GUHH Recap: Jojo is Assaulted by Tanice’s Father + Treach Worries Sam is Leeching off Egypt

GUHH Season 7 Episode 7
Photo Credit: WE tv

On tonight’s “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Jojo has to confront his father-in-law Buck. Jojo wants to set some things straight and squash the tension between him and Tanice’s dad. Unfortunately for Jojo, the talk doesn’t go well.

Next, Sakoya talks to Lazyie Bone and becomes inspired to squash her beef with her mom Tiny. Layzie Bone suffered a tragedy and tells Sakoya to love and cherish her loved ones while they’re here.

Lastly, Egypt and Sam are talking over their guest list for their upcoming wedding. Despite Egypt’s desire to squash the beef, Sam has a major bone to pick with Shawn. Meanwhile, Treach is still frustrated with Sam, accusing him of not having a job.

Here’s the recap for, “Ice Buck Challenge.”

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  1. Where should I start? Jojo’s a good man. Actually…a great man for walking away from Buck’s ‘girl-ish’ demeanor. Why not ask Tanice why he couldn’t walk her down the aisle? That wasn’t Jojo’s call.
    Treach is angry now 😆? My side hurts from laughter. Where was this energy before they got married? Who really got that house and furnished it? Hmm…Sam ain’t gotta job soooo…that leaves either his wife or her Mother. Treach ain’t buying a house for a grown man to lay up in. But ladies and gentlemen has the table really turned?
    I’m happy for Tiny and Sakoya.
    My condolences to Layzie, his family and friends for their loss 🙏🏾.

  2. Treach is late, everyone knows he is leeching off of Egypt which is why she should not have received his approval. I have a daughter and if she bought Sam home with kids and no job he would be gone.

  3. OMG! Did Treach just get some glasses and a brain or what. Samantha been leaching off the family and name since DAY ONE! No job, fans only trash can has 2 kids and where that child support come from, Salt, Treach, the show where we are forced to watch this NO TALENT & her BS! I am hoping she gets prison time and we never have to see this trash can again! Do yall know about Pahrump, NV? That’s where all the wh-re houses aka chicken ranches are, great town to live, cough cough. I know you cant tell your grown azz kids what to do but when you paying their bills, you def have a say. I think Pepa turned her head and focused on herself where she eventually had problems, and Treach was handling is own new family so they just turned blind eyes. Shawn can say anything he wants!! HE HAS A JOB & takes care of his family! Tee Tee & Shawn have always been absolutely right. We all been just waiting for the day this freeloading nobody GOES THE FUK AWAY! Marriage, mistake, child, both, by someone that has NOTHING TO OFFER, HUGE MISTAKE! JMO LOCK HER AZZ UP CLARK COUNTY & THROW AWAY THE KEY!! I hope some prisoner makes her their bytch. Samantha will lovvvve that!

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