‘VH1: Family Reunion’ Drama: Tokyo Vanity Slams Spice After Her Altercation with Karlie Redd

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Tokyo Vanity is not here for Karlie Redd.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Karlie Redd and Spice are having some drama on the latest season of “VH1: Family Reunion.” Karlie wasn’t exactly thrilled when Mariahlynn showed up. Mariahlynn had no idea that she and Karlie had any issues. So she spoke. However, Karlie didn’t speak back. In a green screen interview, Karlie said that Marliahlynn called her messy on social media. Mariahlynn didn’t see the issue because she believes that Karlie has been messy on television for a very long time.

Interestingly enough, another person Karlie said she had an issue with is Tokyo Vanity. Tokyo wasn’t on on the show for the past couple of seasons. However, Karlie said that Tokyo made a comment she didn’t like years ago. She alleged that Tokyo said that all the veterans of LHHATL needed to be removed from the show.

Karlie also said that other people know that Tokyo allegedly said this. Spice agreed.

This caught Tokyo off-guard because she and Karlie were just on good terms recently at her birthday party. So she came to film the spinoff show thinking she was on good terms with everyone. Eventually, things escalated between Tokyo and Karlie. And Tokyo ended up swinging on Karlie during the recent episode.

Some fans think that Tokyo was wrong. However, Tokyo and Mariahlynn are a bit confused by the support Karlie has been receiving. They called out her and Spice after the episode aired. And they think they are mean girls.

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  1. People are really defending Karlie on social media? It’s so strange that fans really be buying her victim act despite how messy and mean she’s been over the years. She’ll do anything for a storyline and it’s sad. I just want Tokyo to stop thinking fighting is the only way to handle these girls. It only gives them storylines anyway. She’s clever enough to clear them with words alone.

  2. I always liked Tokyo because she is so authentic. I just wish she’d stop fighting all the time. She gave Karlie the reaction she was looking for.

  3. Love Tokyo yes she is real about hers and spice is starting to be in drama more and kalie drama is her first and last night

  4. Karlie is definitely messy I don’t understand why keep defending someone who clearly didn’t have a storyline to throw shade at Mariahlynn it’s not like she was capping she was messy with every sooooo call friend she had even fucked after her friend’s she a whole snake she seen Tokyo at the birthday party waited until the show being sneaky gonna slide some BULLSH-TT!!!! Talking about she wanna talk to her give Tokyo the side eye faces all night than being sneaky just say she’s mad cause of what she said WHO GIVES A D-MNNN!!!! IF KARLIE WAS HER REAL FRIEND SHE SHOULD HAVE CALLED HER WAY BEFORE THE SHOW PERIOD!!!!….. Nooooo cause she didn’t have anything to bring to the show she used them for a storyline an y’all feel for her snake Sh-tt PERIOD!!!! It’s about time Karlie got her a-s whooped it’s been way long over due💯💯💯💯

  5. Um idk who that was on the reunion but Karlie ain’t been on there in seasons. Lil kim accused Tokyo of that rumor. I’m just f****** with y’all. Karlie went from being pretty to looking disgusting. And Tokyo they don’t like you because you are comfortable with who you are. Those hOeS around there getting cheating on, bbls, friends sleeping with they man, crying every five minutes and here you are a big beautiful woman and u dress nice smell nice hair done etc. You should have let old boy lay into Spice Stanky a$$ when he was saying she ain’t mainstream material, not because it’s true but because she fake. And I’m sick of looking at Karlie old nasty @ss looking like ghost face and saw clown had a baby. Yuck. Love Tokyo Vanity @tokyovanity….

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