Destiny Payton Responds After LAMH Fan Calls Her Disappointing + Will Apologize to Miss Van

Destiny Payton LAMH
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Destiny Payton’s beef with Melody Shari isn’t ending anytime soon.

When it comes to “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” star Destiny Payton, she is uncertain if she’ll ever be cordial with Melody Shari again.

Recently, Destiny and Melody had significant tension during Destiny’s MaDonni grand re-opening event. Melody spoke to Destiny but Destiny didn’t hear her. So she called Melody out for not speaking. Melody accused Destiny of just wanting a moment for television. She exited MaDonni and then confronted Miss Wanda for her paternity comments.

This led to cast members nearly coming to blows. So Destiny blamed Melody for the drama that went down at her event. Since they already fell out after they had some differences in their former friendship, it’s probably not surprising that Destiny feels she is owed an apology. Interestingly enough, LaTisha Scott told Destiny not to hold her breath for an apology from Melody.

Some LAMH fans have been calling out Destiny for her actions toward Melody. And some are disappointed.

And in other news, despite her tension with Melody, Destiny feels she owes an apology to Melody’s mom Vanessa.

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  1. I’m sick of Destiny. Melody is her storyline. She’s friends with LaTisha because they both have a problem with Melody. How about Destiny give Melody her money back to pay your bills. Oh but Melody is such a bad friend.

    1. I agree with you! I feel Destiny and latisha is hating on Melody for no reason. How can you call someone a bad friend that showed receipts threw text messages that she reached out to Destiny several times. And she absolutely spoke to Destiny during her opening of her shop or whatever the hell it is.. Destiny just want a story line and using Melody for it.. Destiny (Bitch) get a life line..

  2. I see it differently. Destiny and Melody are both head strong. Neither of them wants to be wrong. From what I understood, they are both wrong! Both need to sit down off camera and sort this out. Their long time friendship should not be forgotten but repaired.

  3. Destiny, I think when you speak to Ms.Van only say I’m sorry for using the words I chose please forgive me. Let her speak and after that unless she asks you a question don’t say anything else because you will begin to bring Mel into it. Trust me. Speak only when you are spoken to.

  4. It’s so sad when a good friend secretly dislike you. Destiny’s problems is,she only wanted Mel as her only friend. Once she saw Mel growing the green monster starting growing in Destiny.

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