Amid Calls for Boycotts, Ratings Drop for ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’

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There have been calls for boycotts of LAMH.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” is in the middle of another controversial season. Melody Shari hasn’t been on good terms with LaTisha Scott since the show’s first season. LaTisha became upset because Martell Holt accused Marsau Scott of cheating on her with 20 women. This led to LaTisha and Melody clashing. They had some explosive moments on the show. However, their issues then led to Miss Wanda interjecting herself into their feud. Since then, Wanda has had a lot to say about Melody on social media. Things nearly turned violent when Melody confronted Wanda at the MaDonni reopening event. Melody was furious about Wanda questioning Malani Holt’s paternity on social media.

LAMH fans learned about the drama at the re-opening event because Melody was on Instagram Live while it was happening. As a result of the drama, some fans decided that Wanda took things way too far. And they also blamed Wanda for Martell and Marsau nearly coming to blows at the same event. Both were trying to keep the women from actually putting their hands on each other. Wanda also tried to run up on Melody from behind to strike her.

A petition was created that urged those in power to remove Wanda from the show. Then another boycott took place once Marsau and Maurice Scott’s brother made an appearance on LAMH.

Well, it looks as if ratings may be down.

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      1. Any woman that a good mother and has that mother love which is very deep. Would have no respect for a person talking about their offspring. When the show first came on it was nice. Once wanda came on all h-ll broke loss. Yes, wanda has a lowerase w. Because that’s her brain size

        1. Exactly!! I’m for taking up for my child, but d-mnit right is right and wrong is wrong! Ms. Wanda need to let that Thirsty offspring of hers grow up and be the woman she longs to be! I don’t even watch it any more! And when they let the other Scott brother come on there getting in women’s business, that’s where I drew the line! Too much!

          1. Mel is the common denominator around all the issues with the show. Let her go and the shows rating increase. She’s fake and full of hate. She wants to ruin every family unit on the shwow.

          2. Oh hush mommy to be. Martell is the common denominator. Some of y’all just have the same IQ as Wanda so you can’t see it.

        2. No longer will watch this show until Wanda’s vile mouth is gone for good. And Latisha’s just as bad for defending her mothers’ unacceptable behavior. That woman must be at lease 65 years old and knows better. Done watching these 2 ignorant woman get rewarded for bad behavior. Melody has a been a victim and is bad mouthed by everyone on that show and now Destiny is chiming in? It’s deplorable. Boycotting this show immediately and urge others to do so too. Not rewarding them for immature and hurtful behavior. How the these characters are still collecting a paycheck for trying to ruin this family’s lives? A petition needs to continue to remove these scandalous people on the show is unacceptable. Shame on OWN for not stepping in and fire these mean girls. If I were Melody and Martell, I would sue the b*#ches for defamation of character. ‘ donewith MALLIH. Unhealthy show. OWN must think it’s good ratings for a show that destroys a family. Shame on you OWN. Do Better. But then again , it’s owned by Oprah, so should we expect her to do the right thing? H-ll no. This show was to be about Black People winning and building business but they continue to tear people down. So much for BLM when the can’t get along with their “own” people as ” they”say.?

          1. BLM stole $100 million dollars from the black community and bought mansions. All women. So BL never mattered to BLM. Ijs
            There’s a petition to hold the accountable on Check it out!

          2. I have never figured out why, Wanda has a place on the show. She brings the show down below GHETTO . She should be ashamed when she watches herself in action. I have been a fan from the beginning; however, the presence of Wanda and her antics has left a bad taste in my mouth, and her daughter seems to accept her actions, and always defending her. GIRL your momma is too old to be acting like that I would not let my mom make a spectacle of herself. She should never been cast. It gives black people a bad name

          3. Agree with you 1000%, I have been on 🖤blackout mode for the entire season. Wanda is just a very vile mouth person, she do want to be called ghetto but she acts that way. Larissa needs some backbone with both her mother and husband. Destiny should be handed a pink slip she contributes nothing but attitude .
            Carlos King should be called to the OWN offices and be put on notice to get these people on point and rail that 🤡Martel in he is a disgusting human either you get these people together or lol to recast hol his hand to the 🔥

          4. Oprah is not the fault for this so stop blaming her, she don’t even own but a little more than half pof a percentage of the show anymore, this show started going bad Martell and the think she’s better than everyone Melody she has always been this NeNe, want a be attitude. But she’s not just a jerk a-s chick‼️

