Martell Holt Invites LaTisha & Marsau Scott to Vacation + Melody Shari Is Not Pleased

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Melody Shari and Martell Holt weren’t able to stay in a good place co-parenting-wise.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Shari and Martell Holt had a nasty divorce. To no surprise, co-parenting hasn’t been any better between them. In fact, Martell dragged Melody to court because he wants full custody of their children. And one of his main complaints about Melody is that she allows her brother Marcus Minnifield to babysit their children. Marcus is married to a man. So some LAMH fans as well as Melody have accused Martell of being homophobic. And they do not think it’s fair that Martell reportedly allows his male relatives to babysit but he thinks it’s an issue if Marcus does it.

Regardless, Martell doesn’t think he’s wrong in any way. And he said his critics will side with him once all the facts come out. So it’s safe to say that he doesn’t plan to back down anytime soon.

Interestingly enough, Martell and Melody did manage to make it to a peaceful co-parenting place briefly before Martell decided to sue Melody for full custody. Melody noticed that she and Martell weren’t fighting anymore. She felt he had shown her growth. So she invited him and his mother Miss Marlene to join her and the children for a family vacation. Melody’s mother Miss Vanessa was also there to enjoy the family trip.

On the recent episode of LAMH, fans were able to see the beginning of the trip. There were some awkward moments for the former couple. However, the upcoming episode cranks up the awkwardness thanks to Martell inviting LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott to join them in Destin, Florida without seeing if Melody was okay with this.

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  1. I’m extremely proud of Melody for trying to get along with Martell. But it’s clear he just isn’t going to do right.

      1. How you invite somebody that you know I don’t gel with on a trip that invited you to? Give Martell a inch he take 5 miles…smh

  2. Martell wants things to go back to what they were (him and Melody back together and being close with the Scotts). But he needs to accept those days are over.

  3. I would have been p-ssed! I would have either kicked Martel and his guest out. Martel did not pay a dime for this trip, did not plan it, he was invited by Mel because she is trying to do what’s best for her kids but here comes this fool inviting her enemies? Mel is better than me.

  4. Melody you are a Queen… just ignore snd ride this one out… have a small talk with Martell about it and let him know you are definitely not hanging out with the Scott’s …remind him the trip is all about your children and family no outsiders… let him know this is all I’m going to say about snd walk away.. don’t mention it again because it becomes food for an argument. Everyone of you were on a great vibe until he did this .. but no worries… put that foot down and no arguing… the children deserve happiness with you all together… I’m praying snd rooting for you ❤️🙏🏾 You and Martell are doing great.. Don’t let the Scott’s rain on your parade 🥰

  5. Carlos King, you had the producers to push this. Martell is not that out of touch with reality and especially not that out of touch with Melody’s persona. He knows how she feels about LaTicha. Kudos to Melody for remaining poised for the cameras.

  6. Love and marriage Huntsville you guys are allowing someone to interrupt Melody’s children’s peace again the Scots didn’t invite their children too their daughters birthday at the park why would you allow the scotts to travel the distance to Florida to interrupt Melody and her children’s peace.

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