Momma Dee Says Bambi Kept Scrappy Away from Her at Thanksgiving for 4 Years Straight

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Momma Dee’s relationship with Scrappy is still strained?

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Momma Dee and Scrappy had an emotional recent season. Momma Dee is not fond of Scrappy’s wife Bambi. In fact, she appeared on “Love And Hip Hop Miami” to support Shay Johnson‘s pregnancy. And she said that she wished that Scrappy married Shay instead of Bambi. This has led to Bambi believing that Momma Dee has been intentionally using her close friendship with Shay to get under Bambi’s skin. Scrappy has the same perspective. This is one of the main reasons why Scrappy didn’t push back when Bambi made it clear she wants nothing more to do with her mother-in-law.

Scrappy became fed up with Momma Dee when she told other cast members that Scrappy told her that he was leaving Bambi. And he was going to make the move to file for divorce. Apparently, Scrappy changed his mind. So he felt betrayed by his mother once the divorce talk made its way back to Bambi.

During an emotional scene, Scrappy finally released all he’s been holding in over the years. He said he loves Momma Dee. But he doesn’t like how she treats Bambi and drags her on social media. Plus, he told Momma Dee that her past as a drug dealer and pimp created childhood trauma for him.

At the reunion, Scrappy and Momma Dee hashed things out. And Scrappy even said he’d bring her grandchildren to see her.

Well, apparently, things still aren’t good between Momma Dee and Scrappy. She called out Bambi recently about not seeing Scrappy on Thanksgiving. And she alleged that this is the fourth year in a row.

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  1. So everything Scrap and bambi pleaded with , just went in one ear and out the other. His momma is very self involved, no ounce of self awareness or emotional intelligence. What a toxic gaslighting relationship to have with a mom. Nothing wrong to cut mom off too. Bambi getting it from all directions. It really showed allot about momma dee character in how she treated bambi when she was pregnant. Pregnancy is such a delicate time and black minorities have a higher risk of suffering health wise than counterparts. My mind, sanity, and family’s respect means more than this on social media. Even in the book of Ruth there is a time to let go and let God. Very sad and truly disgusting behavior

  2. It’s interesting to see her talk about reaping and sowing when she doesn’t realize her current situation with Scrappy is her reaping what she sowed.

  3. This woman is very delusional. She’d be spending plenty of time with Scrappy and her grandchildren if she wasn’t so messy all the time. You can’t disrespect your son’s wife and think they have to take it. They don’t. And the entitlement is annoying.

    1. Mama D is wrong maybe but Bambi has a nasty a-s attitude too she is very disrespectful and scrap it sit back and think this s*** is funny but b****** will go and come but mama will always be there baby yes ma’am

  4. IIRC Momma Dee’s mother in law hates her. So it’s crazy to see her do the same thing to Bambi when she herself knows what that feels like. As a mother, you should never cause any stress in your child’s marriage. And she should continue to read more of the Bible to understand that Bambi comes before her now as his wife.

  5. I am so checked out of this repeated toxic behavior from you Mother Dee. It’s old Ma’am. Please do better for your grandchildren. They see and know everything. And please stop dressing like you 24 at these reunions. It’s not a bad idea to rock the age and body you are in on this day. And stop going on every trip with the younger crew! You doing a lot with very little right now.

  6. No one has mentioned that Scrappy is a grown man. Ain’t no real woman gonna keep a grown man from loving up on his Mum. So I don’t think The Bam is to blame here. Perhaps Mum Dee needs other interests right now. Her fixation on The Bam is unhealthy.

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