After Karen Huger Makes Accusations About Juan Dixon, Robyn Dixon Gets Even

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Robyn Dixon and Karen Huger can’t stand each other.

Real Housewives of Potomac” stars Robyn Dixon and Karen Huger struggle to get along with each other just about every season. However, tension seems to have worsened during the current season. On the recent episode, Robyn actually called out Karen in defense of Charrisse Jackson-Jordan. Robyn accused Karen of thinking she’s off limits when it comes to sharing her business. She also accused Karen of deflecting often and not wanting Charrisse around because she’s the only OG cast member that Charrisse didn’t recommend for the cast. Interestingly enough, Karen will get even with Robyn in the upcoming episode. And she does so by making some messy accusations.

Karen accused Juan Dixon of having a side chick. She also alleged that Robyn knows about this and this is why a wedding will never actually happen. This doesn’t sit well with Juan. And when Robyn tells him about the accusations, he goes all the way off.

Robyn Dixon gets even.

Well, Karen will also have to deal with some accusations on the next episode. In fact, in the trailer for next week’s episode, Robyn claps back immediately after Karen makes her claims about Juan.

Karen says, “What is fake is this wedding because I know that you know about the rumors about the blonde girl in Georgetown. I know you know that because you’re smart.”

Robyn claps back, “But people sending us actual pictures of you with a blue-eyed man in Redskins gear in Vegas at a bar.”

She then takes out her phone to show the ladies the picture, “That’s him! This is Blue Eyes y’all…this is Blue Eyes.”

Karen had some thoughts about the scene of Robyn calling her out during the latest episode. She issued a warning in response on Twitter ahead of the reunion.

She also posted some receipts in response to the episode as well. As we reported, Karen had an explosive argument with Charrisse in a past episode. And she went off after Charrisse said she was such a real friend to Karen that she attended the funeral for Karen’s mother. One of the things Karen said was that she reached out to Charrisse after her father passed away. But Charrisse brushed this off and said Karen only sent her one sentence of sympathies.

Karen posted screenshots from the text exchange on Instagram.


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    1. Karen is a hater she got a man on the side. She always trying to bring the ladies down. She real ugly an old all that make up

      1. Karen is gorgeous. Robyn is the hater and I know you aren’t saying Karen tries to bring all the ladies down like Gizelle isn’t on RHOP!

        1. Agreed ! Love Karen and Robyn and Gizelle look like bums when they try to free up! The clothes don’t fit them right plus they wear old lady outfits

      2. Carol, please list examples of Karen “hating” on anyone. Last time I checked, she doesn’t bother anyone unless they come for her first. List an example to prove I’m wrong.

      3. Bless her heart she is a homely women! Dresses nice but still can’t cover up that face it’s not funny and I am not making fun of her I actually like her but she is so homely

      4. Gurl bye karen aint nvr been a hater, grizzle neck and roberto/roberto are the haters so what in h-ll are u talkin about, and boring a-s charrisse back on the show for just start trouble get a clue

  1. I still don’t feel Robin has room to call out any one until she cleans up her mess from the way she treated Wendy and Gezelle.

  2. I am from the Potomac area and trust me when I say Karen Huger IS NOT the Grand Dame she claims to be!!!! There are far classier women than she would who qualify for that title. Have you ever heard her mouth when she’s angry. It’s about as ghetto as you can get!!!

  3. They are doing everything in their power to bring Karen down….I honestly believe that’s why the have Charissa back on the show to bring drama and mess to Karen….And Giselle and Robyn are all in it….Just too old and messy…And it’s funny that only Karen…Wendy… Candice and Mia are the ones that are actually married…

  4. Karen needs has no class she thinks she’s all that in a bag of chips if she only knows how bad she looks I don’t think she wouldn’t even Be on there I think she’s trying to be young and she’s old and she needs to be old and accept that she’s old and set her old a** down and her husband is just as stupid as he wants to be to let her make a full of him on Live TV

      1. You’re right, Karen is indeed beautiful, all of them are nice looking. They need to work on their characters and stop bringing each other down though. 😂 😂 😂 🤣 I’m laughing about the spell check comment. God bless you all 🙏

  5. Robyn and Gizelle need to get their own plots – stop clocking Karen’s coochie miles and tend to their own. And tired of Charisse – a disgruntled caterpillar in a wig and wrap dress. We have had a number of seasons without her being on with more two seconds, rented man in tow. Let’s go back to that.

