Ceaser is Fired from ‘Black Ink Crew’ After Video Causes Outrage from Fans & Cast Members

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser is used to being a hot topic thanks to the drama surrounding his business decisions and personal relationships. However, his latest controversy is really not going over well with fans. Hours ago, Blogger Gossip of the City posted a very disturbing video. It was alleged that Ceaser is the man in the video and he was allegedly being violent towards dogs. While many questioned how the security footage got into the hands of the popular blog, it’s been suspected that a neighbor may have shared footage from their own security cameras. Outrage immediately followed, to no surprise.

Although Ceaser didn’t address the allegations, some other stars of the show did.

Former “Black Ink Crew” cast member Donna was the first one to call out Ceaser on social media. In an Instagram post, she reshared the video. And she challenged VH1 to fire Ceaser. She also accused the network of allegedly covering up Ceaser’s bad deeds in the past. Plus, she made it clear that she believed the disturbing accusations made by his daughter Cheyenne. She accused her father of beating her after she wasn’t prompt enough to wash the dishes. Ceaser has denied the allegations multiple times.

Ceaser’s ex Crystal also chimed in. She said that a lot of people didn’t believe Cheyenne. And as her mother, she’s been riding for Cheyenne since the accusations were made. She wasn’t worried when Ceaser threatened to sue her for defamation.

Miss Kitty also took to Twitter to seemingly vent her frustrations. She said that she and other black women have called Ceaser out in the past. However, no one wanted to listen. And the network continued to work with him. So she’s questioning if people just don’t want to take accusations made by black women seriously.

Fans have been calling for the cancelation of “Black Ink Crew” since the video has been making rounds in the media.

Interestingly enough, VH1 and Viacom gave an update about the situation to TMZ. It has been confirmed that Ceaser has been officially fired from the show. Since production is almost finished for the upcoming season, the decision will not impact those episodes. And it’s possible that the situation will be addressed on the show. Regardless, Season 10 will officially be Ceaser’s last as a cast member.

Since the show has been focused on Ceaser’s life and experiences, one does have to question what VH1 will do moving forward to keep the show on the air without its star. Some are hoping that this means the entire cast will be revamped.


  1. I knew it was just a matter of time before Ceasor would be given his walking papers from VH1 in the beginning before all the fame he was a little more humble altho he have always been disrespectful to women by calling them out their names like the B-Word he and his cousin Teddi call Donna and all the other female staff members or women on the show the B-Word whenever and where ever they want to, to be honest, I will not miss him from the show he wasn’t really adding anything important to the show anyway outside of showing his tattoo skills. he argues and fights with his staff and some of the customers each episode he tries to control his staff just because they work in his shop he crosses the line he involved himself in his employee’s life business without being invited just disrespectful

  2. Humility goes a long way. For some reason people start to think being successful means they are untouchable. I hope those dogs are going to be okay. Ceaser needs to get some help. And I hope this makes him start that journey.

  3. You can’t fire someone from their own show. Ceaser own “Black Ink”, that’s his franchise. They can choose not to work with him, but when he leaves so does black ink.

    1. Ceaser does not own Black Ink Crew, Viacom does. That’s public info. Can be found on Google in a few minutes.

  4. So sad an animal was the trigger with all the narcissist psychotic behavior he demonstrated over the years. I also feel bad for the dog, but it’s pretty disturbing what these networks and production companies will do for ratings and influence. Cease might own his own tattoo shops but he was never the creator or owner of the show. That was very evident when Ryan from Chicago also came on with his own shop. People need to stop always vilifying black women and do the same to black men. Cease is no pillar of strength, leader, or have an empathetic humble bone in his body. Honestly I never liked NY, as much as Chicago anyway. All those boys had a messed up logic that was very self-centered, dangerous, harmful, and exploitative. This is what most people like though and it’s really sad how the culture accepts and thinks its normal to have characters like ceasar. This incident wasn’t a slip up it is who he is, and I would bet those allegations were true about his daughter.

  5. People are to judgmental . When he writing checks and they taking trips drinking champagne everything was good now he’s the worst thing ever. Stop it.
    If it’s the case with the animal that is the extent of it all the extra isn’t necessary…

    1. Umm I don’t know what planet you’re from, but abusing dogs and children is absolutely the worst thing ever. What is wrong with you? Don’t tell me you’re one of those people blinded by fame and money so much so that you want to give Ceaser a pass? He’s absolutely wrong. Common sense allows you to say that.

    2. Animal abuse is a big deal and you can serve prison time for it. Also, just because you work with someone, it doesn’t mean you know what they do in their free time. This is like you trying to shame people for being surprised their coworker is abusive to their spouse. Very odd comment.

  6. Lisa, Some of you black women are pick me’s and it’s annoying. If you came on here to downplay dogs being brutally abused and didn’t believe his black daughter when she told you what he did to her, you’re a disgrace. And you weren’t raised right. Stop playing the “don’t judge him” card because y’all never have that kind of empathy for black women and children. Keep exposing yourselves though so we’ll all know who to stay away from moving forward. You can’t be trusted. This man is on camera beating dogs and his daughter told you what he was about a year or so ago. We ain’t the problem, he is. Stop deflecting.

  7. I love how the scorned women want to come out now and bash him… and there was no proof that his daughter was beaten those are allegations as well… go figure

    1. You sound more scorned than anyone else here. Part of being a man is holding yourself accountable for your actions. The only person at fault here is Ceaser. Be mad at him.

    2. Misogyny is not going to change the facts at play here. Ceaser was fired after he abused dogs on camera. Your temper tantrums against women won’t change anything. Maybe you should go to Ceaser’s IG page to sulk there. Or are the comments still off?

  8. Ceaser has done an awful thing. Deflecting to others who had no direct involvement in the actions he committed in this video is a pretty childish way to communicate.

  9. Ceaser has been problematic for years. So I’m confused as to why his two stans on here are playing stupid right now. Don’t expect everyone to have nice things to say when this man has been pretty terrible on TV. Enablers are why he’s in some deep sh-t now. He fired all the real ones who didn’t mind telling him when he’s wrong. It’s up to him to finally change his ways.

  10. I don’t hate Ceaser but you really can’t be upset people are mad right now. Like that video was awful and really hard to watch. And the fact that he still hasn’t addressed it makes it even worse.

  11. It’s sad bc I think his daughter is a lyer and the baby mother also yes dogs can turn on you and I believe him every black man been torning down by there own people only bc y’all hate the fact that this man made it out of his community what really is sad is yall want to hurt this man reputation cease it’s the people close to you you made them a little famous and now they’re turning against you your daughter mother is the worst she Hating on you always that daughter is every bit of her lying behind i hope they both one day be lost and begging for you stay in prayer bc the devil is trying to come for you and using the one’s around you

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