GUHH Recap: Eric Frustrates Aaliyah with His Gambling + Sakoya Clashes With Her Mom Tiny

GUHH Season 7 Episode 3
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Sakoya’s still frustrated about Tiny dating Layzie Bone.

Sam’s working on a track in his home studio when Egypt walks in to talk about her upcoming performances. Sam won’t be there. Despite this, Egypt gives encouraging words that his music will take off. Egypt’s still nervous about the baby but Sam will still be looking out for her.

Sam also tells Egypt he wants to run a food truck selling snow cones. He wants Pepa to invest in the business and feels she’ll do it as they both made tremendous strides professionally.

Eric’s also in a studio with Jojo listening in. Jojo’s present to ask Eric to jump on his song. Layzie Bone stops in and Jojo plays the track for both of them and Layzie’s impressed by Jojo’s verse. In fact, Layzie asks Jojo to perform the song at his Hip Hop 50th Anniversary event. This leads to a conversation about Sakoya and Tiny.

Layzie says he wasn’t upfront with Sakoya about his relationship with Tiny. Eric and Jojo encourage Layzie to go on and talk to Sakoya soon. Layzie agrees.

Egypt’s nervous about her first major performance.

It’s almost time for Egypt’s first major performance during Salt-N-Pepa’s tour. Egypt’s in Pepa’s tour bus going over last-minute details for the show. It’s close to show time and Egypt and Pepa are nervous. Despite the nervousness, Pepa gives Egypt advice on how to handle the nervousness.

Meanwhile, Jojo meets Eric at the casino. As they play Poker, Eric vents to Jojo about his stresses. It comes out Eric frequents the casino quite a bit. Jojo asks how Aaliyah feels about it and he acknowledges Aaliyah isn’t feeling it. However, he says his wife doesn’t understand.

Despite this, he says the poker games aren’t hurting his pockets. But he does spend quite a bit of time away from home.

Jojo also vents about his tension with Tanice’s father. He says he’ll talk to him.

Sakoya calls her father JoJo.

Later on, Sakoya’s at home when her father Jojo calls. Sakoya reveals her father is dealing with diabetes and high blood pressure, and she’s concerned about his health.

During the conversation, Sakoya vents to her dad about Tiny. She wants to know how he feels about the divorce and he says it hurts. However, it’s something he has to deal with.

Back at the arena for Salt-N-Pepa’s performance, Pepa reveals she’s nervous about Egypt’s pregnancy as she performs. They go through a soundcheck and Egypt does not like how she sounds. Pepa did not like the track Sam sent over for a song because it had gun sounds.

Pepa has Egypt call Sam and Sam says he sent the wrong version. Luckily, Sam sends over the right version for the sound crew. The Sound Crew was also able to help and a major crisis is averted.

Before the performance, Egypt calls Sam and thanks him for all that he’s done. She says Sam has been a big part of her development as an artist. Right before they hang up, Sam gives her last-minute coaching tips.

Aaliyah’s frustrated with Eric’s gambling.

The next day, Eric has the kids when he gets a call from the cannabis shop. Aaliyah’s happy he handled the kids’ pick-up from school as he’s been away from home. He didn’t pick up the phone while he was at the casino last night and that’s frustrating for her. Eventually, he gets up to leave for the casino.

Finally, it’s time for Egypt to perform, and Pepa’s nervously excited. The nervousness subsides as the performance moves forward. Pepa’s proud to see Egypt perform as she wows the crowd.

Sakoya and Tiny clash.

Lastly, Sakoya heads over to Tiny’s place for a conversation about Tiny’s relationship with Layzie Bone. Sakoya wants to know what’s going on and Tiny opens up. Tiny reveals she moved out of her house with JoJo two years ago and she grew smitten over Layzie Bone.

This leads to a tense conversation as Sakoya ends up asking for new management. Tiny says Sakoya’s disrespectful and needs to stay in her “place.” She also tells Sakoya she’s never getting back with her father and even told JoJo about Layzie Bone. Before she leaves, Sakoya makes a shady comment about her mom dating rappers.

This leads to Sakoya and Tiny going back and forth in front of her house.

The episode ends with Tiny saying she’s going to regret talking to Sakoya about this.

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