Miss Wanda Says LAMH Fans Act Like the Show Revolves Around Melody Shari & Martell Holt

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Miss Wanda and Melody Shari aren’t on good terms thanks to Melody and LaTisha Scott’s feud.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Miss Wanda is easily one of the most controversial cast members. This is due to the fact that she interjects herself in her daughter, LaTisha Scott‘s, feuds. This is exactly what happened after LaTisha and Melody Shari‘s friendship started to fall apart on the show. Martell Holt caused a lot of drama when he accused Marsau Scott of cheating on LaTisha with “20 different women.”

Martell claimed he made the accusation in response to Marsau making some insensitive jokes about his longtime affair on the show. LaTisha decided to seek answers from Melody regarding the allegations made about Marsau. And their conversation did not go well once Melody didn’t say anything to make LaTisha feel as if Marsau was innocent.

Wanda took on LaTisha’s feud by coming for Melody and Martell on social media. And while she’s in a much better space with Martell these days, this isn’t the case with Melody.

Miss Wanda doesn’t think Melody Shari’s supporters are fair to other cast members.

In fact, Wanda caused a lot of controversy on social media when she questioned the paternity of Melody and Martell’s youngest child. This was her way of getting even after Melody alleged that LaTisha’s father has been in her DMs.

As we reported, all of this came to a head at the MaDonni reopening event. Melody confronted Wanda for her comments. It went left. Wanda tried to run up on Melody and had to be restrained. Marsau and Martell also nearly came to blows as well.

Wanda’s actions resulted in a petition being created. Some LAMH fans called for her to be removed from the show altogether. And they said it was wrong for children to be dragged into the feuds. This made Wanda feel as if some of the fans aren’t being fair to other cast members.

Miss Wanda said the Scotts don’t owe Melody Shari or Martell Holt anything.

Interestingly enough, Wanda had more things to say about “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” on social media. She thinks some fans believe that the show revolves around Martell and Melody.

She said, “To all of you guys out there just thinking that the show revolves around two people, shame on you. Shame on you guys, shame on y’all. It is so pitiful for y’all to think that this show should revolve around two people on the show.”

Wanda continued, “We don’t owe nobody no respect, we don’t owe nobody no life, we don’t care what nobody do out there in the world.”

These comments are probably in response to some viewers expressing that the Scotts should be thankful that Melody and Martell pitched the show to Carlos King. And cast members were selected based on Martell and Melody’s suggestions.

Regardless, Wanda wants people to show more respect to LaTisha.

“You better put some respect on my daughter’s name. Period and I meant that. I said that with respect and you better do it, you better put some respect on her name. Yep! I meant what I said. She said she been married what is it? Seventeen years now?”


  1. The majority of these people are extremely jealous that they aren’t as popular as Melody and Martell. LAMH didn’t take off unit Melody and Martell got real about what was really going on in their marriage. LaTisha and Marsau aren’t as popular because they are never as transparent as Martell and Melody. They refuse to be open and make storylines out of Melody and Martell to deflect from discussing their real life issues.

  2. Well, I haven’t liked at this show in about a month in a half. I see it from what the podcast post. From what I have seen the show is still letting the Scott’s get away with not telling their story line. Until the Scott come clean I will not be watching this show any

  3. The show was literally created and built around Mel and Martell. And the Scotts are only there because of their direct association to Martell and Mel. So yes, LAMH revolves around them. Why is the truth so triggering to the Scotts?

  4. Baby this is Melody and Martell’s show and that’s why you and your family members keep discussing them during all your scenes. You know the truth. Don’t be mad, be better and finally get some storylines outside of Martell and Melody.

  5. No, Wanda. The show was thriving until you threw your ratched behavior in it. Now, no one wants to see YOU. Don’t hate the knowledge and support the Holt’s bring to this show. It’s YOU, we don’t want to see.

  6. Even Marsau knows his wife is jealous of Melody and that’s on Mary had a little lamb 🎯. Ms Wanda only you gonna put respect on latisha name because we don’t see anything coming from ur daughter but jealousy and hate towards tha Holts. How bout all 3 of y’all get replaced and take Destiny with you too. Maybe then tha ratings will go up. Jus maybe ‼️‼️‼️

  7. All I can say is that it’s so much more worth watching now that Ghetto, Illiterate, and Ignorant Wanda isn’t on.

  8. The show ONLY exists because of Mel and Montell approaching Carlos King Wanda you so SLOW it’s sad…We don’t even put RESPECT on your name WANDA….Go to a LITERACY class instead of acting a A** on tv….

  9. Wanda acts ghetto thinking that will get her more camera time. All it gets her is everybody’s disgust. She’s too old to act like she does!!

  10. Y’all are really coming for Wanda just like Melody did at MaDonni’s. Are we not acknowledging Wanda was there literally minding her business when Melody (who only showed up just to be messy) called herself confronting her on live. Of course that was going to create chaos & backlash. Don’t get me wrong I like Mel but she knew exactly what she was doing. You keep tickling a bear eventually it’s going to wake up. Ms. Wanda just stay ready for the ish.

  11. Wanda is a ham she needs to stay in her place .You don’t see Mel’s mom acting a fool because she’s a lady. Tisha and Wanda need to sit down! I see why Marsu is always going off on them. 🙄 Tisha you better straighten up before you lose your husband! I can see he sick of you and your Ghetto momma! Ms. Wanda” English please” just plain ridiculous! 🤦‍♂️#Girlbye

  12. Wanda needs to be taken off of this show! Children should never be brought into any situation. Latisha is definitely jealous of Mel.. it’s so obvious…

  13. Wanda conveniently doesnt mention the petition fans signed to have her removed from the show. As long as she is a cast member, I wont watch it. She goes off on everyone and doesnt even respect herself.

  14. I like the show, Wanda has been messy at times. She doesn’t need to be on the show. Go let her get her own food truck and sell her ribs n collard greens. Destiny can go too. She no longer married and she’s boring too. The other couple can go too with they boring life.

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