Andy Cohen Checks Gizelle Bryant

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Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon have been receiving backlash due to recent revelations.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant is no stranger to controversial moments and feuding with her co-stars. As it stands, she’s currently not on good terms with Candiace Dillard Bassett. Gizelle accused Chris Bassett of making her feel uncomfortable during last season’s reunion. She said that Chris wanted to speak to her privately. But she didn’t like speaking to him alone in her dressing room because he is a married man. Things only worsened after Ashley Darby brought more accusations to the table. She alleged that Chris tried to hit on her friend at Karen Huger’s event. However, producers weren’t able to back that up with the footage. At some point, Gizelle then accused Chris of groping the woman. She later clarified that she misheard this.

Candiace is done with Ashley and Gizelle given their actions regarding Chris. She also has accused both women of lying for storylines. And at this point, Candiace strongly believes that Gizelle has a track record when it comes to attacking marriages.

Interestingly enough, Robyn Dixon recently revealed that she chose to not address Juan Dixon’s inappropriate communication with another woman on RHOP. So Gizelle is suspected of deflecting to make sure Robyn never had to.

Andy Cohen was over it?

Well, Andy Cohen was not having it when Gizelle struggled to open up about her recent health scare. In a preview for part 2 of the reunion, Andy asked her to talk about the scare she had when she was in the hospital for a hysterectomy.

She says, “It was supposed to be like a three-and-a-half hour surgery, ended up being eight and a half hours.”

Andy asks, “How was it telling your kids and not only telling your kids but telling them on camera?” Gizelle answers, “I didn’t know how they were going to react. And I knew that they were going to be scared.” She then pauses and becomes emotional. It’s time to move on from the topic, “We’ll talk about it later,” Gizelle tells Andy.

However, Andy was not ready to switch topics. He fires back, “No, we’ll talk about it now.”

Gizelle goes on to talk about her experience.

“So my sister was with me. She was getting updates every hour and then they stopped updating her. So for like hours, I was in surgery. And there was no updates. So my kids were terrified. They still don’t even want to talk about it. But they were like, ‘We didn’t think you were gonna come home.'”

She adds, “And I told them that I’m not spending the night at the hospital. Because the surgery was so long…”

Andy finishes, “…you had to spend the night.”

Gizelle knows her daughters were horrified, “I had to spend the night. My bladder was compromised. I had a catheter. All that. It was bad. So I didn’t come home. My kids were done.”

As for Andy, he’s grateful, “I’m glad you’re okay.”


  1. So no matter how much gizelle thinks she’s in control, Andy had to remind her of her place. When he says dance, let’s see if she starts two stepping.

  2. Robyn and Gizelle can’t be bothered to do their actual jobs but they make plenty of time to be in everyone else’s business.

  3. Not one of the other ladies would have a story line if it weren’t for Gizelle and Robin. They each feed off of Gizelle and Robin’s dramas for their story lines. The only one remotely interesting is Ashely, and her trauma with Michael. Just say thank you ladies.

  4. Someone needs to put a stop to Giselle and Robin foolery. They are trouble starters and always in other’s business but when someone gets in theirs it’s a different story

  5. Omg I love Andy he sees straight threw the bs and get straight to the bottom of the situation.. my personal opinion they need to get rid of gizelle and Robyn they are just to much drama always in the others business instigating but fail to speak on them (cheating husband) until they in the hot seat.. all the other ladies have great things going on but how can we really experience it with gizelle and Robyn’s crap

    1. Gizelle is Not A Housewife, she’s not even married and I don’t know nobody that wants her, I wish they would get rid of her and Robin.

      1. I agree both of them are skunks in my opinion Robin should be fired for not being true about her situation with Juan and the other woman and the Hotel recipient lie

      2. I agree both of them are skunks in my opinion Robin should be fired for not being true about her situation with Juan and the other woman and the Hotel recipient lie She was not authentic

      3. I agree the House Wives franchises is what the name implies Giselle was not married when RHOP begin. Why is still on the show?

  6. Ummm mam….maybe I’m crazy (I’m not) but having had a hysterectomy and 3 sisters and a mother who’ve had the same…NONE of us were released that day after surgery. Why would your kids have thought you were coming home thart day? Any surgery as major as a full hysterectomy the hospital usually does not release a patient that day. I would hope this neck/ankle wouldn’t be putting sauce on this as she’s known and admitted to doing to mist events. She’s just really a sad individual. Just sad

    1. I caught that also. No one comes home the same day from major surgery. That lie was so not needed. Her daughters were not scared when she told them on camera. They have been afterwards at home, but not then. Andy checking Giselle was funny, and when he said Robyn was throwing gas on the fire with Wendy and Mia.

    2. Actually, my dear friend had a hysterectomy May 2022 and came home same day. The surgery was on a Thursday. We took turns staying with her but by Sat evening she didn’t want/need anyone overnight so we stayed 12hrs on Sat and Sun. She unwisely accompanied her Mom to a doc appt on Tues. So the recovery process is not the same for all.

  7. Gisele is a hot mess. I liked her in the beginning; however, she became shady. in a distasteful way in my OPINION.. She does not seem to attract a suitable man, and its per personality “I’ AM ALL OF THAT AND A BAG OR DORITOS. SHE IS A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN PHYSICALLY, BUT SHE IS ROTTON TO THE CORE. JAMAL BRYANT PROBABLY HAD PLRNTY OF REASONS TO CHEAT ON HER IN THE CONGREGATION, HOWEVER THAT IS NOT TIGHT EITHER. GOD IS THE JUDGE AND JURY ON THAT

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