Monique Samuels Addresses Treatment of Wendy Osefo + Candiace Dillard Bassett Claps Back

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The recent episode of RHOP was very controversial.

Real Housewives of Potomac” alum Monique Samuels has been a hot topic despite her exit from the show. On the recent episode, Wendy Osefo brought up Monique. After Mia Thornton assaulted her, Wendy didn’t have much patience when it seemed as if Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant had empathy for Mia. She mentioned that they handled Monique’s assault of Candiace Dillard Bassett very differently. In fact, Gizelle and Robyn refused to film with Monique. Gizelle even hired a bodyguard because she said she feared for her safety. However, Gizelle wasn’t afraid to be around Mia despite the chaotic night. She checked on Mia but not Wendy. Robyn even told Wendy that she antagonized Mia.

Monique Samuels knew it was going to be this way for Wendy Osefo.

Well, Monique made some interesting predictions after she decided to leave the show. She said Gizelle likes to destroy marriages. And she believed that Wendy would be her next target. The following season Gizelle questioned if Wendy got work done due to cheating rumors about Eddie Osefo. Eddie and Wendy denied that he was unfaithful. And Wendy accused Gizelle of intentionally bringing the rumor up on the show. They haven’t been on good terms since. Despite this, RHOP fans still feel like Gizelle and Robyn should be able to admit that Mia’s treatment of Wendy in Miami was atrocious. Instead, Gizelle and Robyn seem to hold Wendy and Karen Huger more accountable.

Monique has moved on to “Love & Marriage: DC.” And while she doesn’t like to talk too much about RHOP, she did share her thoughts about the recent episode. She did so during a recent interview with the Neighborhood Talk.

“I don’t know the entire story but I applaud Wendy for not getting physical as I did after I was hit in the face with a glass.” She continued, “She had every reason to defend herself after being splashed in the face and then apparently hit with a purse and she chose to use her words instead.”

Candiace Dillard Bassett clapped back.

While Monique is proud of Wendy for staying true to her promise to only fight with her words, she said she did warn Wendy that she would be attacked next. But there wasn’t anything Wendy could do to prevent them from icing her out eventually, “One thing Wendy should understand is that it’s not about her actions or lack thereof. She could have sat there quietly and they still would have found reason to ice her out. The same ladies who told me words or even antagonizing someone is not grounds for getting physical are defending a person who got physical over Peter Thomas? LOL!!! Just Wow.”

After Monique’s comments went viral, Candiace had some things to get off her chest on Twitter.

She wrote, “The unemployment line will really have you saying anything for access to a check or the prospect of one. We are STILL bored.”

Candiace also responded to Jay’s Reality Blog’s tweet about the interview. She tweeted, “This **** is still…NO ONE HIT YOU WITH A GLASS. LET THE LIE GO.”

A Twitter user replied, “She must be talking about Big Foot because Monique is paid.” In response, Candiace tweeted, “Kept*”


    1. Candace need to get over it and Monique did get hit with a glass. It happen she off the show so move on from this.

    2. Without a doubt, I’m so sick of the way they treat each other on the show, They act like mean girls in high school!! I don’t understand why? The darker skin ladies are treated like like Shyt by the mostly red bones girls😡😡

  1. Yet, Candiace, that mouth remains reckless and still warrants an attitude adjustment. Stop flip flopping and agree that you were wrong.

  2. Candice, Candice, you were wrong. Monique hasn’t said anything about you and yet you barking. Sit down. Monique said she was wrong to pop you upside your head and she left the show, what more do you want? You not getting it

  3. I knew the Ms. Out of Touch with reality would respond. She’s still a prisoner to Monique and I think she got her finances confused with Mo, because Mo has OLD money!!! She should really leave the show, because she serves zero purpose on there!!!!!!

  4. Monique lied about the glass. Neither one of the ladies should let it that far. But when feel that the other person is out talking or cutting a little lower under the belt than you it a right to lay handles on anyone. But you don’t you should walk away Monique

  5. LOOK, Candice using her tail beating as something to talk about y’all can tell tht was jealous of Monique b/c she didn’t need this rachet mess and thy do b/c the useless without clowning for a check Candice is very needy and she a bully them ladies scared to tell her the truth b/c she use profanity which is what you use when you not educated people saying Wendy used her words well they was the wrong words she did a Candice move she wanted to be hit she wanted that same experience,ok DONE…Next!!!! Team Monique

  6. Candice still haven’t learned her lesson. Still writing those checks her ass can’t cash. Candice can say whatever she wants about everyone else than use those crocodile tears when someone pulls her card. She needs to grow up and remember to watch her mouth. She doesn’t want a replay of what happened last time.

  7. Candiace should pipe down about the Monique situation until she’s big enough to own her part in it. She wasn’t simply attacked outta the blue her mouth got her spanked.

  8. Candice needs to close her mouth! That’s what got her into trouble the last time. She has never owned her part in that mess. Wendy did nothing wrong. I give major props to her for how she handled the situation. The green eyed bandits are both miserable hypocrites!!! They need a life. I hate that this show has to stoop low and become ratchet like some other RH shows. This used to be my favorite franchise. Every year it gets worse and worse……smh…They are all beautiful black women……. Grow up and start acting like it.

  9. I think. That Robyn and Grizell both like to see mess get started Iwish that all our black sister that on RT would stop bulling each other and stop tearing each other down what kind example are you sitting for children special Grizell you have beautiful daughters to me you sitting poor example for them check yourself you and Robin are the two biggest to faces people on there oh I understand it about the money but why sale your soul to make other look bad 👎

  10. Candice should just shut the f— up. Monique is the bigger person by speaking as a mature black woman. However Candice doesn’t want to move on from that incident because Candice is just being that b—– with a lot of mouth.

  11. I just don’t see colorism in any of this, speaking as a attractive brown girl. It’s starting to look like , if a brown girl and a light skin black girl have a problem we always want to run to colorism. It’s getting annoying, “brown girls” embrace your brownness and be confident. I’m speaking as a brown girl that grew up with two older light skin sisters who always me let me know I was beautiful. RHOP has a variety of beautiful different shades of Black women.
    “And In That Order” as Mama Dee would say!
    Now, Candice. Your mouth is slick and you get popted. Everybody’s not going to do the politically correct thing and walk away or fight with their words. So that’s why you have to pick and choose your battles. Monique is not poopin people everyday but you still poppin off at the mouth all the time.
    Own that Mrs. Candice,

  12. Robyn and Gizelle are out here lookin real crazy, because they only taking the side of whoever their down with. They could have at least said, we don’tl like Wendy but Mia was wrong.
    #Keep it real!

  13. Exactly Candace is an big mouth cry baby she needs to go. And for Wendy she needs to go can’t stand her irritant self. Go for her Gizzy and Robyn with ur words get those two off the show.TEAM ROBYN and GIZZY

  14. I’m a little confused. You have a right to feel the way you do, but Gisselle has an even bigger mouth and instigate a lot of the groups problems. I believe that’s what Wendy have been doing, using her words. Meanwhile Robyn and Gisselle have been big hypocrites with not to much going in their life. Robyn have words and opinion for everyone except Juan. Gisselle, she’s just getting around. Shows it doesn’t matter how pretty you are , it takes more than looks to keep a man.

  15. I totally agree with you. Both of them are full of sugar honey iced tea . I used to respect Robyn , but this year is showing me the type of character she has.

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