Sheree Whitfield Plans to Expose Drew Sidora & Ralph Pittman at RHOA Reunion

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Drew Sidora has a problem with Sheree Whitfield’s friend Fatum Alford.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Drew Sidora had another eventful episode. In fact, she had another faceoff with Sheree Whitfield’s friend, Fatum Alford. The first time they met, Fatum made some accusations. She accused Drew’s assistant of calling Ralph Pittman gay. Drew didn’t believe this. But Sheree pointed out that Drew wasn’t wise to trust her assistant because her assistant likes to gossip. Interestingly enough, the assistant caused drama between Sheree and Drew earlier in the current season due to accusations he made about Sheree. He accused Sheree of not paying him when he worked for her. However, Sheree said he never worked for her.

Fatum showed up at Sheree’s sleepover for all of the ladies. And she claimed a friend of hers did a background check on Drew and Ralph. She accused the couple of using multiple aliases.

Drew confronted Fatum about this. And Fatum didn’t back down at all during the heated moment. She also told Drew that she would dig up more information on her and Ralph if Drew continued to come for her.

Well, Drew addressed the drama on the After Show. She said that lines were crossed, “I feel like it’s certain lines you shouldn’t cross. And that was hurtful because I thought at that time that Sheree and I were in a better place or trying to move towards a more positive place. So it just kind of felt like it came out of nowhere.”

After Kandi Burruss reminded Drew that it was Fatum’s friend who got the background check done, Drew explained why she is still holding Sheree accountable.

“I feel like if I bring a friend to the group, I’m responsible for that friend. I’m going to first of all check that friend and say I’m tryna build a relationship if that’s what I’m tryna do. And there’s just certain things I’m not gonna hide behind my friend. So I hold Sheree accountable.”

She continued, “I didn’t know her friend but I was tryna get to know Sheree. And I feel like we’re in the friend group, so how do you allow someone to come in and tear me down or look into my history? It just seemed very petty to me, it seemed very immature, it seemed pretty corny.”

In Drew’s opinion, what Fatum did was slimy. She also said that Ralph doesn’t use aliases, “My husband does invest in real estate. He has a very extensive portfolio. Like again, he doesn’t use aliases. I think somebody said Danielle. That’s my assistant. So I was like, ‘Hmm. They tried it.'”

Sheree also had some things to say about the situation. And she told Kenya Moore she plans to expose Ralph and Drew at the reunion.

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  1. Sheree wants to dig in Drew and Ralph’s business but no one knows how Sheree was able to get her house finished and afford all that expensive furniture she was bragging about on the last episode.

  2. This is weird considering Sheree was willingly with a scammer and fraud for years. Sheree has always been such a disappointment. This season is no different.

  3. Sheree just gave Drew enough time to prepare and be ready for her at the reunion. Watch her embarrass Sheree too because Sheree has only had like one or two solid reunion performances and that was seasons 1 and 2 I believe.

  4. Why Sheree didn’t do a background check on Tyrone? NeNe tried to warn her but she didn’t listen and look at her looking like a dam fool!! She’s too old for the foolishness. This will be the last season I’m watching this mess. No real friendships.. Just a mess

  5. Of all people..Sheree should be the last person on that show trying to gather damaging information on anyone!! Isn’t she the one that was with a SCAMMER/FRAUD?!.. Please give the information on how she came about getting her home finished and who name it may be in… Kenya…Stop it!! Go produce your marriage certificate and divorce decree!!!! We need to see those documents!!! I just wonder did either Kenya or Sheree do a background check on Marc or Tyrone before getting into a marriage/relationship with either one of them?!?..Hell Drew seems to be good.. Ralph didn’t go to prison and he’s not out here trying to divorce Drew and take her money!!!! Make it make sense…. Kenya and Sheree….GO SAT DOWN SOMEWHERE!!!

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