Monique Samuels Confirms Departure from LAMDC + Candiace Dillard Bassett is Amused

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Monique Samuels departed RHOP after she assaulted Candiace Dillard Bassett.

Real Housewives of Potomac” cast members have been thinking about Monique Samuels quite often. This is due to Mia Thornton and Wendy Osefo’s onscreen altercation. Mia invited all of the ladies to Miami. She then hit up her “friend” Peter Thomas so they could have dinner at Bar One. Interestingly enough, Peter used the opportunity to discuss Wendy Osefo. And he told Mia that he had “beef” with Wendy. She supposedly approached Peter about opening up a Nigerian lounge together. However, Peter said the deal stalled out. He believes Wendy has cooled off on pursuing the business idea. Plus, he thought it was rude that she came to Miami without giving him a heads-up.

Mia confronted Wendy about all of this. Wendy thought Mia was being ridiculous. She went on to tell Mia that the only man she checks in with is Eddie Osefo. So she and Eddie don’t do things the way Mia and Gordon Thornton do.

Well, Mia responded to this by throwing her drink at Wendy. Wendy was furious. So the verbal war between them continued. And eventually, Mia also assaulted Wendy with her purse.

Candiace Dillard Bassett referred to Monique Samuels as unemployed before LAMDC exit was revealed.

Ashley Darby and Karen Huger think Mia took things way too far. However, Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant have accused Wendy of “antagonizing” Mia. So they don’t have a lot of empathy for Wendy. And Wendy thinks this makes Gizelle and Robyn hypocrites since they were so against violence when it was Monique in the hot seat.

After Wendy cited Monique and accused Robyn and Gizelle of being hypocrites; Monique gave her thoughts on the drama. And she said that she respected that Wendy kept her composure. However, she wasn’t able to when she was hit in the face with a glass. Monique also said that she knew Wendy would be the next target after she left RHOP. Monique had moved on to “Love & Marriage: DC.”

Candiace Dillard Bassett clapped back. Some RHOP fans were confused when she referred to Monique as being “unemployed.”

It turns out that Candiace was most likely hinting at Monique’s departure from LAMDC. According to the Jasmine Brand, Monique and Chris Samuels will not be returning for Season 2 of “Love & Marriage: DC.” Apparently, this first appeared to be the case after the couple didn’t appear in the first round of promos for the upcoming season. However, the publication made it clear that Chris and Monique made the decision to walk away.

Monique confirmed their departure on her radio show earlier this morning. And she said they decided it was time to leave when the contract offered to them didn’t meet their expectations.

“So yes it is true. Chris and I will not be returning. At this point, I think we’re done with reality TV honestly. I’m just at a place in my life where I will never again allow myself to be devalued. The contract has to make sense for me. And when I’m filming, I’m giving my all. So if you want all of me, you gotta make sure that paperwork is straight.”

After news of Monique’s departure from LAMDC went viral on social media, Candiace tweeted, “Teheheheeee.”


  1. Leaving is probably best for Monique and Chris’ marriage. I’m not sure why Candiace is being shady when her marriage could benefit from the same protection. RHOP isn’t good for her marriage.

    1. Jealousy doesn’t wear well on you Candace. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Glass eventually breaks.

  2. Mrs. Dillard- Bassett you know God don’t like “UGLY” be “humble for your blessings “. Quit talking about about Monique leave her out of your equation. Ijs you have come a long ways … let’s not forget the same people who you think is your tweet audience can ans will Come for you 💯 and drag the h-ll outta-you..
    So if you don’t have nothing Nice to say. Just stop coming for Monique. #Letitgo !?!!

  3. Hopefully Monique will work on her marriage and enjoy her family instead of chasing fame and continuing to lie about the order of events on the other show (despite the video evidence)

    1. I agree, stay off TV, I love u as a couple. As for RHOP, Candice had that a$$ whooping coming. All that verbal vomit she spewed! She did cut Monique!
      When you’re that tiny, don’t act like a little chihuahua. Also famous for the most dog bites, not pits. Behave Girl! Although, I got ur back on Chris! He’s one of the good guys! Shame on Gizzelle.

  4. Can you really shade and laugh at someone who can afford to walk away from any situation they don’t like? I’m just saying…

  5. Unlike Candiace, Monique can afford to call it quits on either her employment or marriage if she chooses. She’s paid. Funny how Candiace is not laughing at how Charrisse got her coins. Those Potomac women are so hypocritical.

  6. Monique is doing the best thing for her marriage, family and mental health. The only people who truly benefit from these shows are Carlos King and Andy Cohen. You have money and are highly employable. Candiace is a mean spirited little girl/woman who has yet to learn that Karma is a b-tch a Job visit everybody’s home.

  7. Candice doesn’t realize that being able to quit when you feel like you are not valued is the superior position? Monique is still not unemployed with a radio show, podcast, and several businesses. We should all be so unemployed.
    Candice keeps shooting 🔫 at Monique, who hasn’t responded. If Monique does respond Candice is going to 😢 foul.

  8. Candiace is a stalker. This obsession she has for Monique is really sickening.
    She needs to mind the checks that pay her.

  9. I agree Candiace need to watch her mouth. You, Candiace don’t have the finance that Monique and her husband have. Stop your drama and grow the F ck up. All your fake crying really makes you weak and BAD.

  10. I am leaving with Monique and Chris, the same as I did when she left the Potomac crew. This is so crazy. Stop the madness!

  11. Candace must want that be wig shift again 🤣🤣. She needs to worry about her job on RHOP and Chris non existent job. RHOP us her only income besides her mom’s purse

  12. Candice has every reason in the world to feel the ways she does toward Monique, don’t be so quick to criticize, if you went thru the violence with someone, you probably say the same thing,Monique by no means was innocent, and she was wrong and will always be wrong, Candice may feel this way the res
    t of her life, who can blame her.

  13. We all as Black women should stop the madness. Life is too short. Be thankful for whatever job you have and we need to stop pulling at each other like crabs in a bucket. It has become totally embarrassing to watch our black women bicker on the reality shows. I’m just an ordinary woman I work everyday you guys should count your blessings. Remember God doesn’t hold a person responsible for how they treat you, he holds you responsible for how you treat them. I don’t make big money, but God is still in the blessing business. Let’s not do this please.

  14. Candiace needs to stay silent when it comes too Monique. While she’s busy childishly laughing about something so silly her sh-t is falling down all around her! The same witches that went after Monique are now coming for her! Those reasonably shady bit*ches think they are doing karma’s job! Oh but oh when their day comes too pay up! I will be glued to my television! Candiace is going too be trying to promote her going nowhere record forever! That’s how real Karma works!

    What ever you throw,at Monique….She knows how to make a delicious? Meal and served it back to you very well…that’s what you can do,when you have Good taste! Now Run TELL That!! All you Ladies can learn a lesson…
    A good! Wisdom knowledge….Teaching from
    First Lady Monique Samuels..Samuel’s…
    Monique you go Sister! You see she’s got SOUL
    and Shes Super Bad..

  16. Candiace wants to talk about what Monique did to her I guess she forgot when she pulled the butter knife on Ashley. She can ways talk crap but when confronted she’s the bictim

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