Martell Holt & Carlos King Are Clashing Over the Upcoming Season of LAMH?

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Carlos King defended Martell Holt and Melody Shari after Destiny Payton was put in the hot seat.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” Executive Producer Carlos King has been sharing his honest thoughts on his podcast and YouTube channel. So it’s not surprising that he didn’t hold back his feelings about the reunion for the latest season. As we reported, Carlos wanted to use the reunion as a way to set the record straight on a number of rumors that have been at the heart of the feuds between cast members. Carlos was also hoping that the reunion could be the last opportunity for people to speak their minds. He wants the show to move forward next season.

One hot topic on social media was Carlos and Kimmi Scott’s honest conversation with Destiny Payton. It was confirmed that producers have said Destiny is difficult to work with. Kimmi also expressed that she would try to get Destiny to open up more while they were filming scenes together. However, Destiny chose to remain private. So this has led to some fans questioning why Destiny is still a LAMH cast member. In the opinion of her critics, Destiny doesn’t share enough to still be on the platform.

Interestingly enough, Destiny said she did open up. However, these emotional moments were cut out of the episodes. Kimmi wasn’t buying this. And she pointed out that every cast member has to deal with scenes being edited out. But Destiny still hasn’t been open enough.

Are Martell Holt and Carlos King clashing over the upcoming season of LAMH?

On Carlos’ YouTube channel, he vented his frustrations with reality stars who want to be private despite signing up to share on a reality show. And he said that one of the reasons why the show became a success is that Melody Shari and Martell Holt were very honest about their troubled marriage. So because of their commitment to transparency, Martell and Melody will never be fired from the show regardless of their relationship status.

Well, there’s an interesting report that has LAMH fans talking on social media. It’s alleged that Carlos and Martell had some tension recently. And the issue is they allegedly don’t completely agree about what Martell should be filming for the new season.

YouTuber The Original Straight No Chaser said, “So the source starts by alleging that Martell and Carlos are bumping heads because Martell is asking producers to shoot his real life.”

Carlos King isn’t a fan of Martell Holt’s former mistress?

The YouTuber continues, “So allegedly when Carlos King went down to Huntsville, he allegedly scolded Mr. Holt for a number of reasons. From what’s being said, one of the reasons involves Arionne. Allegedly, Carlos got on Martell’s *** about Arionne’s post. But that didn’t stop her from making one after he left.”

The post being referred to is the Instagram Story post Arionne Curry did weeks ago. She alleged that Carlos called a cast meeting. And he allegedly referred to her as being too “disrespectful” to ever be on the show. Arionne also called out Oprah Winfrey because she believes LAMH cast members have lied on her. Either way, Arionne alleged that Carlos wants their son to film but not her. And Arionne took offense to this.

“When Arionne made this post, it’s because evidently, she got a whiff of Carlos coming down and letting Martell know that even though Martell wants to shoot his real life, he finds Arionne very disrespectful because not only is she talking about him, but she’s tagging Oprah. And they just don’t like the way that looks for their show. We all know they’re currently airing on the Oprah Network. So they don’t want to bring Oprah’s name into any foolishness of things going on,” the Original Straight No Chaser said.

Reportedly, Carlos just wants Martell to film scenes with Sheree.


  1. Sooooo how is Arionne too disrespectful. The first couple of seasons were not just about Mel and Martell, she was in the equation. Now she is a part of Martello “real life” and has been a part of his story line. How are you going to expect that woman let y’all use her child and she not be a part of the show? How do you think for years, y’all let the cast members speak about her and she not want to be a part of the show to speak up for herself. Carlos loves messy and this will be right up his alley.

    1. Knowingly sleeping with a married man is not disrespectful to you lady? Then bullying the wife? Why do you think Melody or anyone else is obligated to put money in Arionne’s pocket? I’ll quit watching this show if Martell’s raggedy a-s puts this messy lady on this platform.

        1. I also agree he’s on the show and that’s his child she’s not a part of the cast and does not need to be. And yes ma’am she does not need to be paid for her misdeeds with Martell

      1. I agree… and Martell should be able to film with his son without her permission and she should get over it… and she is still on side piece status.. he went from Mel to Sheree and she’s still in the shadow… If I was her I wouldn’t been moved on… don’t be in the business of trying to keep a man that doesn’t want to be kept

      2. I AGREE WITH YOU TOO!!! She does NOT deserve to be a part of the show… She definitely doesn’t deserve to be…Besides, what does she have to offer, she hasn’t done anything positive to be proud of!!!

