Jennifer Williams Claps Back at Backlash over Accusation Made About Malaysia Pargo

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Jennifer Williams blasted Malaysia Pargo at the latest ponderosa.

Basketball Wives” fans have a lot to say on social media about the most recent episode. Jennifer Williams and Malaysia Pargo are back on bad terms. Things took a turn after Malaysia brought Zell Swag back around the group. In the past, Zell came for Jennifer in defense of Malaysia. So when he was once again shady to Jennifer at an event Malaysia invited him to, Jennifer was over it. She came to the belief that Malaysia likes to bring Zell around to do her dirty work. And she doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that Zell continues to insult her and accuse her of having bad breath. This resulted in Jennifer calling Malaysia out. Brittish Williams also had the same perspective about Malaysia. So the group began to cool off on Malaysia.

Jackie Christie noticed that the other women were icing out Malaysia with the exception of her and DJ Duffey. On a FaceTime call with Brittish, Jennifer spoke her mind about Malaysia. Malaysia overheard and hung up the phone. And this really did not sit well with Jennifer. So she decided that it was time for her to get even with Malaysia. She did so by telling Brittish that Malaysia’s Atlanta home was allegedly foreclosed. Jennifer had no problem telling Malaysia this herself during Jackie’s latest ponderosa.

Well, fans have been vocal about Jennifer’s actions. Some have pointed out that it’s likely Jennifer is completely fed up with Malaysia. And considering that Malaysia threw a table at Jennifer years ago, it’s probably not surprising that Jennifer doesn’t mind being petty to Malaysia. So they don’t fault Jennifer for getting her revenge.

Jennifer Williams doesn’t have any regrets.

Meanwhile, other “Basketball Wives” fans feel like Jennifer took things too far. Especially, considering that Malaysia has been dealing with a strained co-parenting relationship with her ex-husband Jannero Pargo. And she’s alleged that he doesn’t help her out financially. She’s been thinking about suing for child support.

Regardless, Jennifer had something to say to those who feel like she was wrong to say what she did. She did so by replying to a Twitter user’s thoughts about what happened in the episode. The person wrote, “I would say @iamjennifer crossed the line, but Malaysia did throw a table at her #Basketballwives.”

In response, Jennifer tweeted, “How did I cross the line? Y’all got selective amnesia… this girl threw a table at me, came to my dead mother’s event & did some **** ****, then started some BS at the meat market then hung up on me but I crossed the line…okkkk 🤷🏽‍♀️”

She also clapped back after another Twitter user questioned when Jennifer became so bold. The critic tweeted, “I’m just trying to figure out when did SCARY MARY ******* @iamjennifer get all this ❤️. Chile please!!!”

Jennifer responded, “I’m 47 years old… I’m not scared of no one but God. I’ve been thru some life changing events. I’m tired of people playing with me. Go run tell that and GTFOH.”


    1. But she wanted Evelyn and Shaunie to get over her talking about her bff daughter and stirring up rumors of Evelyn and Shaq sleeping together. Ok I see who has selective amnesia.

        1. Exactly what I said .
          Shaunie and Evelyn dogged her and she acted like a frightened puppy but now she wants to bring the fire ; GIRL PLEASE !!
          I think that maybe having a new man has given her the balls to try acting like a bad ass .
          Either way , I can understand her being angry or disliki g Malaysia ; however to shout out the wo.ans personal affairs to the nation was all kinds of wrong .
          This is something that Shaunie should really address , because there are lines that just shouldn’t be crossed publicly .

      1. I believe she was telling the truth about Evelyn & Shaq. She know she could’ve been sued. They were the best of best and shared all secrets. She wasn’t lying about Evelyn’s daughter being promiscuous either, maybe wrong for saying that. She was tired. She has taken a lot of abuse from the ladies publicly from being smacked, chair thrown at her and more physical & verbal abuse. Now she fight back with yet more facts and she wrong. Please I love that she is standing up for herself finally. And yes they disrespected her event for her deceased mom and that was beyond disrespectful. Ya’ll stop playing Malaysia wanna know who told her ex she did by talking about that man on a show that is popular knowing it will get back to him. Her home got foreclosed ok she going through. Bounce back and don’t get in your feelings when you have talked sh-t about so many others. If you take it don’t dish it.

