Woman Comes Forward with Messy Accusations About Juan Dixon Amid Wedding News

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Karen Huger’s allegations about Robyn Dixon and Juan Dixon have been a hot topic on social media.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Robyn Dixon has been a hot topic in the headlines thanks to the recent episode. As we reported, Robyn’s feud with Karen Huger has worsened. On the recent episode, Karen admitted that it bothered her when Robyn accused her of being fake. She felt like that was really Robyn coming for her character and reputation. So she decided it was time to take the gloves off. Karen clapped back by calling Robyn and Juan Dixon‘s wedding fake. This came after Robyn confirmed that she and Juan decided to tie the knot privately a day after her brother-in-law marries. At the time, Juan and Robyn only wanted their two sons to witness their big day.

Karen said this sounded fishy. And she went on to allege that Robyn and Juan aren’t in a real relationship. She also alleged that Juan has a girlfriend whom other people have also heard about, including Robyn. Karen even said that the woman favors her.

Robyn denied ever hearing this rumor. But Candiace Dillard Bassett and Wendy Osefo both said they have heard the same rumor. And blogs have reported it, too. Karen alleged that Juan has been with this supposed woman for years.

Well, hours ago, it was reported that Juan and Robyn have since tied the knot. RHOP fans will even see footage from the private wedding during the upcoming season finale. Robyn also talked about it at the reunion, which was filmed last Thursday.

More accusations were made.

Interestingly enough, the drama isn’t slowing down even though Robyn and Juan reportedly remarried. Apparently, a woman has since come forward claiming that she allegedly had an affair with Juan amid the pandemic.

Blogger Georgio Says broke the story on TikTok. He claims the woman reached out to him recently.

He said, “I guess living in Maryland helps because I was just reached out to by someone who allegedly dated Juan at the end of Covid for over a year. Let’s talk about it.”

Georgio Says continued, “She did mention that Robyn does know but asked her to not make it public obviously.”

The woman alleged that the last text message she received from Juan took place in January 2022.

“She also shared a hotel invoice which I have taken out a lot of the personal information because it did have Juan’s personal info, so I’ve taken that out. But everything else on here is pretty much a normal invoice. This is a real hotel in Maryland. And I believe she was going to send this to producers, but I think she just didn’t want to get caught in the crossfire because obviously Robyn knows about this and didn’t want to make it public. But it appears Juan allegedly was doing some weird things,” Georgio Says said.

The blogger went on to allege that the woman did explain why she allegedly stopped communication.

“She also claimed that the reason that she stopped messing around with him was because he likes to I guess meet girls and I guess have his way with them but then pass them off to his friends…”

Check out YouTuber Kempire’s video about the allegations below. He also included the TikTok by Georgio Says where you can read text messages and the invoice referenced.


    1. Michelle , I said the same thing. Also, the reason why Robin was so cold to Karen was be Robin knew what was going on all along. Therefore , she needed to discredit Karen – but it did not work. More so, Robin need to kick rocks when it comes to Jaun – he doesn’t know what loyalty is ..


  1. Robyn stays collecting Ls behind this man and I’m sick of it. Ain’t no man worth constant embarrassment. Her self esteem is in h-ll.

    1. He got his a-s on that show and straight up threw a temper tantrum after Robyn told him what Karen said. So yeah, I was expecting this too.

      1. That was my red flag too. Liars get mad if you ask them a question about something shady they did. People who have nothing to hide laugh it off and roll their eyes. If he were not being shady he would have said something to make her feel better not yell and get angry and hang up.

  2. I try not to even speak too much on Juan and Robyn because I really don’t have anything nice to say. Robyn really settled and it’s so sad to see it play out over the years.

    1. Juan settled and this is why he keeps cheating. Robyn has never had anything going for herself or any real s-x appeal.

  3. I think just about all of these husbands have been accused of cheating at this point but I found it disturbing that Robyn was the only one who was yelled at over it. Eddie didn’t scream at Wendy when Gizelle tried it. Chris didn’t yell at Candiace when Gizelle tried it either. But Juan’s anger towards Robyn while they were on the phone was…yikes. I do believe he still cheats. He didn’t act like an innocent man during that scene. And he definitely doesn’t act like he likes or loves Robyn either. I couldn’t settle for that type of situation but Robyn thinks she’s owning Karen with these bad decisions she’s making. I don’t get why she won’t finally leave this man alone. Why does Juan have such a hold on her?

  4. This is why I hate misogyny and misogynoir so much. Women like Robyn and Gizelle have all the smoke for their coworkers (other women) for the pettiest of offenses, but they’ll tolerate nearly anything from men (Jamal, Juan). That will never sit well with me.

  5. Between Juan cheating on Robyn while she was pregnant and leaving her to parent alone, that lawsuit, and now this…Juan sounds like a trash person. Robyn really married him again to stick it Karen? How embarrassing!

  6. I believed Karen anyways 😪. Jaun doesn’t appear to like Robyn much. She has been on this show going on about how much she loves him, at the same time blaming him for everything that wrong in their relationship. Robyn blow through his NBA earnings, stayed in bed all the time, didn’t work much if at all.
    She and Jaun were young, he was experiencing things he never had, his parents were nonexistent ( which why he lived with Robyn’s family), women were trying to get a baller, he was traveling a lot (NBA players are gone for weeks at a time). If Robyn is anything at home like she is on the show she is a soul drainer. She is nit picky, always late, appears lazy and uninteresting. She wanted a prenuptial to protect her money from him so he couldn’t do to her what she did to him.
    Now we know why she wanted the cheating protection in the prenuptial. She already knew that Jaun was in the streets.

  7. Robot Roberto Dixon…. the proverbial “fat lady ” just sang. The gig is up! Let’s see Ankles help you get outta this lie…can’t wait.


  9. I KNEW that phone call in Mexico was shady. Not reasonable what so ever. I’m almost embarrassed for Robyn, she won’t learn her lesson with this man. It doesn’t matter if she put a “cheaters” clause in her pre-nup. Juan will keep sexing and sexting up other women and she’ll continue to keep him around.
    As a parent, her sons will think this is how relationships work. Shame on Juan for the mental abuse he’s inflicting on both her and his boys.

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