      2. Ms.Wanda does make the show interesting…I just think it would be a better show without her…Just my opinion…

          1. Agree about Latisha’s. voice is annoying, plus the fact is so jealous of Melody that was shown by her right from the beginning of the show, she tried to act like she wasn’t. I was always a fan of the Holts, and Kimmie and Maurice. I tried to warm up to: Latisha, but I read her from the beginning, then when her mom, Wanda came on, the whole behind the scenes from the beginning of Tisha’s existence was revealed. I hope the spirit of the LORD pricks Trisha’s heart and reveal to her that she does not have to be envious, and jealous. She has made accomplishments in her life, however, don’t let your blessings be taken by GOD, as he is a vengeful GOD

      3. She is so messy but she is not the problem. Her fake daughter is the problem . They need to get rid of her phony behind.

        1. LaTiesha, has self esteem issues and her husband is the one who has given her these issues. She’s seeing her life being played out on national television. Her Husband Marsau is a Womanizer along with his brothers and it’s all coming to light.

          1. Agree, 100% on that. I saw that from the jump. Lataisha, mind has been programed by her husband to be a Stepford Wife. Marsau, knows, he is living a double life. Sadly his wife knows it to. She is trying to hold up for her children instead of herself. She does not want to be a failure from across the tracks, as her husband keeps reminding her where she is from. A very sad living situation. I pray she will get it together soon for her sake. And stop being a doormat for that lying husband of hers. Whoever heard of their husband going to Africa, for the first time without their wife and family. And the way he did it. Latisha, know Marisau, is missing treating her from the gate. #PeacebeStill

        1. Wanda is too old for her antics, make me sick to see her act like that, Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben have both been retired. Amos and Andy long gone, she had to resurrect Sapphire though. She is disgrace to the race.

      4. I know that’s right. Wanda is the life of the show. She ain’t for everybody. You can move those couples that are not relevant. We have a spin-off, Love and Marriage Atlanta starring Martell and Sheree.

      5. I really don’t know what to do with this show I have been watching from day one. One day Melody Shari-Holt is saying Martell and his shoes are ugly, the next moment she is inviting him to stay on a luxury trip with her. One day she is closing the door on Martell and going inside, the next day she is asking him to team up with her against Wanda about their children. I can see why the cast is confused because I am not on the show and I am confused. The best thing would be to let the entire thing go, although interesting the two main characters Martell and Melody keep us all confused.

      1. This is all interesting. Where was the boycott for the Housewives series. Stop watching that year’s ago. Mess mess and mire mess.

    1. This thing about the 20 women came out I believe a couple years ago. Come on now. Nobody’s talking about Melody Holt’s behavior, Ms. Prim and Prissy. Clearly she’s unbalanced, entitled and disconnected.

      1. And don’t leave out bitter. Because her family was broken up by her womanizing husband, she is upset with everyone….now saying that kimmi is my girl.

  1. Carlos is also wearing two lying faces. He is talking about other showing and what they got happening and his show is worse than the ones he is talking about. The way he says he don’t have any queens on his show. Then turn around and talk highly of Mel. We all know without Mel and Martell it wouldn’t be known show. He let Scotts put all kinds of lies out about their affairs. But don’t want to put anything out they about Scotts the past or present. They Tisha now in a lawsuit. They say he told them don’t worry he want to put they life in the spotlight. We all are still trying to find out why he want. And why he treats some better than other. Carlos is just RACHET

    1. Carlos is nothing but guts trash like Wanda, Tie Tongue Tisha and baby teeth Marcus. That is why he can side with them birds of a feather flock together. Ms Van an d Mel have to much class for him. He feels intimidated by them. Think about it this the reason for him being so ratchet. Because he is a back wood hillbilly also this is why he can relate.

      1. Melody has no class. She acts out in public way too much to be called classy. She also doesn’t know how to be a friend to anyone.

        1. Melody is a class act. And honestly her and her mother as well as Kimmi/Maurice are the only classy cast members. To say otherwise is flat out lying and hating. How are you hating on Christmas ma’am? Like you really woke up on Christmas to be a a whole hater. Wow.

  2. I don’t like the show as the way it is going for the last two seasons and miss Wanda was interesting but she keeps a lot of stuff going even within her own daughters home.Melody and Martel they need to be replaced because the melody starts the most negativity that goes on within the show herself. Why isn’t that none of these reality shows portrayed black women in a positive light and their families why is they’re always have to be negative. I don’t have friends like that in real life that fight and argue and keep stuff going all the time those kind of people you can do without.

        1. A lot of people are jealous of Melody. I have a theory as to why Melody and Van incite jealousy but I’ll save that for another day.

