‘Black Ink Crew’ Stars Krystal & Rok Confirm Their Breakup

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Ceaser’s time on “Black Ink Crew” came to an end due to a controversial video.

Black Ink Crew” is having another eventful season. As we reported, Ceaser got caught up in a major controversy while he was filming the current season. He was accused of beating a dog in a video that came from footage from his security camera. Ceaser would later say in interviews that he believes his ex-girlfriend Suzette leaked the footage as payback. He claimed Suzette was upset he ended the relationship. Regardless, fans were outraged by what they saw. And after the video went viral on social media with Donna’s help, Ceaser was fired from the show. So producers have been showing what led up to the moment with the latest episodes. 

On the recent episode, things got much worse. Ceaser started to suspect that his employees were starting to have too much tension with each other. So he said it was time for a team-building workshop in Orlando, Florida. The Orlando shop was the first one he opened outside of New York. So it is a sentimental place for him. And the right setting to show all the others he’s serious about expanding the Black Ink brand. 

Krystal and Rok’s new shop didn’t sit well with Ceaser.

Interestingly enough, Ceaser took issue with Krystal and Rok starting their own tattoo shop while working at Black Ink. And he told them he would open up a competitor shop in New Jersey to take their customers. So he suggested they agree to change their Gods of Ink shop to Black Ink New Jersey. 

Krystal wasn’t so sure this was a move they needed to pursue. However, Ceaser said that he’d split the profits equally between all three of them. So they did agree to the deal but it was taken off the table after Young Bae started an altercation with Krystal while the cast was in Orlando. 

Well, Rok and Krystal gave fans a surprising update on things recently via social media. They confirmed that they broke up. But they do still work together. 

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  1. I wish them both well with their shop and their lives. Rok, you do need to let folks know that you are not the “dumber than a box of rocks” dude that Ceez, Puma, and Teddy tried to make you out to be. You are really a smart, business savvy type of dude. Plus you can tatt like crazy! Speak up Bro. You deserve respect out here.

    1. Exactly, I Agree..The way they were treating him was totally wrong! And Teddy ALWAYS have something to say,boy BYE

  2. Anyone else noticing a pattern here? A lot of these Black Ink Crew “couples” break up after they leave the show or the season is over. Makes me think most of these relationships are fake storylines.

    1. Yes, some of these relationships aren’t real. You can tell what’s real if you’re observant enough. Black Ink is very scripted/manufactured. I can’t remember what cast member it was but one said a while back that producers force them to date and fake engagements.

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