‘Black Ink Crew’ Drama: Ceaser Goes All the Way off on Tatti

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Ceaser struggled in business before his “Black Ink Crew” departure.

Black Ink Crew” Ceaser was booted from the show after he was accused of abusing a dog in the security footage leaked. He later alleged that his ex-girlfriend leaked it. However, none of this mattered to those in charge. And Ceaser was still removed despite filming scenes for the current season. Interestingly enough, producers are still showing what led up to his departure. Before his exit, Ceaser was having some growing pains as a businessman. He’s lost a lot of artists and friends over the years. In fact, Ceaser is known for firing anyone he thinks isn’t loyal. On the current season, he clashed with Rok and Krystal because they started their own shop behind his back.

In the end, Ceaser was able to convince them to convert the business into Black Ink New Jersey. This rubbed Tatti the wrong way. She’s been asking Ceaser to allow her to open Black Ink Long Island. Tatti thinks she’s been more loyal to Ceaser than the people he’s promoted over her. This was so frustrating to Tatti that she decided to skip out on a team meeting. And she said she was taking a mental health day instead.

Well, skipping out on the meeting didn’t sit well with Ceaser. And on the upcoming episode, he goes all the way off on Tatti. He seemingly says the things he’s been thinking about her over the years.

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  1. Did anyone think that this was not going to happen?
    Tati is not going to have her own shop under the Black Ink brand.
    I read where someone suggested that she’d better pull a Kat move…I agreed.

    1. She can’t pull a Kat cause she not Kat level. Kat can hold her own with her tattooing skills. Tati cannot idk why she subjects herself to the BS oh yeah .. a check. Surprised she has lasted this long, shoulda left with Donna.

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