      1. Please tell me when she messed with Malaysia??? She has kept her distance and said very little. It was rude of Malaysia to hang up then cry victim. Ya’ll must be just as phony as Malaysia talk sh-t then when someone embarrass you with facts now you the victim.

  1. So what is Jennifer’s storyline other than Malaysia? Cause when I say I have ZERO interest in her love life and I couldn’t tell you what she does besides being on BBWs…I hope this is her last season because she brings nothing to the show other than being messy to the point of telling bold face lies and then acting like because she doesn’t get physical it make her classy. You can still be gutter even if you never lay a finger on someone.

      1. Girl missed me with that she throw a table at u 2yrs ago and it takes u this long to clap back and far as Zell goes that’s between u and him she hve the right to hang out with whom ever she want grow up and stop been a snitch she never talk ur personally business so stop talking about what u think is hers

    1. Please remove Jennifer from the show, she is totally irrelevant, what does she do, where does she live, we always see her dressed up, do anybody know where she going because it is definitely not a job!!

    2. Facts Wanna be relevant a— I’m beyond sick of Jennifer of Evelyn was on the show she would be pissing her pants

    3. Jennifer is Whack, she add no substance to the show, the old Malaysia would’ve tossed her like a salad, she going through things in life she has been betrayed by many on the show, needless to say she was wrong for blasting her personal business on air and Bravo needs to check her for that. I’ll be glad when the fire her and Brandy, Jackie is to old got this foolishness

  2. Jennifer is no longer throwing rocks and hiding her hands! Malaysia is always throwing rocks and shocked at the return. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you or want to be around you means that they have beef, just don’t want to deal with you.

  3. Mayleisa threw that table because Jennifer had been playing her. She was spreading rumors to Mayleisa hoping Mayleisa would repeat them. Once Mayleisa found out she said it to the group. Jennifer denied it. That’s when Mayleisa threw the table. Does everyone remember when Jennifer was talking about Evelyn to Tammy. Then when Tammy told Shawnee and Evelyn what Jennifer said Jennifer denied it. Shawnee stopped dealing with Jennifer completely. Jennifer is a snake 🐍 😳 😤 💀.

    1. I ain’t saying Jennifer’s a gold digger but she aint looking for no broke man,either! I remember her being on Sweetie Pie’s trying to get the big son of the owner to buy her a very expensive ring, she lucky he didn’t , cuz she may have had bullseye put on her back with an attached insurance policy, and him being the beneficiary.

    2. Right Jennifer was totally out of line for her statement and she would not want Anyone to Air out her business whether it’s the truth or a lie like that! I Feel that She Owes Malaysia an apology as a Woman this goes beyond anything! As a woman if this is what she “heard” she should have pulled her to the side an had that conversation. A REAL WOMAN DON’T INSULT YOU TO CLAP BACK THEY LEVEL UP AND LET THEIR SUCESS INSULT YOU!

  4. Jennifer needs to get off the show do she get paid just to bring drama, she needs to worry about her life, What she did to Maylesia was so wrong who are these women neither one knows what friendship is it’s all about money no matter who gets hurt , I’m thinking about not watching anymore ,they make black women look bad,it’s dad we do this to each other.

    1. This show has become so irrelevant and irritating.Thedr grown azz women behaving so degradingly!
      I really don’t watch this show as I used to.
      It’s sad how they treat each other and the storylines are non existent.

  5. Jennifer is big and bad now that she knows Malaysia is done with fighting on TV.
    Girl Bye
    I hope Malaysia changes her mind and tap that snooty azz

  6. Jennifer trying to SHAKE the table….Malaysia through the MF TABLE….Jennifer you better just sat their on MUTE u REALLY don’t want the SMOKE!!!!!

  7. @jenifer you must of really your pipes un clogged because that d#$k he’s giving you got you on some ego trip. Better think twice because someone is gonna surprise you with a rude awakening.

