RHOP Husband Eddie Osefo Claps Back at Robyn Dixon Amid Her Feud with Wendy Osefo

Photo Credit: Bravo

Mia Thornton’s assault on Wendy Osefo is a hot topic on social media.

Real Housewives of Potomac” stars Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant have been receiving a lot of backlash on social media. The recent episode was a very controversial one. Mia Thornton invited all of the ladies to Miami for a girls’ trip. She decided to take them to Peter Thomas’ Bar One establishment. However, things took a turn after Peter told Mia that he has beef with Wendy. He didn’t like how things went down when they attempted to collaborate on opening a Nigerian lounge. Mia wasted no time confronting Wendy about this in front of the other women. And she said that Wendy was wrong to not check in with Peter once she touched down in Miami.

Well, Wendy thought this perspective was ludicrous. She went on to tell Mia that the only man she has to check in with is Eddie Osefo – her husband. Wendy explained to Mia that she and Eddie don’t move the same way that Mia and Gordon Thornton do. This led to Mia throwing her drink at Wendy. And as the night progressed, she also assaulted Wendy with her purse.

After the night went left, Robyn placed quite a bit of blame on Wendy for things unfolding the way that they did. In fact, Robyn told Wendy that she was “antagonizing” Mia. And if she didn’t want to fight, she should shut her mouth.

RHOP fans aren’t the only ones who took issue with Robyn’s treatment of Wendy. Eddie also wasn’t feeling it either. And he clapped back, too.

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  1. I agree stand up for your wife and what is right. Roybn and Gizelle is cray cray. Wendy handled it with class. if it was me I would hope I would have done the same thing. Team Wendy!

    1. By the time security got to me, Mia’s a-s would have been on the floor. Drink throwing equals hand throwing…….

  2. Robyn is nothing more than Gizelle’s lackey and an undercover bully. She basically insinuated that Monique was a poor example/bad mother to her daughter when she and Candace had their altercation. What example is she to her sons when she is sitting back, doing nothing, but recording Wendy getting into it with Mia?

  3. Wendy is a bully, and when you clap back at her she wants to take it there. Wendy has been trying to prove she is somebody for a while, Wendy does not like herself, that’s why she got all that work done on her body. Wendy was wrong to get mad because Peter told Mia he had a problem with her. Wendy should have addressed Peter. And Wendy’s husband she be addressing Peter not Robyn. Wendy is going to mess around and lose all her jobs.

    1. I agree. Wendy is a problem. She was rude and nasty to Mia sense last season for no reason. No one disserves a drink but I dont feel too bad for her. Dr. Wendy must be missing something if she wants to be on this show. If she is as successful and educated as she likes to mention every 5 minutes why is she on here? She couldn’t think this would help. And the husbands need to hush. Your wives knew nothing good would come from this.

    2. News flash: They all got things done to rheir bodies, the ones that can afford it. Look at Mia, she is a walking plastic man. You are talking like someone with no sense at all. Mia had no right in business between Peter and Wendy.

      1. Preach.Wendy is intellectual,Giselle is an old mean girl and Robyn is a follower.Crater face Mia is a liar.Karen Huger is La Grand Dame
        Candiace is an infant who throws tantrums when she can’t get her way.Ashley is stupid

    3. I disagree, why is Mia all I’m Peter business like that’s her husband. That situation had nothing to do with crater face. I used to feel sorry for Mia until I peep her.mesdy behind. I actually owe Candace an apology. Mia be causing all her problem. Wendy.handled that very well, because If it was me..that area would have been torn up

    4. Let’s be clear and stick to the facts. Most celebrities get work done on their bodies it does not mean they do not like themselves. Also, whether or not you like Wendy it does not give anyone the right to physically assault her by throwing a drink on her.

    5. You’re wrong, Peter should have addressed Wendy when he came out with that fake hug, he should not have brought Mia into it. It was not Mia place to say anything to Wendy about whatever Peter had told her! She’s a trouble maker and can’t carry a bone about nothing.

      1. I can’t believe colorism is still an issue within the black community. Racism isn’t enough but we’re still with the light/dark skin BS? Come on, my black folks! We are one race dammit!!! 😫


    7. It is my opinion that Wendy is not a bully. With Mia, and the green eye bandits the friction started last season when Wendy came after them for starting rumors about an affair of her husband with someone at his office. Yes, she said some hurtful things to them but what you put out be prepared to deal with the consequences.

    8. Really, Mia bought that to Wendy. Wendy doesn’t owe Mia an explanation. I’m not a Wendy fan, however, if Mia would have thrrown a dink in my face, she would still be trying to get my foot out of her azz.

  4. The way Wendy was treated on the recent episode can’t really be defended. It’s disappointing that some fans are still trying to make excuses.

    1. Colorism is also saying Wendy is a bully but not labeling Mia a bully for assaulting Wendy multiple times and starting that beef with Candiace last season. Now if Wendy went to Candiace’s video shoot instigating mess and then saying it was low budget like Mia did, Wendy would have been called everything nasty you could think of.

  5. Colorism, I did not say that word and I didn’t even mention Candiace so I don’t know what the h-ll you are talking about. Wendy is always talking about what she is going to do to someone. Wendy said ” you got one more time, if Wendy was really about it the first time was the last time. You could clearly see Wendy thought Mia was just going to take it like she did at the reunion when Wendy told Mia to shut-up. You need to look up the definition of colorism and bully.

  6. Exactly Hmm. All these excuses now but Monique was called a hood rat and everything but a child of God on here for pulling Candiace’s hair. The fans are very colorist! Now Wendy is a bully?! Really?! She was assaulted 3 times! Mia is the d-mn bully! And she doesn’t get a pass because she’s light skinned!