        1. true Mel is not Beyonce. But Beyonce had to start from the bottom just like Mel doing. Who know how far God going to take Mel. He could take her even higher than her only God holds that card. wanda was wrong when she came in talking about children. But people who don’t have mother love and how deep it will go. Wouldn’t understand

      1. Melody is all that. Thanks for noticing. She doesn’t cause any of the problems. She responds. You know that though.

    1. LMBO! I think you either had to just start watching recently or not know all the history if you think Melody and Martell started all the negativity on this show. I don’t even like Martell but he ain’t even the messiest man on this show. That’s actually Marsau. If you know, you know!

    2. That’s the truth! I said it when the vloggers started giving Mel praise for getting her bag and the sob storied of how others put her down. She started the entire cheating rumors at the Comeback meetings. She’s still miserable! The children need real counseling. Black people, do better.

      1. You’re lying. Martell started the cheating rumor and Latisha has even said this.

        Mel has done enough that you don’t have to get on here flat out lie on her. It’s sad that y’all are so upset Melody has supporters. You want everyone to hate her because you do?

      2. I know the person that say Mel started the rumors I know for facts they have not be watching the show very long. It even show when Martell spoke those words. This is the first time I have ever heard anyone that like Mel or dislike Mel speak to them word before.

  3. Carlos does have a problem… It dont make sense for him to create these shows/platforms only to have it go down hill. I say keep the Whitlows they might open up more wit a different set of couples, add Stormi n her husband and find some new couples or jus cast in a new city. Smdh to Huntsville turning into a s*** show!!

  4. Because he trying to take people mind off his RACHER show. He is playing mind control. To me he is putting black people in a bad light. We already have enough negative things said about our race. With killing of our young men within our own race. They need all the positive things in their life that can get

  5. It’s multiple reasons why this show is losing viewers. But the main reason is a lot of the cast is getting away with not showing their authentic lives and instead making their storylines all about Mel and Van. Why did Carlos think it was appropriate to bring Mark on the show to discuss Van’s s-x life but there’s no mention of certain people’s ongoing business lawsuits or past arrests? So only Mel, Van, and Martell have to be completely transparent when Van isn’t even an official cast member? Yeah, it’s bs. And I’m tired of it.

  6. Well in true Carlos Queen fashion he has brought the ratchet to the show because he is ratchet everything that Ms Wanda does when it comes to all the controversy Carlos basks in all of it. But Melody and her slick talking Mom are not saints either they throw their shade and think nobody is suppose to retaliate to it. She started talking about Latisha Father first being in her DM’s now when Wanda or Latisha comes at her for it then they are the villains which I thing is wrong as two left feet are. Well if the show sinks Carlos Queen will only have himself to blame.

    1. “But Melody and her slick talking Mom are not saints either they throw their shade and think nobody is suppose to retaliate to it.”

      You actually described the Scotts, not Melody and Miss Van.

      Wanda has been coming for Melody and Martell unwarranted on social media since 2019. Here’s the link.

      Here she is again being anti black and talking bad about the Holt kids hair in 2020.

      Can’t forget the time she called Melody a h-e or that time she said Melody needs to take Martell back because she has 4 kids and no other man would want her.

      Melody didn’t finally respond to Wanda until this year, 2022. And here you are spinning the narrative. It’s just like Miss Van who was minding her business until Marsau got on the show two years ago and lied about her having a s-x tape with his brother. Van is slick and shady, but the shade she threw was in response to LaTisha shading Melody by wearing her Team Wife show to the same meeting (she taunted Melody about having her fourth child that day too). And you know what the supposed shade was? All Van did was promote the shirt and tell people where to buy it. This is why people are not watching. We’re tired of seeing Melody and her mother be attacked and when they do finally respond, producers, fans and cast try to frame it like they’re evil. Okay, well less of us will watch and let the Scotts carry the show on their own. And we’ll let the Scott fans get these ratings up.

  7. You haven’t been watching since season 1 I see. Wanda, LaTisha, and Marsau started all of the problems this show has now. LaTisha and Marsau sat on that show and threw shade, laughed, ki ki’d about Martell’s affair Season 1. Keep in mind that Mel and Martell got them on the show and helped the Scotts get back on their feet when they were broke and Marsau worked at a movie theater. Martell saw the shade and he responded by saying Marsau cheats too. LaTisha got mad at Mel instead of Martell. Wanda came for Martell first for no reason at all on Facebook after Season 1. But that’s how y’all do. Y’all don’t say a thing about the Scotts causing all the mess like they usually do but once Mel and Martell respond, ya’ll call them the problem. Nope. We fact checking on here sis. Stop lying. The Scotts are the problem on this show and always have been. Don’t get me started on Kimmi and Maurice because I got time for them too. Some of us have been watching since day 1 and we know the tea that ain’t been spilled on the show. The Scotts better hope and pray Carlos never gets enough sense to make them tell their real truths on the show.