  8. Now if Malaysia jumped across the table at Jennifer stuck up a**. Then she would’ve been the bad guy. Jackie shouldn’t of never kept pressuring the issue if them being cool. Regardless of if Malaysia situation was true what business is it of Jennifer’s? IVE NEVER LIKED JENNIFER, & her voice irates me. Always sound like she wheezing or just pumped her asthma inhaler. Mad because someone hung up on u because Jennifer inner demons were bothering someone’s soul. I would’ve hung up in the 🐩 too

  9. No one is forgetting or excusing the table being thrown at her. However, two wrongs doesn’t make a right. You are a grown azz woman with selective memory too. You should be more mature and have sympathy towards Malaysia after what you have gone through with Tim Norman. The fans had your back and sympathized with you. Did you for one second thought about her 3 children and how you spilling this on TV would affect them? I guess it didn’t matter too you because you aren’t a mom yet and you wouldn’t understand the ramifications of what this could do too them. You were waiting on the camera to start rolling so you could spill the tea too give you a storyline. Well it made you look evil and very unlikable. Don’t forget Karma is a bytch and what you do to others comes back to you. You can’t justify this as you getting even because it was simply wrong of you. Black women please do better, a check is not worth it. My compassion is more for her children. They will see this one day. They will be hurt and embarrassed.

    1. Exactly! What Jennifer did was uncalled for.She has no compassion or empathy for Malaysia’s children.
      Regardless of what happened between them in the past,it is reason to hurt her family in the present.
      Jennifer needs to be fired from the show, actually the entire show needs to be cancelled!
      I rarely watch it anymore anyway, because all the real woman are no longer on the show.
      I miss the original group,this show is too sad to waste my time watching.

  10. Y’all are crazy! They were NEVER real friends so Jennifer doesn’t owe Malaysia anything! They are COWORKERS…that’s it! And did y’all forget how messy that lady (Malaysia) was last season between bringing Zaddy Zell and Angels ex around. Malaysia is no saint! You can’t throw rocks and then say “ohh this is off limits or that is taking it too far”!! You go low, Heaux I’m taking you to HELL!! They all bullied Jen for years I’m just happy sis is finally trying to “get her lick back” #UsJerseyGirlsHaveToStickTogether

  11. Jennifer talked about Evelyn’s daughter and lied and should have gotten slapped againnnnn! Now she airing out another mothers business, I’m just saying u on the show talking about having kids with this man and u do know u opening a door for them to return the favor when the time comes and ur gonna get a taste of ur own medicine. Malaysia brought Zell because that’s her friend and the episode before she was just crying and venting to him about people always saying some stuff about her. She also told Jennifer he wasn’t there for her, but Brandy had to stick her noise in and amp it up and bigger then what it was. As for the other woman, Malaysia didn’t know either and she explains but I guess the ladies didn’t watch that. All the ladies got each other but Malaysia can’t have no one to kick it with. It’s not like they welcome her with open arms. Jennifer is really a non-factor and I know if someone said something about someone specific that passed she would have a fit right and play victim and be so hurt but u don’t feel responsible for hurting kids feelings that are involved. Them kids got to go to school and deal with that stuff. She definitely should have gotten slapped.

  12. All you mofos talking sh-t about Jen, she said what she said….Bammmm! Malaysia did what she did ….Bammmm! Ain’t no mofo scared of Malaysia….and what the rest of these heffas do besides BBWives? Jackie crazeee a-s pressed the issue….she’s the mofo they need to tell how they really feel about her. Throw they own PONDEROSA and make that psycho the guest of honor. None of em are true friends…..NONE!!!

    1. A to the Mfo men!!! You said that Gurrl!!! I’m glad Jen stickin up for herself!!! Hallelujah 🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  13. All of Them Slow!! Shaunie took Ev and left the show because she didn’t want America to see them as the show portrays them.. (I have no problem with that) but why would the rest of you allow it for a check!! Then will say you will never sell your body!! Hit A blunt and think about it!! Maylasia and Brandi had to turn it up or risk not having a job, (remember no substance) poor Jen Shaunie took her True Bestie and hung her (Jen out to dry) Jackie Crazy and I feel sorry for her (she know not what she do) 😢!! I would rather have the Puerto Rican Princess as my friend before Evelyn I don’t care how Shaunie tried to cover up the devil!! You Can’t!! It will soon rear its ugly head.. Maylasia keep your head up this too will pass!! Brandi get back to your true friend and stop selling your mind for a check,, Jackie give it up and go be a good grandma.. stop having the world laughing at you not with you..and Brooke irritates the mess out of me I have no words Fake Fake Fake!!! British🙅🏽‍♀️🤦‍♀️ummmm.. Duffy 😘😘 🏃‍♀️

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