Jojo Simmons is Assaulted by Father in Law at Recording Studio

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Jojo Simmons has been clashing with his father-in-law.

Growing Up Hip Hop” star Jojo Simmons had some tension with his wife Tanice Simmons during the recent episode. Jojo and Tanice enjoy living in New York. What they love about it the most is how much support they have from family members who live there as well. So having the help of a village comes in handy as they raise their small children. Although they love living in New York, Jojo has a major business opportunity in Los Angeles. He’s one of the partners of a growing cannibis business. And with it being legal in Los Angeles, Jojo’s partner told him it would make more sense for him to be full-time in LA. Plus, Tanice told him that she does like being in LA. So Jojo decided to look at a house and surprise Tanice with news about him putting in an offer.

Tanice learned about Jojo’s real estate moves from Aaliyah Wright. Jojo had previously updated Eric “Lil Eazy-E” Wright Jr. about his plans. And Tanice was frustrated that Jojo made the move without her being a part of his decision. It’s something she felt they should have decided together. She certainly wanted to be there while Jojo looked at the house, too.

Interestingly enough, Jojo is also having some tension with Tanice’s father. In earlier episodes, Tanice’s father expressed his dislike of Jojo. And Tanice thinks he’s letting it get in the way of him spending more time with his grandchildren.

Things worsen between Tanice Simmons’ father and Jojo Simmons.

On a future episode, Tanice’s father assaults Jojo in a recording studio. He has some words for Jojo before throwing ice at him. Apparently, things popped off because he didn’t want to talk to Jojo. In a trailer, Tanice’s father tells Jojo, “I don’t want to have a conversation.” And Jojo isn’t leaving, “I’ll get up when I’m ready to go…”

After Jojo’s father-in-law sends ice flying in his direction, Jojo throws a jab while venting to producers, “Yeah, he threw ice at me like a little girl.”

Tanice later tells her dad she thinks he should apologize.

“You don’t think you need to pick up and call Jojo and talk to him or apologize for what just happened?”

However, her father has no desire to apologize, “I’m not apologizing. I thought about that.”

Other highlights in the trailer include Tahira “Tee Tee” Francis telling Pepa that she did receive the invitation to Egypt Criss’ wedding. But she has no plans to go, “Why should I?” Tee Tee asks.

Briana and Cree Campbell will clash again. Romeo Miller returns and this is a huge surprise for Angela. And Sam Wright is concerned about his current legal woes.



    1. Kenisha’s father is a real piece of f-cking work talk about respect you can’t even have a decent conversation like a man he got to be screaming like he’s demanding respect when he doesn’t even know how to give respect grow up my man

      1. Tanice father is jealous and if he had a bad problem about not walking his daughter down the aisle he needs to tell her. He made sure all of his buddies were around, when he threw the ice. If he wants a family meeting, Jojo’s father should be there too! Ps: He too old and a poor example controlling his anger.

  1. I feel tanice’s father is a immature man, when you’re a guest and enter a occupancy you’re supposed to speak to everyone, you in your feelings about what, grow up dad.

  2. Tanice’s father is very immature. What kind of Dad is he he walks to the birthday party that they were given, and he had the nerve to not speak.

  3. Taniece father is immature even though he doesn’t like his daughter husband he should at least respect him and Jojo should respect him too, being cordial is what grown folks do throwing ice on someone isn’t cool,

  4. jo jo asked for that ice being thrown on him, I believe BUCK Should have chocked jo jo up and beat Jojo Down ,I think he was nice about it ,HE told jo jo to get out and Jojo wants to keep sitting there running his MOUTH AND OVER TALKING THAT MAN HE GOT OFF EASY

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