  8. The show is in the gutter now because the Scotts do what they want to unchecked. They literally sic their attack dog family members on Melody and her mother because they don’t want to share their real lives and problems on this platform. Carlos needs to tighten up the contracts. If the Scotts don’t want to be transparent and prefer to deflect to Melody, Martell, and Van; then it’s time for them to go. This is not the Melody show. Find something else to talk about in your scenes, Scotts and Destiny.

  9. Oh I also wanted to say Stormi and her husband should be promoted to main cast members. They have a lot to bring to the show. Successful business, wealth, a solid marriage. Melody and Stormi continue to be my faves. I love boss a-s black women.

  10. Carlos should have intervened in a positive way after the first season. Now all these people hate each other and it’s hard for the show to continue. Fans are dropping the show because they miss what it used to be. I really like Kimmi, Melody, and Stormi though.

  11. So the last episode with Miss Wanda was the highest??!! Got it! Which one is it now? Cause the views show whenever Miss Wanda is in the views are up.

    1. Not true. When that Wanda petition was going around, ratings were down too back then, including episodes Wanda appeared on. She’s not a ratings draw and never was. I don’t even think Wanda’s Q score is good compared to the main cast. But this show isn’t in trouble because of Wanda. The problem is production.

    2. Timing matters though. There is an actual blackout going on right now that started after the last episode Wanda was on. YouTubers started it. The blackout is in response to Mark Scott being on the show. And he appeared on the episode you’re referring to. The ratings discussed here are about the first episode since the blackout. So if Wanda makes the show like you claim, she’ll be able to bring back those 200,000 viewers the show lost the next episode, right? Well, let’s see if she does. I’ll be checking those numbers.

  12. I said what I said and stand by what I said Because let’s be clear it’s Ms Wanda that brings the show the ratings and not Melody wannabe Beyonce Holt so the show better thank God for the presence of Ms Wanda, because to me Melody and her alleged s-xtape making Mom Van are the authors of chaos and confusion but they try to do it not on the DL but on the EL=Even Lower and I stand by that statement and I don’t care who doesn’t like it. So Carlos Queen needs to be so glad the show has Ms. Wanda because without her it would sink into non existence.

    1. Melody is the Beyonce of LAMH, which is why she has more social media followers than Wanda does, more opportunities, more fame, money, etc. And all y’all can do is be low vibrational and lie on her and her momma. Stay mad and keep blocking your own blessings being a hater on blogs.

  13. Show started off positive and I was so excited to see my home state Alabama on a nation show. Second year it went right down the negative toilet. I stopped watching it, haven’t watched since. I only see these post because I subscribe to Urbanbelle.

  14. And if you’re reading these comments Melody, don’t let these haters bring you down. They are so jealous you and your momma are classy, beautiful, and blessed. But the hate just keeps the blessings flowing. Team Melody, Team Van, Team Stormi period.

  15. I think Wanda and her family members are on here leaving comments now which makes sense considering the tea I just read 👀 Peep the comments saying Wanda brings in ratings 👀 👀 👀 👀

  16. I don’t give a -amn how many followers she has and she is no Beyonce, Beyonce is Beyonce Melody Holt lives vicariously through her I guess Lol but like I said it’s MS. Wanda that brings that Special Sauce to the show and that’s and that’s all. So get that through that thick skull of yours hater.

  17. I don’t know if she has family members here in the comments or not but the reality is like it or not the facts are the facts she brings that heat to the show without her the show is a sad funeral.

  18. The season is boring. Honestly everyone is having boring seasons (RHOA, RHOP, Married to Med). And all of their ratings are down.

  19. They are all messy, even the men. Kimmie not all that messy. Mel was messy when she invited tisha cousin to her slumber party, knowing the real reason for the invite was to trash tisha. She was also messy when she went to destiny reopen unvited. It was not to support destiny because she didn’t have a conversation with her. It was only to confort wanda. I think destiny is a fractured person. When Mel stopped talking to her, it hurt her and now she is lashing out. She needs therapy

  20. Messy,isn’t the word!!
    This show is just terrible now. Thought this would be a positive
    show about successful
    black folks but here we
    go again with bringing
    down the culture!! Shame on you Own!

