GUHH Recap: Briana & Cree Clash, Again + Sam is Frustrated with Treach

GUHH Season 7 Ep 2 Recap
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During tonight’s “Growing Up Hip Hop,” a new relationship is revealed and not everyone is happy about it. Sakoya’s mom Tiny reveals she’s dating Lazyie Bone. While most are happy for them, Sakoya is not. She reveals Tiny is still married to her dad Jojo.

Tiny explains that she is not involved with Jojo anymore and is ready for their divorce to be finalized.

Sakoya ends up confronting Tiny about this during her beach/pool party co-hosted with Lazyie Bone.

Speaking of confrontations, Cree ends up confronting Briana for comments Briana made about her on Instagram. Lines are quickly drawn as Sakoya and Tee side with Briana.

Lastly, Tee Tee learns her cousin Egypt is pregnant, Twist flirts with Sakoya, and Egypt talks to Treach for advice about her upcoming performances.

Here’s the recap for, “Sneak Diss.”

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  1. I’m glad Treach finally had the talk that he needed to have with Sam. I see he had to be composed in front of the cameras. I feel like Sam has been a big leech. He already has 2 children, how are you really providing for them , when you have curricular activities and not a job. If the show goes off the air tomorrow, how would you be providing for the children and your wife.?you had 6 years to come up with something.. how are you, Sam, ask another grown man to speak on your behalf. Lastly, is Layzie Bone actually getting a divorce? If so, I think that was his wife at the end of the episode, he was walking out. Why would he invite his wife, when he knew the other woman he was Pursuing going to be at the same event. Games men play, and some woman are to gullible to see it

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