Robyn Dixon & Juan Dixon Reportedly Remarry & Footage Will Air on RHOP Season Finale

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Robyn Dixon and Karen Huger took off the gloves as their feud worsens.

Real Housewives of Potomac” stars Robyn Dixon and Karen Huger clashed something serious during the recent episode. Karen doesn’t like the fact that Robyn accused her of being fake. She responded by telling Robyn that what is actually fake is the wedding that she and Juan Dixon were planning. Karen just thought it was fishy that Robyn and Juan changed plans and wanted to have a private ceremony with just them and their sons. Robyn even said that her parents wouldn’t be there, nor would any of the cast members including her best friend, Gizelle Bryant.

Interestingly enough, Karen also alleged that Juan has a girlfriend of several years that Robyn and other people know about.

Robyn denied that she’s ever heard this before. Meanwhile, Candiace Dillard Bassett and Wendy Osefo did confirm that they have also heard that Juan isn’t faithful. And there’s allegedly a woman he’s been seen with.

Juan Dixon and Robyn Dixon got the last laugh?

Karen isn’t the only RHOP cast member who has been critical of Robyn’s romance with Juan in recent seasons. Wendy was ecstatic the day that Juan proposed. However, she didn’t go easy on Robyn when she suspected that she had a role in Gizelle and Ashley Darby’s plan to confront Wendy about the cheating rumors about Eddie Osefo on the show. So Wendy said that Robyn and Gizelle didn’t have “much of a relationship” of their own, and they are bitter about it.

Well, it’s likely none of the criticism matters much now. According to PEOPLE, Robyn and Juan tied the knot. And RHOP fans will see footage from their big day shown on the upcoming season finale. Robyn also reportedly talked about the wedding at the reunion. The cast already filmed the reunion. In fact, they filmed it last Thursday.

Robyn has not addressed the report as of yet. In the meantime, many RHOP fans have already taken to social media to share their thoughts about the news.


  1. After last night’s episode and everything I’ve seen from Juan and Robyn over the years, I have nothing positive to say.

      1. Personally I don’t think they will ever kick off gizelle yeah she doesn’t show her personal life at all and she never has a storyline of her but the producers seem to love her,it’s clearly shown throughout each season.i agree this season isn’t the best but I still feel like it was alot better than rhoa current season.the problem with rhop now is you can tell not all of them are real friends and it shows

        1. Agreed! RHOP needs a cast shakeup ASAP. It’s not a good show anymore. And I really think Gizelle and Robyn are two of the biggest problems. I don’t even get excited about RHOP or RHOA anymore.

          1. I agree on that. There is so much drama for these women to be in life considering they are suppose to be friends per say. Two of them well three ( Gizelle, Robin and Ashley) are nothing but bone carriers. I wouldn’t miss this show if they took it off.

  2. So they only did it because of the lawsuit against Juan? Yeah, throw this whole show away. RHOP has become one of the dustiest real housewives shows I’ve ever seen.

  3. So we can now officially say, Karen attacked Robyn’s marriage. And for those that like to jump to conclusions and extremes, just because you call out bad behavior does not make you a “hater” or make you a “stan” of anyone else. For 5 seasons Karen has been “the voice of reason” she was bound to slip up eventually because NO ONE IS PERFECT. Karen and Robyn disagreed about what used to be a mutual friend and Karen took that as an opportunity to go to the group gossip and talk about her NOW husband. She was wrong period and her AND HER FANS need to own it.

    1. How did Karen attack a marriage that wasn’t a marriage at the time? Robyn and Juan got married AFTER the cast trips to Mexico and Miami. Why do you care about Karen’s fans so much?

      1. I’m sorry but if a couple gets married, has children, divorces but lives together then gets BACK engaged to be married for a SECOND time you’re really going to act as if a family isn’t affected by what Karen was saying? And I am not “worried” about Karen’s fans, anymore than I am “worried” you. It’s just pretty clear that Ashley can be a gossip, Mia can be ghetto, Robyn can be aggressive, Gizelle can be a liar, Candice has a nasty mouth and Wendy can be boring but if someone says “Karen was messy” they’re just a “hater”. For example I clearly complimented Karen for the last 5 seasons yet YOU singled out ONLY the negative things I said. So since I know there are people like YOU who are triggered by opinions that don’t line up with theirs I addressed them in my comment, in the hopes that I wouldn’t have to do what I am doing now, explain myself. Any other questions?

