Karen Huger Puts Robyn Dixon & Juan Dixon on Blast + Juan Goes Off

Photo Credit: Bravo

Robyn Dixon and Karen Huger can’t stand each other.

Real Housewives of Potomac” is having another eventful season. The majority of the drama has been centered around Chris Bassett. As we reported, Chris has been accused of flirting with Ashley Darby’s friend. Then, of course, Gizelle Bryant also accused him of making her feel uncomfortable at last season’s reunion. However, Mia Thornton and Wendy Osefo’s altercation has been another hot topic. Fans have a lot to say after Mia hit Wendy with her purse and threw her drink at her during their argument. Well, it looks as if the season is actually going to get even messier.

As we reported, Karen Huger isn’t happy that Robyn Dixon has been bringing Charrisse Jackson-Jordan around to film. Karen and Charrisse fell out years ago. And Karen didn’t like that Charrisse accused her of having an affair behind Ray Huger’s back. They weren’t able to move past this even though Charrisse left the show.

Well, Karen gets her revenge on Robyn in a future episode. In fact, she ends up making messy accusations about Juan Dixon. She accuses him of having a girlfriend and this just sets Juan all the way off. 

Plus, Charrisse makes new accusations about Karen.

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    1. Yes she does. I liked Robin, and Gisele in the beginning when the show 1st started out. I actually felt sorry for her and her green-eyed bandit sis Gisele, as they were pretty women, and thought some were jealous because of it, however “BABY” as the show has gone on from inception to present, I wish that Robin and Gisele were no longer on the show. The 2 of them act like “JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL” GIRLS
      not grown upstanding women I am so thru with Mia as well. Karen, and Candace are really the only ones I like. Karen and Charrise had nice houses from the jump, but it appeared that Robin was as poor as a CHURCH mouse, with Gisele not far behind. Andy let Mia, and Charrise go

  1. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone brought this up to Robyn on the show. I wonder if it’s true though. Juan and Robyn act more like friends than lovers.

    1. Right that just seems like something that they need to let go of. .. the divorce happened for a reason … stop trying to force it . When I see them together on the show he looks very uninterested in her or he doesn’t want to be filmed I can’t quite put a finger on it but it looks forced .

  2. Robyn & Juan, as well as Charisse looking for an Storyline so SAD……. I hope that Nikki, comes back for the Reunion😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  3. Robin you need to leave Karen alone you started this whole mess and can’t come you can’t take it you have to call your husband and tell him about it but did you tell him what you did to Karen payback is a b**** what goes around comes around

    1. The only reason Juan is with Robyn is because she’s making money now. He wants to reap the benefits from when she lost all their money once upon a time.He doesn’t show any love towards her on the show. H-ll he don’t even try to fake interest

    2. Robyn is going through some issues with Juan and taking it out on some of her cast mates. Juan has been in the public eye lately concerning his job. I feel Juan is going to marry Robyn for several reasons; one money and two to try and take the spotlight off of him concerning the scandal at his job, and three to try to prove something to the other women. And with doing all of this he’s still unhappy. He never seen out in the public with Robyn and when they do filmed together he’s mad/upset about something and trying to get off camera as quickly as possible. Don’t bring your kids into a unhappy unhealthy marriage. It’s probably toxic enough just being boyfriend and girlfriend cause that’s all y’all are to one another.

  4. Robyn saw 1st hand what happened to Giselle when Karen and Monique got tired of her. She got roasted and the ” Holy Whore Preacher “. Robyn didn’t learn anything from that or she thought that she was untouchable, whichever she was wrong. Robyn, Charisse, there will be blow back. They are not ready for.

  5. Can somebody tell me the difference between Juan and Robyn living together ALL thm years after divorce and Ashley and Michael living together during their divorce wats the difference thy both got 2 boys y’all want to knw Robin problem she has money she got her own income and she the one didn’t want to remarry,thy all too old for this rachet mess to make a chk get a real job b/c as black educated women thy are very embarrassing

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