    2. Welcome to real life where being a male identified demon doesn’t get you very far. Arionne would probably call you an old linebacker. I’ll never understand the black women who defend her. She does not like other women.

      1. Same question for you Lilyspirit,

        If your husband or ex boyfriend cheated on you and fathered a child, are you giving the side chick fame and a job? Tell the truth.

        Bonus question: Do you think Arionne would put her husband’s side chick on a show she created?

        1. Lilyspirit won’t answer this but I’ll assume the answer is no. They want Melody to go along with things they wouldn’t even go along with.

    3. Walker, if your husband or ex boyfriend cheated on you and fathered a child, are you giving the side chick fame and a job? Tell the truth.

    4. Dumb a-s logic. Is Louis’ ex wife on the show? Destiny’s ex husband? Maurice’s ex wife? Y’all ain’t dense, so stop playing on here.

    5. There’s a reason Carlos and Oprah are where they are today, Walker. There are levels to this. You don’t become successful letting all types of clowns and trash people in your circle or on your platform. Arionne is too trashy for OWN. So is Martell but marrying Melody is his only saving grace. Zeus is always hiring and putting out shows. Maybe that’s better suited for you and Arionne.

    6. The same way the other parents film the show and don’t film any scenes with their exes. Arionne isn’t necessary to the show and she’s not even interesting now that Melody ended the marriage. Honestly, Melody made a lot of these people interesting and now…well, who cares? I agree that Sheree is the better draw here.

    7. What is with this fan base liking and defending the most abhorrent of people (Wanda, Martell, Arionne)? Like I’m serious. Why do y’all like black caricatures so much (the hood rat momma who ruins her child’s life, the promiscuous and homophobic black man who is sexist and broke up his family, the hood rat adulteress who probably learned sleeping with a married man is not a big deal from her likely hood rat momma)? I thought we were in our black excellence era.

      1. I mean men makes mistakes.
        Do you think Mattel still loves Melody?
        Thats,the show getting that family back together.

    8. Arionne is a non factor. Regardless, you can’t burn bridges and then expect people to do a favor for you. Arionne didn’t just bash Mel, she bashed Latisha, Kimmi, Maurice, Marsau, Carlos, and Oprah. Now guess what? All of those people have a say so about who can be on the show. Arionne is slow. But we knew that already.

    9. She put her self in this situation and think that she is supposed to be rewarded for breaking up a marriage by getting on the show. With her disrespectful self. Yes I said it! When you can go on social media and thinking it is funny to tell everyone that you be sitting on his face calling his home and telling his wife let me speak to Martell. Her name has the right to be spread across tv . She put it on the internet for free. What else is there for her to say that we haven’t already heard. She went on Tasha K to tell everything, she definitely been on YouTube. I’m just saying. 🤷

    10. Why do y’all keep trying to make the side chick more important than she actually is? What is it about Arionne that you find so relatable? Keep telling on yourself.

      1. People fail to remember Melody knew about Martels affair before this show aired. Why keep disrespecting this woman when she owed Melody nothing. This show is all about the money. But for 5 years the show was a lie. Everyone knew about her. And now since it came out Melody wants everybody relationships to suffer. Wow. If you really want reality. That young lady is reality.

        1. Hey Arionne. People like you are clueless about life and then are confused when it finally f-cks you with the karma you deserve. Go away Arionne. You’ve been telling the same entitled lies for years now. We’re tired, YOU’RE tired. You’re not getting on that show. So get a real job.

    11. Because she is too disrespectful on social media to the creater (mel) and one of the executive producer, (Mel). Melody has never mention her name. Her identity was hunted down and exposed by a blogger Funky Dineva. No cast member utter her name.

    12. Who said anything about her child being on the show? And if the child is on with Martell? What does she have to do with it. ?????? his outside child does not guarantee her a spot? Actually, Martell should go on about his business, and be on RH of Atlanta, with Sheree That Arione hussy does not need to be seen on any platform. OPRAH ain’t have that S”’


  2. It’s insane to me how much disrespect everyone thinks Melody should just sit there and take. Why in the world does she need to help put the side chick on the show she created? The same people wanting Arionne on the show would flip if they were in Melody’s shoes.

