angry that she tried to run up on Melody. Luckily, no one was touched that day even though Marsau Scott and Martell nearly came to blows that same day.

The drama from that day led to some fans calling for a boycott. An online petition was created that urged those in charge to remove Wanda from LAMH. Then a “blackout” was started in response to Marsau and Maurice Scott’s brother appearing on the show. And ratings dropped.

Well, Wanda recently addressed the blackout again. She called for her supporters to watch the show and she took credit for high ratings.

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    1. Yep! And they are still on here doing damage control and trying to argue with folks. Their obsession with Melody and Miss Van is so creepy.

    2. I don’t know why Miss Wanda feel like the ratings was up because of her because that’s a lie. I don’t want to see her on that show ever again. she is a poor excuse for a black woman to charge at another black woman to fight on television. it’s a terrible image. I don’t know why they so obsessed with Melody That’s who makes the show!!!!!

      1. Ditto! The show was much better in the beginning with the original members. The storyline with the crazy drama and ignorance is unbecoming and does not inspire me to watch.

      1. Let me clear, the only reason you watch! Something is wrong with people that think Wanda makes the show and would watch. Speaks volumes to you and everyone else character

    1. This lady is delusional 🤣 please go back to the Rock she roll out . Very sad to think you so important Wanda you not important.

  1. She’s bragging about ratings when she’s probably being paid peanuts to act a d-mn fool every season. Wanda can’t even see she’s being exploited and Carlos doesn’t give a d-mn about any of them. He’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  2. Wanda was at her best when she was funny and she spent her time worried about what Marsau was doing. It was harmless entertainment and that’s what she needs to go back to. The moment she became obsessed with Melody is the moment her likability nosedived. No one wants to see somebody’s momma getting in their adult beefs and trying to fist fight someone half her age. It was beneath Wanda. Wanda let the fame change her for the worst.

    1. How can anyone say it harmless what she was doing. This woman was talking about children that can never be looked over. by wanda or anyone else talking about children the way she was. You don’t what mother true love is about.

        1. Umm it was entertaining. The majority of fans liked Wanda when she only focused on Marsau and the scenes of them going back and forth were funny. Why are you being sanctimonious? I’m not about to get on here and lie because now y’all hate Wanda so much. You can like Melody and still tell the truth on here.

      1. You misread babygirl. I actually agree with you. I said Wanda was harmless and funny when she was just focused on her own family (Marsau and LaTisha). She became problematic and nasty once she started obsessing over Melody. She should have stayed out of Tisha and Melody’s beef.

  3. Carlos needs to clean up this mess he created. It’s his fault and his alone that things are the way they are now. These producers have so many opportunities to step in and clean things up. But they don’t care about doing what’s right until ratings go down. 🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. Miss Wonder has it twisted. She is the exact reason why the shows ratings are dropping. She is too ratchet for me! Not all watchers of the show are ghetto like she is. She’s downright embarrassing.

  4. I have wanted to make a comment about this women for a long time. She is a disgrace and embarrassment to African American women and mothers. I have stopped looking and won’t look again until she is gone. She makes me sick!!

  5. This woman looks foolish and if she stays cancel the show she always tries to tell them how to live and what to do like they are not adult individuals with their own mind sets. The lady needs to get a real life outside of reality tv because this show is over because of the hint that violence could occur. Violence is used on the other stations this show was different and had honor respect and class until Martell ,Marsau,Wanda,Tisha disrespected the show.

  6. Just get her off the show. She has been drama since the show has been air. Too old to be acting like a child. The show will cancel if her mouth and bad behavior continues. Carlos really needs to pay attention and get hot mess off the show. Totally ridiculous

  7. I think that Ms. WANDA is a train wreck, she had no since of pride, she’s a disgrace to mothers, no mother especially her age should be talking about fighting, she is so dam ghetto and she needs to go. Destiny really loves Melody, and Melody is acting so dam petty.

  8. Will turn my tv on when you. R off the show. Miss Wanda is just messy as h-ll. You r told old to act like a hood rat. Get your busy body somewhere and take care of you and mind your business. Tisha and her hy r grown adults with 3 children I am quite sure they can speak for themselves. Ratings have dropped because of you and that Destiny. Double Trouble 🤨😤

  9. Wanda, pls take you and your daughter to speech therapy. You are an embarrassment. Ratings aren’t up now. Y’all 3 need your own show and watch them ratings. Why you begging? Turn your Tvs ones. Bye Karen

  10. Straight up WANDER is delusional, over the top ignorant and a DISGRACE! She has the audacity to think she and her “star
    Quality” boosted ratings??? I’m dead…**Buffoonery is not a thing**

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