Marsau Scott Says Martell Holt Leveled Up with Sheree Whitfield + This Bothers Melody Shari

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Melody Shari was upset to see LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott during her family vacation.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Shari and Martell Holt‘s divorce has been a hot topic on the show. As we reported, the marriage fell apart as a result of Martell’s long history of infidelity. Melody alleged that Martell cheated on her with multiple women. However, he did end up fathering a son with his longtime ex-mistress, Arionne Curry. So a messy split resulted in a challenging co-parenting situation. Before Martell sued Melody for full custody of their children, Melody attempted to improve things. She invited Martell and their mothers to vacation with their children in Destin, Florida. And Martell was grateful for the invite.

However, that didn’t stop him from inviting Marsau Scott and LaTisha Scott to hang out in their vacation house in Destin. Apparently, Martell decided to invite them over after he learned that the Scotts were also there to vacation with their children.

As for Melody, she wasn’t happy that Martell invited LaTisha and Marsau over without talking to her first. Although some progress was made at their sitdown about family members overstepping boundaries, Melody still left the meeting with no desire to repair their broken friendships. Too much damage has been done for them to all be friends again in the future.

Marsau Scott says Sheree Whitfield is leveling up for Martell Holt.

LaTisha also seems to be stuck on her past issues with Melody. On the recent episode, she clashed with Marsau. He invited Melody to a sitdown to discuss Mark Scott. And LaTisha didn’t like that Marsau made this move without talking to her first. She said she was not okay with him talking to Melody alone after she said they were enemies.

Interestingly enough, Marsau and LaTisha seem to be fans of Martell moving on to Sheree Whitfield. Months ago, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star confirmed the romance to TMZ. As for Martell, he was a bit shy when asked about the relationship on the last episode. And he seemed a bit uncomfortable with Kimmi Scott bringing up the possibility of marriage.

Regardless, Marsau seems to think Sheree is a “level up” for Martell.

During a preview for the next episode, Marsau and LaTisha discuss Martell’s new situation. And Marsau says, “I think I saw an interview and they asked Mel how she’s doing with Martell’s new boo thang…”

LaTisha adds, “Oh cause Sheree came out and confirmed they’re dating.”

Marsau then says, “Well I knew they were dating for a while. She felt probably happier when he was leveling down. But the level up is kind of a gut punch.”

As for Melody, she tells Stormi Steele that Martell has already soured their good co-parenting relationship. And he did so by sharing too much of Melody’s business with Arionne.

“When we got back, he was sharing my business and stuff and conversations with his child’s mother.”

It’s looking as if the co-parenting situation didn’t remain positive because Melody took issue with Martell repeating their conversations and Arionne then blasting what she was told to her social media followers.


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  1. Boy bye. Marsau says anything at times. Sheree and Arionne are a lot alike and I’ll leave it at that. Melody was always out of Martell’s league. It just took her some time to realize that.

    1. I think you may be right. It’s hard to take Sheree seriously if you’ve been watching RHOA from the beginning. I think Martell only got Melody because she was younger and naive back then.

  2. Sheree is a step down from Melody so I’m assuming he meant Sheree is a level up from Arionne. I just find this all hilarious since Martell still wants to get back with Melody.

  3. I don’t feel like dragging today but Sheree is not a d-mn catch or level up in any way. Marsau needs to stop his weird obsession with Melody. He acts like he wants her himself. 🥴

  4. Ain’t nobody jealous of Sheree and Martell’s fake a-s relationship. If Melody still wanted Martell’s messy a-s she wouldn’t have divorced him. Melody ain’t perfect, but she’s educated, beautiful, and has excellent business sense. True class. Sheree is Arionne with a reality television background. Both are extremely unserious, unmotivated, and male identified.

  5. Martell is still actively sleeping with Arionne. I don’t think Melody cares that Sheree willingly signed up to be a fool for another man since that’s pretty much her track record since she’s been on TV. Level up? Hardly. Sheree is the standard pick me who lacks ambition and common sense. No threat to Melody at all. So Marsau and Latisha should find another storyline. I’m sure they have more exciting things to talk about than Melody and Martell considering they’re business owners right? Carlos must have told these people to discuss Melody in every scene because it can’t be explained any other way at this point.

  6. Urban Belle keeps me up to speed with this hot mess of a train wreck show. I stopped watching weeks ago. If I had a dollar for each time they mention Melody names, I’d be on my way boarding a Around-the-world cruise right now! As for Martell allegedly seeing Sahree, who really cares? Why are the Scotts imposing conflict in other people’s relationships? Speaking from the perspective of maternal and paternal responsibilities, they should both wish Martel and Melody success on pursuing AUTHENTIC and Healthy intimate relationships. Because as it relates to the task of co-parenting, the so called leveling up only matters to the children who want nothing more but to see their parents happy, together or not.

  7. It’s amazing to me how most haven’t noticed that Marsau is the messiest person on the show. He’s worse than Martell now and I didn’t think it was possible.

  8. Marsau will do and say anything to get under Mel’s skin. His obsession with Melody has made LaTisha very insecure as the last episode showed. He’s incorrect though as usual. I respect Sheree as a RHOA OG but most of us have collectively been shaking our heads at her embarrassing life choices for over a decade. Martell didn’t level up at all. And the relationship is fake storyline bait. That’s why Sheree doesn’t care about him and Arionne still messing around. It’s not a real relationship.

    1. I agree! Why choose a man who STILL is emotionally involved with his ex-wife and his baby mama? That baby mama has made it quite clear that she’s not going anywhere. Til this day, I think they’re still messing around. When ya lay down with dogs, ya wake up with fleas and apparently Martell hasn’t changed or grown up yet. If he pillow talks about his ex-wife? What makes Sheree think that he wont do the same thing to her? I sure hope it’s just for a story line Sheree. When you know better, you do better. I don’t care how good he is in bed. He’s not a good look, period! We have to be careful who we associate ourselves with because it will ruin your brand. Mmh-mmh Smh!

  9. I think all of the females are stupid. Melody think she is all that since she divorced Martell. Her Mom eating her up, that’s silly! The baby Momma has always been stupid! And of course Sheree is dumb. Every man that has been in her life treat her like DIRT! Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. Melody is “all that” and if we normalized praising black women for thinking highly of themselves, just maybe less of us would get into toxic relationships in the first place.

  10. I think Martel and Sheree are a match made to destroy each other, Sheree says who gonna Check me boo, well Martel is definitely going to try and check her. Martel thinks women should know their place and Sheree doesn’t have a place. I just think they are putting $$$ in each others pocket by being on each others reality show. This isn’t going to last long.

  11. Marsau and latisha need to leave Mel and martel out of thier conversation and talk about that messy Wanda. The way marsau look at Melody I think maybe he do want to be with her and that why he think latisha is jealous

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