Melody Shari Addresses ‘Disrespectful’ Comment Destiny Payton Made to Miss Van on LAMH

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Melody Shari’s fallout with Destiny Payton played out on LAMH.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Melody Shari fell out with a couple of friends while filming the show. In fact, Melody’s feud with LaTisha Scott began during the show’s first season. The women clashed due to Martell Holt accusing Marsau Scott of cheating with “20 different women.” This led to LaTisha confronting Melody. The conversation became very tense. And LaTisha clapped back by taunting Melody about Martell’s longtime affair with Arionne Curry. LaTisha and Melody haven’t been on good terms since. Since Miss Wanda may have worsened things by interjecting herself into the feud, it’s doubtful that there is any chance that LaTisha and Melody can be on good terms ever again.

Melody’s fallout with Destiny Payton occurred once Destiny began to question the friendship. She said Melody started to call her much less after they wrapped up filming. However, Melody said she just took a break for her mental health. And she continued to communicate with Destiny via text messages. So she thought that things were still good between her and Destiny. She wasn’t expecting Destiny to question her abilities as a friend when it was time to discuss everything at the reunion.

To make matters even more contentious, Melody overheard Destiny talking about her to LaTisha while they were in LA to film the reunion. So Melody backed off from the friendship. And Destiny wasn’t happy to see Melody show up to her MaDonni reopening event.

Interestingly enough, Destiny didn’t only clash with Melody at the reopening. She also had some words for Miss Van as well. And after the episode aired, Destiny told her supporters that she owes Van an apology.

Well, Melody addressed Destiny’s comments to Van recently in an interview. Plus, she confirmed that the goal now is to get LAMH back on track.

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      1. In the words of Kimmie.
        We love to start in the middle…Van is not innocent. Remember these people exist outside of the show …
        Van has made some negative comments about her and her business. Van much like Wanda should stay out of her relationships and she won’t get gathered.

        Due to bias nobody questioned the reason for the comment.

        1. The only biased person on this site is you which is why you never come with the whole truth. Van didn’t start anything. Next time watch the entire episode because you never come with facts. The audacity of you calling anyone else biased when you hate Melody so much that you came for her children on here. Leave Queen alone. I hope she continues to IGNORE you since you have been wanting her attention so bad. And her name is spelled KIMMI not Kimmie. You’d know that if you actually watched and paid attention to the show as much as you stalk Melody on IG.

        2. I guess Mel thinks it’s okay for her and mother to say disrespectful things about others. But say something about them it’s another war about to happen. If they can’t take it then they needs to keep their mouth closed.

          1. What disrespectful thing did Miss Van say to Destiny or anyone else? Don’t worry, Tanya. I’ll wait since y’all like lying on this woman for some reason.

          2. Another war? Girl what? Melody and Van barely respond to anything. They sit there and let the Scotts and their messy family members harass and drag them without responding. Wanda’s family was literally online threatening to shoot them. They let that go. H-ll it took Wanda commenting on Melody’s kids twice before Melody finally snapped. So what’s the real reason y’all hate Mel and Van so much? It’s not adding up.

  1. I think all of them like to attack Van because they figure it’s the best way to hurt Melody. She ignores all the nastiness that comes her way until it’s about her mother or children. So this is why the cast keeps coming for both. It’s just so weird how obsessed these people are with hurting this woman. I get that they were all really just Martell’s friends, but the anger doesn’t match Melody’s actions. Martell has done much worse to all of them and they would never come for his mother like they do Van.

    1. Well said. I think this is one reason why the show has lost its spark. Too much focus on plotting against Melody and Vanessa.

  2. I was wondering if she heard what Destiny said because I was confused as to how she would forgive that. Yeah it’s a wrap for that friendship.

  3. Unfortunately, this happens in sports, the music industry and sometimes in everyday life as well. When people have no relevant role to play the go after the top dog which is better known as clout chaing@@

  4. If destiny is not embarrassed. I’m embarrassed for her. Just sad.. To say something so hateful to her supposedly best friends Mom.

  5. First let’s start here. Nobody wants to hear the truth. All of them rather run around saying Melody had issues with them for one reason or another. Melody has not always been Queen Perfect because no one is perfect and everybody do not get along all the time. That Man-Child Martell started all of b*lls*ll and the other kids which are followers joined in because clearly they don’t have a mind of their own. LaTisha’s dumb *ss is perfectly fine with her cheating, lying, disrespectful husband still being friends with a**hole that said he cheated with 20 women and here you lost your friendship. And to top it off your own husband would some time defend Melody over you. All of the men on the show are little busy bees and are a waste of time because they have way to much drama. LaTisha wants to believe so bad that Marsau is faithful she is?willing to destroy all of her friendships. He just conned her last week to get rid of Dr. Francis and all it took was some food on a hard floor. Sometimes I can not stand listening to her wimper to him. Destiny is just lashing out because she wants Melody’s friendship so bad. She is acting like a scorned girlfriend/boyfriend. Calm down

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