Gizelle Bryant Says Wendy Osefo is Jealous of Mia Thornton

Photo Credit: Bravo

Karen Huger is not feeling Charrisse Jackson-Jordan.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Karen Huger is having another eventful season. As we reported, Robyn Dixon has been bringing Charrisse Jackson-Jordan back around the group. And she and Gizelle Bryant said they are perplexed by Karen’s anger with Charrisse. Interestingly enough, Charrisse and Karen weren’t on good terms during Charrisse’s last season as a main cast member. Charrisse accused Karen of having an affair with a man who has blue eyes. So she nicknamed the alleged man “Blue Eyes.” Robyn will bring up this person again after Karen calls out Robyn’s wedding plans. The drama will kick off on the upcoming episode.

On the next episode, Karen calls the wedding fake. She also alleges that Juan Dixon has a girlfriend who looks a like her. Juan goes off after Robyn tells him about the accusations made about Karen. So it’s safe to assume he’s not happy about being dragged into Robyn and Karen’s feud.

Interestingly enough, Gizelle shares her perspective on Karen and Charrisse’s blowup while talking to Mia Thornton in a preview. And Gizelle suspects that Karen is jealous of Charrisse. She also believes Wendy Osefo is jealous of Mia. While she didn’t explain in full why she thinks that jealousy is the root of both conflicts, Mia isn’t sure she can agree that jealousy is to blame for either situation.

Gizelle Bryant thinks Karen Huger and Wendy Osefo are jealous.

In the preview, Gizelle says, “I don’t like how Karen made up all these lies about Charrisse. None of that **** she was saying out her mouth was true.”

Mia asks, “You think it’s jealousy of some sort?”

And Gizelle answers, “Yes, I feel that.”

Mia isn’t sure she can support Gizelle’s theory about Karen being jealous, “At 59, and 59 and fine?” Regardless, Gizelle stands firm, “Listen, people can be jealous at 72.”

After Mia once again questions if Gizelle is right about Charrisse and Karen, Wendy is brought up.

“Well, I don’t know because I mean let’s be clear, Wendy is jealous of you,” Gizelle says.

Gizelle continues, “I thought that because time has passed, you guys were gonna have a conversation last night. That didn’t happen.”

Mia is frustrated when it comes to her status with Wendy, “It’s a debate at all times.”

Another person Mia is frustrated with is her former best friend, Jacqueline Blake. They have been clashing during recent episodes. And Jacqueline said Mia crossed the line when she accused her of sleeping with married men.


  1. Gizzell is the jealous one. She was jealous of Monique. She’s jealous of Candace, Wendy and Karen. All these women have what Gizzlle wants. A loving relationship.

  2. I don’t think anyone is jealous of Mia. She’s a hot mess. But I’m not surprised Gizelle thinks a beautiful and successful dark skinned woman is jealous of a former stripper with a toxic past.

  3. Why would Karen be jealous of a person who was fired after 2 seasons and is groveling to get back on the show Karen is one of the stars of? Why would Wendy be jealous of someone who has nowhere near the accomplishments and education, and showers with her best friend?

  4. Giselle is just being messy as always. Wendy is smart intelligent and a nice looking woman with a great family history. Giselle just like to keep stuff up. Anybody jealous is her for over the other women youth. Mia was dead wrong when she started that argument with Wendy. I’m sure she did that for a storyline. These old a-s women are making a fool out of their selves.

  5. Andy Cohen is at fault. Evidentially, Andy thinks the green eyed bandits are beautiful examples of women. Well, Giselle and Robin are very attractive women on the outside. Robin was cool until this season. Maybe, they told her that if she doesn’t bring something this year it was over for her. So, she’s on the attack. Tasteless attacks at that. Giselle hasn’t had a story line since the beginning of the show. The best thing she can offer is an interaction between her and her daughters. Even that’s hard to watch because her daughters have shown that they don’t trust their mom’s judgement. They didn’t even want her to be back with her ex-cheating Pastor husband (She didn’t care how her daughters felt). So, if I had a say so in the process of RHOP cast, Giselle would be gone. I may keep Robin because she is truly trying to be somewhat fair. However, she needs to stop attacking Karen because of the relationship with Charisse & Karen. They are grown women who can either work it out or not. And, Charisse is just a friend of the show. There’s nothing that I can see about her life that would warrant her becoming a regular cast member. Please get rid of Mia! Mia is okay with being a stripper and sleeping with other women husbands. That’s her choice but is that what RHOP should be representing. Karen, Wendy, Ashley, Candiace, Robin and someone new should be the new cast.

    Let trouble making ex-first lady (Giselle) with no morals find herself again. That’s just my thoughts!

  6. Andy Cohen, please let me know when you’re ready to cast Housewives & Ex-Wives of Chicago. I would love to audition. If you let those other women be on the show, I truly qualify.

    In box me! What’s the starting salary?

  7. Karen is all of that plus of bag chips lol 😆 All jokes to the side Karen is my favorite ❤️ N Wendy is my favorite ❤️ ladies on the show .They are smart n beautiful ladies .Gizelle N Robin are mean girls they need to kick rocks n get off the show period 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  8. Gizelle and Robyn have envious spirits. That’s why their green eyes are so fitting since the color green is associated with envy. It’s laughable how much projecting they are doing this season.

  9. Said the “one trick” green eyed pony tail. One formula every season – go after the youngest, the pretty one, the happy one, the married woman, the successful one, the husband of any one of the above. This wrinkled neck hot box heffa (a southern term) need to go sit her fat belly , (did you see her stomach hanging from under that white tank when she jumped up to try to stop Charcuterie from banging the table)walk like she literally has a stick up her butt self DOWN! In the words of the elders CHILE, GO SOT DOWN SUMWHARE!!

  10. It’s laughable that Giselle actually believes that a disagreement is about jealousy. To say and think that the base of disagreements is jealousy shows just how shallow Giselle is. Why would Karen be jealous of Charisse? Nappy wig, horrible dressing, hanging on rumors from 3-4 years ago. Wendy jealous Mia why?

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