Bambi Feels Momma Dee Befriends Scrappy’s Exes to Be Messy + Tired of Being the Bad Guy

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Bambi and Momma Dee still aren’t getting along.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Bambi isn’t on the best terms with her mother-in-law Momma Dee. Momma Dee has been making a lot of accusations about Bambi on social media. In fact, Momma Dee claimed that Bambi hurt her relationship with Scrappy. And she said that Bambi is the reason why she’s no longer as close to Scrappy as she used to be. In the meantime, Momma Dee has been praising Scrappy’s ex Shay Johnson a lot. During a recent appearance on “Love And Hip Hop Miami,” Momma Dee said that she wished Scrappy married Shay instead of Bambi. Momma Dee even questioned if Scrappy fathered Shay’s child. Bambi didn’t waste any time setting the record straight and letting fans know Scrappy isn’t the father.

On the upcoming episode of LHHATL, Scrappy once again attempts to get to the bottom of Momma Dee and Bambi’s issues. Bambi had previously said she doesn’t mind Momma Dee coming over to see her grandchildren whenever she wants. The issue is Momma Dee has not come over to see her grandchildren even after that conversation. So with Momma Dee still cutting up on social media, Bambi is over it.

In a preview of the new episode, Bambi says she’s tired of being looked at as the bad guy while Momma Dee befriends Scrappy’s exes to be messy.

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    1. I care. The way Momma Dee treated Erica and Bambi is disgusting. We should want to see black women being great mothers who don’t disrespect their grandchildren’s mothers. You think Momma Dee would even have this platform if she wasn’t a black stereotype?

      1. “You think Momma Dee would even have this platform if she wasn’t a black stereotype?”

        Of course not. Momma Dee and Miss Wanda are the exact same too.

    1. This isn’t true. Momma Dee befriended Erica after she left Scrappy. That’s after she taunted Erica’s mother about recovering from drug addiction. Momma Dee treated Erica like trash for years. Shay she was cool with before but Shay and Scrappy were never in an actual relationship. Momma Dee has never been respectful to any woman Scrappy has been in a relationship with while he was with them. So why the animosity for Bambi?

      1. People don’t like Bambi because they are still Team Erica. I started liking Bambi after she made up with Erica and said she realized Scrappy instigated all their issues the whole time and she was too naive back then to see it. Bambi is a real one.

    2. Momma Dee doesn’t act like a birch all the time? I truly don’t understand how anyone can side with Momma Dee in 2022 sis. She’d treat you like gum under her shoe if she was your mother in law. You don’t have to like Bambi but do you have to pretend Momma Dee hasn’t been ruining Scrappy’s relationships for over a decade?

  1. Momma Dee causes nothing but problems and chaos in her family. I’m tired of her. She’s been the same way since season 1.

    1. Yet the Erica stans are Momma Dee stans now. It’s embarrassing. Imagine being that pressed by Bambi that you defend Momma Dee. Goofy behavior.

  2. Bambi is far from perfect but she ain’t wrong on this one. Momma Dee is very messy and she does things to upset people. Getting that obituary done for Bambi’s mom when her mom is still alive. Telling people she thinks Scrappy impregnated Shay…trying to fight Erica’s momma…Gotta call a spade a spade. Momma Dee is very problematic. She should bring the family together since she’s an elder but look how she acts.

  3. I think they need to stop this narrative. Mama Dee ain’t Bambi’s friend. I wish people act like just cause you marry doesn’t make everyone family. I am sure Mama Dee is too much, she’s always been too much but when Bambi and Scrap were looking for a place they stayed with her. Bambi’s mom came and disrespected Mama Dee in her own house. Bambi and her mom also caused issues with Scrap and Erika’s daughter as well so yeah Bambi gives as good as she gets so I don’t feel bad for her. Leave Mama Dee alone. Scrap can take his kids to his mom without you and draw the line of any negative talk about each other in his and the kids presence. Easy

  4. The only people taking up for Momma Dee are Erica Dixon stans who are still pressed about sh-t that happened years ago. Erica ain’t even on the show anymore. And if Bambi ain’t a saint, Erica is d-mn near a demon with the sh-t she used to do and start. She got to the reunion that year and bragged about Scrappy going down on her at some cheap a-s hotel while he was with Bambi. She kept up a lot of mess even when it wasn’t a good environment for their daughter. So talk about it all if y’all want to bring up Erica. She was wrong too. Momma Dee treated Erica much worse anyway. Y’all look goofy defending her now.

  5. I am grateful that my mother isn’t like this and she treats my husband like a son. Family first means doing what’s right for your family, not your ego. We have to stop defending toxic black moms.

  6. There is really no justifying Momma Dee’s behavior toward Bambi. People base their opinions on who they like and don’t like, and it’s very childish.

  7. I think one of the issues is Momma Dee firmly believes she can do what she wants but Scrappy and Bambi can’t react how they want. Sure, she can kiss Shay’s a-s and tell the world Shay is better and Shay is who she wishes Scrappy would have married. But the flip side of that is Scrappy and Bambi can then say they don’t want to deal with her anymore. That is life. We all have choices to make and we have no control over how people respond. Sometimes you end up getting cut out someone’s life because of the petty choices you make. Don’t forget these grandchildren have to grow up. Momma Dee is going to mistreat Bambi up until her own grandchildren choose not to have her in their lives. It happens. Momma Dee is playing with fire for TV time.

  8. Whew chile…I feel for Bambi. I could NOT deal with someone like Momma Dee. It’s like she’s allergic to peace.

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