Carlos King Goes Off After Destiny Payton is Called Out for Being Too Private at LAMH Reunion

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Destiny Payton was called out at the LAMH reunion.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Destiny Payton was put in the hot seat during the reunion for the latest season. Carlos King said that other producers complained that Destiny is hard to work with. Kimmi Scott also spoke up and confirmed that she feels the same way. In fact, Kimmi said that she has tried to get Destiny to open up more in scenes. However, Kimmi has not been successful. So this has been frustrating for Kimmi because she honestly does like Destiny. But since Destiny has expressed her desire to remain private, Kimmi thinks it’s important everyone understands that LAMH isn’t the right platform for privacy.

Some LAMH fans have had similar complaints about Destiny on social media. In fact, they have accused her of not being transparent and using her feud with Melody Shari to deflect. Another popular complaint was that Destiny still has not really explained why her marriage to La’ Berrick Williams failed.

Regardless, Destiny did confirm that she found love with another man. She plans to show a lot more about her personal life during the upcoming season of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” Destiny even said that some of the emotional moments that she filmed were not shown in any of the episodes that aired. So she kind of felt like the criticism isn’t exactly fair. Kimmi disagreed with this perspective. And she told Destiny that they all have to deal with the footage they film not making it into episodes.

Carlos King is fed up.

Well, Carlos had a lot to say about Kimmi and the importance of reality stars being open on his YouTube channel.

“I have never in my decade-long career worked with a woman, who still is going through a challenging health issue but still show…Kimmi showed up to work. We filmed for 15 hours! Kimmi did not ask for a break. Kimmi did not say anything about, ‘Can we move along?’ She never once said, ‘I don’t know if I’m gonna show up.’ Kimmi showed up,” Carlos said.

He continued, “So how dare you and this is no one in particularly, it’s to every reality star. How dare you, dare you, sit up here and tell production, ‘Well I don’t wanna talk about that because it’s too close to home.’ Get the **** off the show! And I’m saying it like that. Get off the show! Kimberly Scott showed everybody if I can do it, there’s no excuse for nan one of y’all.”

Carlos is over it, “Leave us alone. We’re tired, we’re bored. And we don’t wanna see none of it and if you don’t wanna do it, get off of the show. Stay at home, watch Sherri Shepherd, cause you got time at 11 am to do it. And don’t bother us.”

You can listen to the clip in the video below.


  1. Didn’t Destiny just tell her fans she only came for Melody hard because producers told her to? I thought I saw that somewhere. Either way, Carlos is doing all of this but they keep bringing Destiny back for another season. So what is the truth?

    1. They all full of sh-t with Carlos being the biggest bs’er. Kimmi has been through something true, but her a-s ain’t all right either. She been messy since day one trying to come off like she’s perfect and folks don’t wanna call her out on her buttinski a-s always in errrrrrbody business. She need to focus on ole MoMo and his LB’s…..another thing, surely Martell wouldn’t link his phone to Mel’s if he’s doing dirt with b****es….Mel did that! There are some things Destiny was not at liberty to discuss about LaBerrick…..and like she said….pick some of her scenes up off the cutting floor Carlos…..the producers put em there so they can have sit to say about Destiny….it’s how OWN maneuvers the puppet strings. They all doing something strange for some change$$$$……ALL OF EM!!

  2. While destiny did stay silent about her divorce and not air it. Carlos sitting there was not paying attention because if Mel and Martel had not exposed theirs to the viewing public, Love and marriage in Huntsville could have proceeded as it was intended. I think Destiny made a good decision and because of social media it’s coming back to haunt her. We saw that since Mel and Martel are devoiced they start to put them in different scenes; Martel went to wine making and Mel???????? Because she came less than popular. I think Dr. Francis should have gotten more scene because he had the facts about all four sets of the couples. None of them has what they thought.

    1. Mel became less than popular … Not.. She still has her business plus add on her skincare line and now she is doing a clothing line with a designer on top of her songs and seminars. Mel’s star has become even brighter since her divorce. She may not want to fool with the cast but she is out there making money for her children.

    2. Yes Robert Henry, Mel have several businesses, you need to check on your boy Martell, he in need of success..

  3. Destiny serves no purpose outside of attacking Mel. She is not cut out for reality television and this show can’t be great anymore bc the cast has decided Kimmi, Mel and Martell are the only three that need to be transparent. Show is trash now bc only 3 people show up to actually work.

    1. Exactly Destiny don’t have what it takes…Tisha and Martell are her friends and biggest support. Kimmie don’t like her, and she doesn’t cross Melody after she got on the show, and she still wouldn’t tell them why she got divorced..

  4. LAMH is an excellent study on misogynoir. The reunion was a grand display of it actually. Martell has caused literally so many problems for Melody and the others. A straight up toxic and problematic man who literally assaulted an employee on another OWN set in the middle of one of his many fits of rage. Despite all of this, Carlos was boo hoo crying, talking about how great Martell is and how great his heart is. Sad music even playing in the background to make Martell more sympathetic for viewers. Carlos tells Melody that her and Martell are made for each other, and he acts like there isn’t a history of abuse. Now keep all of this in mind when you remember how Melody is treated in comparison. She is said to have the dark heart, Carlos told her at a previous reunion that Arionne was the woman Martell really loved, and not one time has anyone on the cast or Carlos talked about everything Melody has been subjected to from Martell. She’s just expected to take it because black women are the after thought in the black community. It’s sad. And what’s even sadder is watching women like Destiny and LaTisha go along with misogynoir because they think it doesn’t affect them.

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