  3. Arionne isn’t even relevant anymore. Melody handed Martell over to Arionne and he still didn’t want her. Martell would prefer to fake a relationship with Sheree than be in a real relationship with Arionne. Her relevancy died the moment the divorce was finalized.

    1. I just wrote something similar. People only cared about Arionne while Martell was still with Melody. She’s not important anymore. Side chicks are the norm, they aren’t special or all that interesting. You can watch one of Arionne’s lives for a few seconds and it becomes pretty obvious she doesn’t need to be on anyone’s show.

  4. Lets be honest, we all know that Shree and Martel mix is NOT real. Sheree would have Martel for dinner and who’s going to check her. If Martel is still dealing with Arionne, shame on him. She will give him what he deserves. Why would a WOMAN who help destroy a marriage want to be on TV.

    1. THIRST THIRST ,” THIRSTY BOOTS” THAT’S WHAT IT’S “THIRSTY THIRSTY, THIRSTY. AND HE STILL AIN’T WITH HER THIRSTY A””””” . He moved on to upgrade with someone on Melody’s level. SHEREE

      1. No Kimmi actually had cancer, when watching the show she kept covering up her “port” on the left side by her heart. Any person that has cancer knows what a port is, it goes up the skin and has to be surgically put in and removed. I was shocked that they showed her port when she was doing close ups, but they tried to conceal it with her hair.

  5. Some women don’t see cheating with a married man as being wrong. Women need to stop going after the wife, it’s not her fault. The husband is the one that cheated with you. It’s wrong and I feel the same way everyone else does, she does not need to be on the show. This woman is disrespectful she doesn’t think what she did was wrong.

  6. Martell will always need some woman in the equation to make his money. He can’t do a thing on his own because he has no true star power without Melody or Sheree. And now he needs his ghetto baby momma on the show because he knows he won’t be filming with Melody anymore. He is so pathetic and dusty.

  7. Did this come from Arionne herself? Martell lies to her constantly to keep her in check. Martell doesn’t really want her on the show. This is the same person he called a peasant. He only tells Arionne this kind of stuff so she’ll continue to give him access to all the holes in her body. If he really cared about Arionne, why is he still not with her?

  8. Arionne is a hood rat with a jellybean for a brain. Only her 5 supporters want to see her on this show. And they can enjoy all the ghetto content on Zeus Network. Carlos doesn’t want her on LAMH because he’s not stupid. She would hurt ratings considerably.

  9. That Walker person is COLESLAW because ANYONE with a brain would NEVER expect her to be on L&MH NO ONE would watch but COLESLAW

    1. Or Martell himself because he’s an avid blog reader. And Walker definitely has the audacity like Martell, that’s for sure.

  10. If that homewrecker comes on this show I will NEVER EVER watch it again!! And that’s not a threat it is a PROMISE!! Who sleeps with a married man and then calls his phone and has the audacity to tell the WIFE I didn’t call you!! Who in the h-ll does this???? I’m telling you yall will loose a lot of viewers if she appears even for one minute!

  11. That entire male cast does not want coleslaw on that show. She has 5-7 years of those men’s BUSINESS. If those men cross her, it’s a wrap for all those marriages.

  12. I agree with you on this. Why does she need to be show cased? She knew Martell was on TV, that’s why her thirsty a## had that baby. There are too many contraceptives. on the market to avoid pregnancies, “PEOPLE GET PREGNANT IN THIS DAY AND AGE BECAUSE THEY WANT TOO!!!!!! Period. She thought this would lead to her thirsty A@@! getting on the show and a check. CARLOS please don’t let her thirsty A@@ on this show. Melody and Martell have moved on, she has a boo, and he has Sheree. This side piece woman Arionne does not deserve to be a part of this PLATFORM. And lastly PLEASE LET MS. WANDA’S THIRSTY RACHET A@@@ GO Ro me when she started that crap about Martell, and Melody’s baby girl, that is when she should have FIRED.”
    She needs stay in her place as a parent and stop trying to fight her daughter’s battles. And her daughter LaTisha should see a THERAPIST, it is not HEALTHY for a be as jealous and envious of another person., like she is of Melody. Girl you have made accomplishment in your own right. Stop this HATERATION.

  13. So here’s the question? Why should we see shree in LAMIH. Why can’t we just see original characters without all the extra drama. If we keep her on her side, nothing would mess up. Bringing in other members from other shows is bound to bring confusing conflicts.

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