  7. I think Ashley summarized it well for me. Throwing a drink at Wendy was bad enough but Mia didn’t stop there. She hit her with her purse. Then a few minutes after that threw the purse at her. That’s much worse than what Monique did. But Robyn and Gizelle are playing dumb. I hope they are dragged at the reunion. And Eddie can address anything pertaining to his wife.

  8. This season definitely made me a fan of Wendy and Candiace. I didn’t agree with the colorism stuff at first but oh I see it now. It’s wild. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on the last episode.

    1. Wendy is always mean. Just because she’s educated she thinks she can say and do whatever to people. Words are antagonistic as well as a drink. Wendy knows exactly what she’s doing and for the last 2 seasons she’s been a mean girl

  9. Wendy is a bit much, but she didn’t deserve to be violated like that. 100% wrong of Mia. Andy Cohen should be ashamed of himself all for ratings!!!!!!

  10. You ladies are an embarrassment to women of color. Robin I think you are insecure and that is why you are jealous of Wendy. Instead of lifting this educated Nigerian woman up you guys are trying to tear her down. Robin stop acting like Gizelle lackey. Gizelle you are embarrassment to your daughters . You are too old to be instigating things. Let’s talk about your messy x husband. I’m noticing a theme that anyone in a solid relationship is a target. Gizelle and Robin you both are acting like street trash. Wendy you are too good for this show. Mia is trash too what professional woman throws a drink on another? You woman make us look bad.

    1. Giselle didn’t make Robin say or do anything. Robin did all of that on her own. Ifk why yall always tag them 2 together because they have an actual friendship. People do have their own mines and I’m sure Giselle didn’t make Robin say what she said or do what she did.

  11. I don’t think they are jealous of Wendy, Maybe they get tried of Wendy talking about her degrees’s but as far as Wendy’s looks I don’t think nobody is jealous of that. Wendy don’t act like she has class. Women with class don’t cruse like she was doing, Wendy has done that to a few of the other ladies too. Wendy should have went and talked to Peter, her issue is with him.

    1. You kind of got that backward. Peter was talking about it to Mia. Wendy had no idea that Peter had even said anything to Mia. Mia should have kept the conversation between her and Peter. If I was Wendy, I would not do any business with Peter because he spoke out of turn discussing it with Mia or anybody else. Also, Wendy is not the only professional that be using profanity in this franchise. I think all RHW franchise is the opposite of women empowerment, does nothing to promote the real meaning of friendship, etc. In the end, the RHW franchise is the twin to Jerry Springer guests, but dressed better. Yes, I said it, and I stand by it.

    2. Let’s get one thing straight Wendy is a beautiful educated Black Woman. …….who should be proud of all of her accomplishments.

  12. ROBYN DIXON IS THE EPITOMY OF A LOW BUDGET BASIC B****…. UGH. This is wat happens when females are intimidated or low key jealous/envious of u… Bandwagon a** h*** Honestly my girl Wendy should have never went on a trip with these women #PERIOD… Confidence will eat at a weak person!!

  13. Robyn is the same woman that slammed Monique about Candice, saying there’s no need not to use your words. Robyn who has been aggressive with Monique and Wendy and Ashley. It shows that her words mean nothing. It also shows that she doesn’t know what it means to be aggressive. Mia assaulted Wendy over words. Mia was aggressive, the aggressor, she threw her drink and purse.

  14. There is nothing color racist about these incidents Ashley get clld out and bullied by Candice Robyn and Gizelle gets put in the hot seat and Mia whom I like but some fans don’t the color card is only clld wen Candice and Wendy do stupid ishhh they want to get away with color isn’t the issue grown ignorant women are and what U said llawrence

  15. Wendy like Candice has plenty of mouth. Is that reason enough for Mia to assault and attempt to assault her? Not according to Robyn when it was Monique. That is right she doesn’t like Monique, so Monique was wrong. Robyn doesn’t like Wendy, so Mia was right. Double standards 😒. It is not about complexion but who they like better in the moment.

  16. Robin Giselle, Mia are such liars when Mia said Chris was starring at her the video was replayed Chris was not thinking or starring at Mia he was on his phone , I use to like Robin she is one of the messy one , a grown woman taping the fight smh childish so childish ,

  17. Mel was definitely out of control.
    Tossing a drink in Wendy’s was face was a low blow, along with hitting her with a purse.
    Wendy need to with speak with legal counsel about the situation.
    Mia had no business inserting herself into Peters and Wendy’s business dealings like she’s a restaurant agent for Peter.

  18. Let’s do nothing I don’t have to get nothing straight, first of all Wendy is not the first or the only black women who has a degree, all her degree’s and she is just a teacher at a college. And did you see after the end of the show were they said John Hopkins University has nothing to do with the Housewives of Potomac? So if Wendy was the victim why would they post that message after the show?

  19. The fact’s everything I said was the fact’s and yea if Wendy was happy with her body she would have never got work done but last season the rumor was her husband had a big booty girlfriend. So Wendy took it to another level and got everything done.

  20. Wendy changed her face, her nose, her chin who else did that? They may have gotten a breast job, but Wendy got breast, butt, stomach, and who knows what else. Look at the first season when Wendy came
    on the show and see how she use to look, and look at her now.

  21. Exactly, Wendy said something about Mia and her husband and that’s why Mia threw the drink in Wendy’s face. Don’t put nothing out there if you are not prepared for what might happen to you a**.

  22. Fact is ALL of these woman have to to keep the drama going to stay on the show. Great job ladies, we will continue to watch 🍿😁

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