LHHATL Drama: Scrappy Goes All the Way off on Momma Dee

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Scrappy is clashing with Momma Dee over his marriage to Bambi.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Momma Dee and Scrappy have been clashing a lot as a result of Momma Dee’s drama with Bambi. Momma Dee has been very vocal about Bambi and her mother Cece on social media. She blamed Bambi for her relationship with Scrappy going left. However, Bambi has said Momma Dee is the main problem in their marriage. In Bambi’s opinion, Momma Dee befriends Scrappy’s exes and flings to get under her skin. Well, Momma Dee denied doing this. However, she did make an appearance on “Love And Hip Hop Miami.” And she said that she wishes Scrappy married Shay instead of Bambi.

Scrappy is aware that Momma Dee may do things to get a rise out of Bambi. However, that didn’t stop him from venting to her about their marriage issues. And one of his recent conversations with Momma Dee led to a major blowup with Bambi. A couple of episodes ago, Momma Dee claimed that Scrappy told him he filed for divorce. And Bambi allegedly has major jealousy issues when it comes to other women.

Bambi and Scrappy argued over this. But Rasheeda interjected to try to explain to Scrappy why it was time for him to keep his mother out of his marriage. So Scrappy apologized to Bambi on the latest episode. After he makes peace with Bambi, he ends up going off on Momma Dee.

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  1. He should have said this to Momma Dee years ago. That woman needs therapy and it’s time for her to stay out of Scrappy’s marriage.

  2. I can relate to Scrappy on a few levels dealing with his Mom.
    He loves her and doesn’t want to hurt, disappoint nor disrespect her but with that comes excuses for her.
    I really don’t think he was conscious of the control she had over him.
    Wasn’t Momma Dee a pimp back in the day? Well she treated her son like he was on the stroll.
    Proud of him!

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