    1. Miss Wanda; gutter, hood, ignorant, messy, no husband, no marriage, no love, immature grandmother example. The show’s name, Love and marriage should be changed to jealous, insecure, people of Huntsville especially with Wanda and that FB Live rant. She’s drinking some bad water.

  21. Wanda DEFINITELY needs to stay in a grandmother’s place! You don’t see anyone else’s mom inserting themselves in the messy business their children have created! Not surprised at all. There’s always a Momma D on these reality shows!

  22. This show has gone to the dogs since Ms. Wanda showed up! She seems to think her behaviors and nasty comments are cute or better yet, acceptable. She is far too old to be acting like this! At her age, she should be setting better examples for the crew. She needs to be removed and allow this show to go forward with none of her antics. When she injected children into the mix, she really crossed the line. She needs to written out of what used to be a very good show.

  23. I have been a dedicated fan of the show since its beginning. Get it right – MEL put her business on blast when she confronted Martell about keeping his p—s in the house in the first season. It grabbed ratings and got a lot of people tuning in. Through his infidelity, SHE chose to stay and try to work it out and ended up pregnant with that beautiful little girl but the marriage was over then. There is enough blame to go around but Mel and Van are sneaky when they throw their shade, they carefully choose their words for the camera and Mel acts like a mean girl most of the time. I like the show and I wish they would get back to the business side of the show and less personal business. And spend more time on the serious stuff like Kimmi’s battle with breast cancer and spreading breast cancer awareness in our black communities.

  24. I have been watching. From what I have been reading I know I am not going to watch it now. You can’t someone else project and try to make it you. Then Carlos didn’t even come up the idea. I knew that man was rachet and all his rachet friend from the way he did Kandi. This show is going down. God gave this idea to Mel and Martell they wouldn’t be where they at now if want for them to. Now they got nervous to want it all. I just hate to tell them it not going to word. I want to see how they going to act when show finish going down. I know the rating is dropping. They not going to get enough rating to keep it going. How they going to feel with no paycheck. By scott, stormi and the rest of the cast.

  25. I have watched the show from day one, and it has changed drastically. What happened to Black people showing how working together breeds success. This show has become a sham . People please stop exposing your children to such negativity. Our children need to hear and see positive role models. There is enough happening in our community (drugs, infidelity, no fathers/mothers disciplining children, no work ethic, disrespect of elders), so please stop the ridiculous reality shows. We are self-destructing!

  26. I have not watched this show in a while now. I know I am not about to go back and watch it now since they Stormi says was hiding her true colors and just as rachet as Carlos and the rest of them. I don’t understand Stormi being rachet because she got a brand out, they. I was reading where one lady said she order something from her, and it took her a month to get it. She so into trying to take something God gave somebody her brand name going down. And not going take a lot them posts the lady made early about it is taking her a month to get her order to hurt her business. Then they people out they that don’t care for Mel but they a lot out they that do. For examples look how the rating go downhill when we stop watching. That show you she doesn’t care that much about her business. I notice this whenever she talks about her business, she has said one word about thanking God for what he blessed for what she got. Like she doesn’t believe in him

  27. This show needs to end. It the most degrading show i have ever seen on tv. Then to see Carlos doing this to black people. I know his mother is very unhappy with him doing this. Because this made her look bad to know she raised a son that put a picture out like this about his race of people

  28. LAMH isn’t all bad and derogatory. I understand all comments about depicting blacks in a terrible manner. This is reality television and everyday life for some people. Please, try not to bash Carlos King and tge show. Oprah gave all of them, especially CK an opportunity. Love and Marriage DC first season was unwelcoming with all the drama, trauma, gossip, hurtful words, intimation by spouses. Anyone signing future contracts for reality television should really consider can they handle the messiness!

  29. I am sorry but I have to say rachet Carlos is the cause of this show is bad. Because of the favorite he showed the Scott’s, bring the Scott brothers to downplay Mel and her mother, wanda. He would never bring the scott life out. Then Teshia husband told Carlos that he wasn’t going to bring their life on the show. He said Carlos told him he didn’t have to just talk more about his Bunises. But all the time he had Mel and Martell front page for everyone story line. I don’t know about anyone else I will not be watching this show. It also made black look like fools. Then Carlos on everyone else show lying about his cast members. Just like he was playing them flash back before the reunion. Like we didn’t she how messed up the show was. He sends the show in a ugly direction that I feel people will be talking about for a while. another example look how long he let wanda stay on the show talking about children. The only reason he removed her when he did because the rating was going down.


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