        1. If you left comments that made people think you’re a Karen hater, oh well. It’s not that deep. I’ve been called worse and don’t care. Robyn and Juan weren’t married when Karen made her comments. So she didn’t attack a marriage. But Robyn’s bestie does that all the time and she’s fine with it. So I can understand why Robyn is not getting sympathy universally.

          1. Bingo! I do not feel sorry for Robyn at all! Her and Gizelle have been attacking Karen and her family for a long time! The fact that it took Karen this long (years) to finally be dirty back? Nope! Still love Karen period!

          2. Twirl I may have been watching RHOP too long to feel sorry for Robyn 🤷🏽‍♀️.

  4. Robyn really doesn’t love herself and it’s sad. That man screams at her like she’s one of his kids. And he always looks annoyed when he’s around her. Cheated on her while she was pregnant. Didn’t help her with the babies when she needed it. He was too busy with groupies. Told a producer he was only there for their kids. Like…can we get more black couples like Wendy and Eddie who truly love each other on this show? It would be nice smh.

  5. I think RHOP needs a serious recast. The ratings are down. And this season was not good at all. Keep Candiace, Wendy, Mia, Karen, and Ashley. Bring back Katie and Monique. Then we can finally have a good show again. I don’t think RHOP can be on RHOA levels until Gizelle and Robyn are gone. They do way too much ghost producing. And they aren’t even good at it.

      1. Mia reminds me of Porsha. A hot mess but good for old fashioned, ratchet reality television. She has no shame and that makes her perfect for reality television. I don’t like her but I get it.

  6. It’s pathetic how much Robyn just proved how much Karen got under her skin. Get Robyn’s a-s off RHOP please. It’s been long overdue. Robyn and Gizelle are the corniest boards on the entire platform. They bring the show down and I don’t care who disagrees. Those two are producer puppets and I’ll never feel sorry for them when they get their ugliness right back from other cast members (Wendy, Monique, Karen). They deserve it and so much more.

  7. Okay so this means Robyn’s story has concluded. I hope this means that her and Gizelle can finally go now. I’d love to see Katie back in a full-time role.

  8. Robyn and Jaun really need some good press. They had the longest engagement in reality TV. Robyn can finally say I’m married.

  9. Karen is just as messy as everyone else. Why is she getting a pass by these people. She’s threatened by the return of Charrise return and is now showing her real colors. She’s no Grandam as far as I’m concerned. You all should leave Robyn alone and let her be happy and enjoy her family. I don’t blame her for not inviting anyone to her wedding so that they can gossip and out her down.

  10. People are so hypocritical. Karen attacked a black couple that was engaged and had a marriage license. And she wont stop. The same way you call Gizelle evil for that, please call out Karen. She is not perfect or untouchable….

    1. Robyn has done just as much evil as Gizelle. She definitely has participated in helping Gizelle attack marriages so yep, Karen is Robyn’s karma and I don’t give a d-mn. Juan is currently being sued for hiding a college student’s s-xual assault and harassment. Juan and Robyn are both trash and don’t deserve any empathy from me. So you on here trying to shame people for not being offended for a bully and an enabler of a s-x crime isn’t the flex or moral stand you think it is.

      1. THANK YOU! I’m like are these girls serious? Robyn definitely was in on the plot to attack Monique’s marriage! The GEB’s will never be able to cry and ask for sympathy after all the horrible things they have done to people since season 1!

  11. Gonna have to literally bring receipts to the reunion for me to believe they’re married. Folks have done elaborate weddings on reality TV and they were never married legally! If they did finally draggg themselves to be married…now leave. Robyn and Juan are in a toxic relationship and are in such a bad friend zone. He seems to really despise being in her company. Those poor boys . Robyn is a dumb blonde mean girl with bricks for brains annnnd a lazy mother. Ughhh…just goooo..and take Ankles/Neck with you she is just as miserable and toxic to the show.

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