Ralph Pittman Files for Divorce + Doesn’t Want to Pay Drew Sidora Spousal Support

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Ralph Pittman receives backlash for his treatment of Drew Sidora.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Drew Sidora has been open about her marriage since her first season on the show. In fact, she told the ladies about Ralph Pittman abruptly going out of town after they had a heated exchange. The issue was Ralph wouldn’t tell her where he went for months. He then eventually revealed that he traveled to Tampa to clear his head. RHOA fans have questioned if Ralph is telling the truth. Some suspected Ralph may not have been faithful. Regardless, Drew and Ralph said they were working on their marriage. And things were improving. However, the cracks were still visible during the last season.

In one episode, Ralph planned a surprise romantic dinner for Drew. She wanted to get some things off her chest. But Ralph wasn’t feeling this. He felt like Drew bringing up their past issues ruined their night. So he told her he regretted planning the dinner. And he felt she only deserved Lunchables from him. Needless to say, his comments resulted in backlash from RHOA fans.

Drew also didn’t like it when Ralph’s assistant offered him a back rub. She told Ralph to fire the woman.

At the reunion, Ralph apologized to Drew for hurting her over the years. And he said he would do better and be mindful of the way he talks to her moving forward.

It’s over for Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman’s marriage.

Well, Ralph has now filed for divorce. According to TMZ, court documents state that the couple has been separated since February 19 of this year. Ralph wants joint physical and legal custody of their biological children. He is not requesting custody of Drew’s oldest child, Josiah. His birth father is in the child’s life.

Another interesting part to note is Ralph is fighting against paying spousal support. He claims Drew can support herself with the money she makes from RHOA.


  1. Drew is much better off without that chump, anyway. All Ralph ever did was gaslight her.

    1. It was just a matter of time. He’s been awful to her, extremely disrespectful and a major gaslighter. No woman deserves that kind of treatment. But she was in denial & didn’t want to let him go. Now he went ahead & filed… I hope she finally realizes that she’s way better off without him and his nasty attitude!

      1. You are absolutely right. I always thought there was something up with Ralph especially last season when he just suddenly decided not to adopt her son using the excuse about his biological dad being around yeah just around not in his life tho plus he didn’t seem that into her anymore he was always finding a reason to be mad with her can we say the King of Gaslighting for sure.

  2. It’s unfortunate that we can maintain healthy relationships as our creator intended. Having been married, I have learned that no one can tell you what to do or not to do in your marriage. The only thing we can offer is words of encouragement. The final decision is theirs.

    If the final decision is divorce and financially, he is in a better position than she is I would definitely file for spousal, child and abuse support.

    I wish them and their children the best. Maybe, that’s really why he didn’t want to adopt her oldest child. Only he and the creator know!

    Best Wishes to The Pittman’s!

    1. Iget,
      What a beautiful and heartfelt post!
      I agree that when you speak of marriage it is an individual decision made collectively with God. Only He knows the plans he desires for you.

      I hate to hear of marriages dissolving because when it’s maintained by both parties it can be a very beautiful thing. Reality TV can be very cruel to marriages as there is no room to handle things privately. This is the risk you take when you decide to make your life public.

      I pray that God will bless this family and I pray that he will not only heal Drew and Ralph’s heart but that their children don’t suffer. It is evident there is pain there.

  3. Drew mom is waiting for this! Drews mom is go down the list what Drew needs to do. Your going to pay Alimony, child support, cost of living in the house, her baby sitter take his kids [Drews Mom].

    1. I agree with you 100% on that. Drew’s mom is experienced and she’s not going to take any mess from anyone. You’re not going to mistreat my daughter and walk away freely.

      No, not on my watch!

  4. It might hurt now but she will see that this is a blessing in disguise. He was awful to her and didn’t seem as if he was actually still in love with her at all. Maybe now she can find someone who won’t gaslight her and treat her with more respect.

  5. So I guess we will continue to see their marriage falling apart on the upcoming season, since they recently finished filming the upcoming season. Those MYSTERY TRIPS by himself was the FIRST sign of trouble in the marriage.

  6. The red flags were all over Drew’s marriage. Even Stevie Wonder could see Ralph was up to no good.
    Hopefully it won’t take as long as Kenya’s divorce. (Marc is trying his best to get some of that haircare money.) Maybe Drew can get focused and get back to her career.

  7. See ladies this is why you don’t ignore the signs and put up with bs. Ralph stayed gaslighting Drew she should’ve left him a long time ago and now he wants to end the marriage.

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