Wendy Osefo Responds to Robyn Dixon’s Interview & Defense of Using the Word Antagonized

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Wendy Osefo and Robyn Dixon’s feud has gotten uglier.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Wendy Osefo is in disbelief about the drama she’s been subjected to on the show’s current season. Wendy fell out with Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant during the previous season. She figured Robyn had a role in Gizelle bringing the Eddie Osefo cheating rumors to RHOP. However, Robyn had no idea that Gizelle told Ashley Darby to bring up the rumor to Wendy. In Gizelle’s opinion, Wendy got work done because of the cheating rumors. And Gizelle thought Wendy had allowed the gossip to make her insecure about her looks. Well, Wendy disagreed with this theory. She came to the conclusion that the situation was a well-coordinated attack on her marriage.

Wendy is also in a bad place with Mia Thornton. They clashed during the previous season as well. However, things worsened between them on the recent episode. As we reported, Mia invited all of the ladies to Miami ahead of Karen Huger’s birthday. She also planned for them to have dinner at Peter Thomas’ Bar One.

Prior to the blowup between Mia and Wendy happening at dinner, Peter told Mia that his potential business deal with Wendy didn’t work out. And he believes that Wendy was the holdup. So he didn’t like that Wendy came to Miami without hitting him up first. Mia agreed and she confronted Wendy about this. Tempers flared, and Mia assaulted Wendy. While all of this was going on, Robyn told Wendy that she was antagonizing Mia.

Robyn tried to explain her treatment of Wendy in an interview. Wendy clapped back, too.

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    1. Congratulations! Wendy you played yourself! You really thought Giselle and Robyn was soooooooo against violence that they could not be filmed with Monique???!!!!! Girl Bye! You had the nerve to be so appalled. I stand on my words, You and others helped created this toxic environment. Why didn’t you see this then with Monique, she is also black and similar to both Candace and Your complexion. Try again! Whatever it was , it was hateful and honestly sad disgusting. No duh they are on a campaign against you! Yet you still don’t even have any once of understanding the repercussions of your actions. Reality TV I guess πŸ˜’

      1. I don’t think this totally fair. Remember, concerning the Monique situation, Wendy specifically said that her stance was hers alone and she was always against violence. Remember, she said that she hated that Monique felt she had to fight with her fists instead of her words and how she didn’t feel remorseful.

  1. No one deserves to be assaulted on this show because they all do the same thing which is gossip about each other and their marriages. No one has ever assaulted Gizelle or Robyn as messy and mean as they are, so why do they think Wendy deserved what happened to her? This is Real Housewives. Weaponize your words or go sign up for Zeus or Love & Hip Hop instead.

    1. Exactly!! Can’t stand them bi*ches. Both Robin and Gizelle are mean, nasty and jealous. Both of their husbands were cheaters…. both of them and Gizelle can’t even hold on to any man. They slip through her fingers like oil. Sweep around your own back door, green eyed bandits. Uuuuggghh!

    1. She’s a hood rat bxtch..what was her excuse when she didn’t invite Wendy’s kids to funday..she needs to go next season and take Ashley Mia Gizelle!!

  2. Wendy, Robyn and Giselle didn’t like Monique and they don’t like you. It was because of the dislike for Monique that they sided with Candice. Wendy, they don’t like you, so they sided with Mia. You thought they liked you, but you are of no use to them. Words hurt.

  3. Kendra is fake, she knows what she was getting being with Joc. She’s not even a good actress. She does lie well. She’s embarrassed because her man continues to stick his pole in any hole that will allow him to. Even though she believes she’s the best thing he’s shown you your not. So if you choose to be with Joc your husband. Stop putting him down. It only makes you look stupid.

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