  6. It’s LAMH all over again. Basically Robyn, Gizelle, and Charrisse are jealous that Karen is a fan favorite and they are extremely disliked. Now they are trying to paint Karen out to be a terrible person when they honestly look much worse than her just by their actions from this season alone.

  7. The entire show needs to end. Should have long ago, along with all the Housewives shows. Shows the absolute worst of women, while Cohen makes money and laughs. He obviously has a strong dislike for women and it plays itself out in his shows.

    1. Beverly, you hit it on the head!! All these heffas are just OWN & BRAVO Co-Workers…that’s it, that’s all !!!

  8. It’s amazing how some people are quick to call someone old…just pray u make it to Karen’s age also Karen is BEAUTIFUL.

  9. Robyn and Giselle both are miserable and lonely. You never see Juan with Robyn and Giselle has no one. Giselle is messy and a huge trouble maker. You would think as a mother with daughters she would carry herself better than she does. Robyn is also a trouble maker. Both are fake and messy. I also think it’s disgusting that Ashley passed that bogus information to Candace claiming that her husband hit on her friends. When in the footage he clearly did not hit on any of them. Just jealous miserable thots trying to be relevant.

  10. Giselle is the number 1 shxxt starter.. She has no story line and FAKE.. Someone needs to call her out.. I happen to like Karen.. Giselle has no husband or man so why is she still on the show..

  11. I kinda like all the ladies with the exception of Mia, with that being said I also think Karen knows how to play the game to stay relevant however that title the (Gran dam ) belongs to charisse. She definitely was the first one on the show and picked all the other cast members, that title definitely belongs to her…Ijs!!!!!

  12. Karen needs to clean up her act. You can’t be a grand dame with a mouth like that and being high and mighty messy doesn’t help the pancake makeup look. Get over yourself Huger.

  13. I’m sorry but if you’ve seen the clip for the next episode Karen looked caught as h-ll when Robyn whipped out that picture. Why does everyone think Karen is an angel? And why does everyone keep trying to pin every single piece of gossip on Gizelle? Especially when 3 other cast members have said the same things without any prompting from Gizelle? I think Karen’s facade might be fading and her fans can’t take it. I think Robyn wasn’t far off by saying Karen feels threatened by Charrisse. Cause she said clearly that Charrisse had dirt on Gizelle and Robyn, so think that she doesn’t have dirt on her too?

    1. Ah, don’t worry, Karen ends up gagging Robyn pretty bad lol! I’ve never seen anyone call Karen innocent. You sound like Robyn, a bit irritated that Karen has so many fans. Don’t hate congratulate!

  14. Everyone is saying that they are jealous of Karen. Ain’t nobody jealous of anyone in this group, most of them are not real friends in real life – they might show up at each other’s events for support but that doesn’t mean they are friends. The highest ratings for the housewives franchises are for episodes which have black women going for each other’s throats, so this is more than likely being pushed by production.

    Karen steals her cast mates ideas and then trashes them e.g. Wendy’s candle ideas, Robyn & Gizelle’s podcast event – Karen did not have a positive thing to say about it but she stole their idea so how can any of these women be jealous of someone that doesn’t have an original idea in her head?

    Don’t come at me, I said what I said – go argue with your mama

    1. Yes, they are jealous that Karen has more fans. As it stands, Robyn and Gizelle are the least popular – most fans can’t stand the GEBs.

  15. Fans love to come for the 2 green eye girls- ROBYN & GIZELLE using them as an escape goat for most of the bs on the show. Karen needs to take several seats looking like the wicked witch of the west by the nose.. Sneaky at its best & nothing about her says Grande Dame!

    1. I think a lot of you GEB stans are just as jealous and bitter about Karen’s popularity as they are. To dislike someone purely because a lot of people love them is actually kind of pathetic.

      1. Bruh! This article is 5 days old and yet you are STILL responding to anyone who doesn’t kiss Karen’s behind. You are the LAST person who should be lecturing ANYONE on being a ‘pathetic stan’. Get a life! Karen doesn’t know you! This is a TV show!

        1. Why are you so angry? You Karen haters are always so angry and confrontational. Seriously, is there anything outside of RHOP you want to vent about? You don’t seem happy. Love to you sis.

  16. Karen is beautiful, successful, and thriving at 59 years old. Y’all better hope and pray you can have half of that when you become her age. Karen is a star. And that is the issue that Robyn has with her. Robyn, Gizelle, and Charrisse feel like it should have been Charrisse having Karen’s level of success and popularity.

  17. Neck and Ankles is the only one jealous of every one on the show that’s happy, married, pretty, wealthy, successful, or younger than her wrinkled neck.

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