Wendy Osefo Apologizes to Robyn Dixon + Her Apology Changes Nothing

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Robyn Dixon and Wendy Osefo’s friendship went left on the last season of RHOP.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Wendy Osefo is having another eventful season. While her feud with Mia Thornton has taken center stage, her friendships with Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant went left during the previous season. As we reported, Wendy didn’t care for Gizelle telling Ashley Darby to discuss the cheating rumors about Eddie Osefo. Gizelle told Ashley she was thinking that Wendy got work done to her body due to the gossip. Gizelle’s thinking was the rumor about Eddie cheating may have caused Wendy to be insecure about her looks. Gizelle stressed that she didn’t believe he had been unfaithful. However, she still pushed Ashley to bring it up to Wendy.

Wendy saw Gizelle’s actions as a coordinated attack on her marriage. Robyn interjected while Wendy was calling out Gizelle. Wendy was heated and saw this as a betrayal. So she told Robyn and Gizelle that they are just jealous they don’t have “real relationships” of their own.

Since Wendy was elated when Juan Dixon proposed to Robyn, this really didn’t sit well with Robyn. She felt like Wendy just showed that their friendship was never genuine on her part. So Robyn said she wouldn’t be inviting Wendy to the wedding.

Wendy and Robyn’s fallout led to Robyn not having much empathy for Wendy after Mia Thornton assaulted her in Miami. She even said that Wendy antagonized Mia.

Well, Robyn and Wendy will have an interesting conversation during the upcoming episode. In fact, Wendy ends up apologizing to Robyn.

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  1. Robin is the type of person who will be kool with you as long as no one else is around. Robin is very two faced and she is definitely a follower and not a leader which is sad on all levels 💯💯💯💯

  2. That was very big of wendy to acknowledge her part. While Mia committed a battery Wendy’s verbal assault was allot too. So I’m glad it was recognized, hopefully. Mia is doing too much and don’t see the reason why Wendy said the apology in front of everyone. I just think Wendy was kinda shook and it very was embarrassing to have such altercation in front of everyone, so if anything Mia should have been more receptive and humbled while doing the same. It not only affected them but everyone there at the time, something Mia is not getting but i digress. Clearly Mia wants Wendy to grovel and that’s out of order. Mia in that instance looks kinda like the bully. Very delusional, disappointing, also passive aggressive. Watch yourself Mia. That’s all. Candace was playing victim and have the nerve to get mad that Robyn played something she ALREADY BROADCAST on Instagram. By going live saying such things to your followers you are already breaking the courtesy. You want Robyn not to blast you but you can blast everyone with that filthy mouth of yours on social media, hypocrite. GTFOH. Then had the nerve to cry because Ashley told Karen what you said . Again how the heck you expect loyalty when you not loyal to anyone but you and yours. Lets be honest you never intended to be Ashley friend anyway, how much mess you spoke about her and her marriage. Roll the tape to all seasons, gross. Robyn and Ashley don’t owe you any favors once you said that on Instagram and kiss me with the Candace apologists. What’s sad is Robyn was fighting for you and Chris while you went on some fake dog whistle campaign; roll that tape too. Candace is a narcissist fool that is also delusional in thinking she can do whatever then cry to play victim 😢😢🎻🎻🎻. So Candace can spread rumors but lets not do it to her man. Again where was all this energy when folks steady come for Karen marriage and why was it not stopped with Monique. I’m so tired of Candace but i see why she fits into the music world. Chaos loves dramatic mess at any means necessary. Such a disgusting individual. 🤡

    1. U don’t know what u are talking about. Robyn played only part of what candiace had sed cuz she was mad that candiace didn’t agree with their actions when it came to dr Wendy. In that same video that Robyn played she stood in full support of Robyn and she also in the same post after she said all went back and corrected and sed not all but most. Get all the tea before u speak like candiace sed she sed wat she sed. Also with Karen and Ashley she sed she truly didn’t remember sayin it until a producer pointed it out and she wants to apologize Karen cuz it was wrong and she shouldn’t have sed it but let’s be clear for a moment if u go back to the episode where Ashley and candiace was talkin about it they were talkin about Ashley being with her new guy and Ashley asked candiace how she knew and candiace sed it like when Karen was callin her self sneaking and goin out to eat to restaurants with someone other than ray implyin that ppl saw the two of them together that’s how she knew about Ashley and her new beau… get ur life and open up those ears my love and listen

  3. Robyn’s wants something to mad about. A conversation in private without cameras is very different from having that some conversation on camera. Robyn had talked to Wendy about the cheating rumor off cameras; We all know she told Giselle what was said. So, Giselle had Ashley bring up rumor and they discussed it on cameras several times. Wendy snapped on Giselle and Robyn inserted herself into that argument and burned 🔥. Wendy told Robyn she was sorry and Robyn doesn’t want accept that because now she has a little of a storyline. Giselle isn’t accepting so Robyn can’t.

  4. If you are NOT friends with Robin you will lose your job on the show. That’s the energy I am getting from production.🙄

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