RHOP Recap: Robyn Addresses Lawsuit Involving Juan + Candiace Accused of Colorism?

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Jacqueline and Mia are done.

Mia and Jacqueline continue to go at it. Jacqueline says that Mia told multiple lies. And Jacqueline lied when she said that Gordon put a down payment on her car because Mia asked her to. 

She strongly believes that Mia wanted her to be her “underling” on the show. At this point, both women agree that there is no future where they can reconcile. Andy and the other cast members are disappointed to learn the friendship can’t be mended. 

The rumors about Karen are discussed. 

Charrisse joins the stage. She and Andy can’t understand why Karen wasn’t touched by Charrisse showing up to her mother’s funeral. Both think it was a kind gesture. Andy takes the moment to tell Karen that he and other producers asked Charrisse to come back to the show. They didn’t bring her on to take down Karen. Charrisse says that it’s even more confusing because she was invited to one of Karen’s events after the funeral. So she had no idea they had beef.

When it comes to the rumors, Karen denies all of them. Charrisse goes on to tell them that she only said what she did because Karen was repeating gossip about her. Mia also addresses the accusations she made about Karen. After Karen denies having an affair with someone Mia knows, Mia says it’s not true if Karen says it’s not true. Karen tries to point out Mia’s nonchalant attitude about the situation. And Robyn tells Karen that people come to them about gossip regarding her all the time. 

Juan and Robyn’s prenup doesn’t include an infidelity clause. 

Robyn talks about the wedding. She says they did things their way and that’s all that matters. When it comes to the prenup, they agreed they would split things 50/50 if they were to divorce again. And there is no cheating clause to keep things simple. Robyn feels Karen was obsessed with her and Juan’s wedding. She hopes all the “haters” understand they shouldn’t be too quick to judge. 

Andy also asks Robyn about the lawsuit Juan is tied up in. A Coppin State University student alleged that they were sexually harassed by an assistant coach. And they allegedly told Juan and he failed to report it. Robyn denies that Juan had anything to do with the situation. 

The husbands come out for their segment. Juan isn’t there due to work obligations, according to Robyn. 

Andy starts the segment by asking Gordon how he felt when Mia was going through her health scare. He breaks down in tears and says he was afraid of losing her. He also denies ever sleeping with any of Mia’s friends. 

Candiace is accused of colorism?

Chris and Gizelle discuss their drama. The issue for Chris and Candiace is the wording Gizelle used. She made it seem like Chris did something to her that crossed the line. But that isn’t what happened. Gizelle doesn’t see how her wording is the issue. This upsets Candiace even more. She calls out Gizelle’s light skin privilege and says that Gizelle looks so much like a white woman that when she says things like this, it will be taken seriously by more people. 

This offends Mia and Ashley. They call this colorism. Ashley even says that Candiace is “once again” introducing colorism to the group. Candiace doesn’t back down. She says that she wouldn’t be taken as seriously as Gizelle if she made the same type of accusations because she doesn’t have that kind of privilege. Wendy steps in to tell Candiace that it’s not really a good look to phrase things the way she did when they just discussed colorism. 

Candiace tells Wendy she receives this but she won’t take back what she said. Gizelle eventually apologizes for saying Chris was acting like a “sneaky link” who wanted to see what could happen between them. Chris accepts it but Candiace is unmoved. 

Karen and Robyn clash over the hug allegations. 

Ray is asked about the Blue Eyes rumors. He says it’s all BS. And he was disappointed by the accusations made about Karen all season long. 

Robyn ends up calling Karen out about her revealing she had an issue with a past hug she received from Juan. Ray says that Karen told him about this as soon as it happened. He told her not to bring it up to prevent any drama. Robyn thinks Karen’s claims are accusing Juan of sexual assault. Karen tells her that she is not alleging she was assaulted. But it was a painful hug that bothered her. 

The final part of the reunion concludes with producers airing unaired footage from Robyn’s recent “Watch What Happens Live” appearance. She doesn’t feel like she always has to defend Juan in public. And she really doesn’t see the big deal about not addressing his inappropriate communication with another woman on the show. 

What are your thoughts on the reunion?  


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  1. Robin looks like a complete fool. She shouldn’t have answered the questions about Juan’s Canadian side chick but she opened her mouth and made a complete a-s of herself. None of that stuff makes since. Juan’s a Captain save a h-e. The lady comes to Baltimore and of all the hotels he gets for her is the one closest to where he and Robins (townhouse) lived instead of all of the hotels by the airport get out of here with that bull crap. There’s even 2 other hotels closer to Arundel Mills. I wouldn’t have been going so hard on Robin but she has a lot of mouth for everyone else but she keep that same energy with Juan. Period

    1. Robyn don’t make sense b/c she a airhead,U said on WWHL tht the girl came to see somebody else if thts the case why she didn’t cll him to pay for her room tht lie don’t make sense neither does she ,how you lying for the moves he make.

  2. Candiace needs to be fired. The words that come out of her mouth is very disrespectful. She goes so low that I hate even listening to her, nothing is off limits with this little girl. Every season she’s getting into it with a different person and Chris says nothing. I can’t do this anymore until she’s gone, this will be last season of watching.

    1. You saying Candiace needs to be fired for the way she phrases things but ignoring Gizelle’s actions completely is colorism. Gizelle said Chris groped Deborah. That’s assault. She should actually be fired because that is a workplace violation. But you think Candiace should be terminated because she didn’t use gentle words in a moment of justifiable anger. You’re part of the problem.

      1. If you remember there were clips shown at the reunion where Mia, Robin and Gizelle made that comment because it was told to them by Ashley. Gizelle wasn’t the sole person to repeat the Deborah allegation. Didn’t Candace repeat that Karen was cheating on Ray in her conversation with Ashley? They all repeat here-say. That’s why Michael is suing her now.

        Candace is reckless with her words. She called Ashley a bed w-nch when she keeps her bed warm for a white man as will. She talked about Gizelle’s uterus when she’s trying unsuccessfully to have a child. She said that Karen could burn in the pits of h-ll for not backing her in the Monique situation. There’s a difference in reading and being malicious and disrespectful.

        1. You do recall that Candiace was called out for the bed wench comment right? Not only during the regular season, but by fans, and she was held accountable during a reunion segment, correct? You do recall that the network required that Candiace also apologize for past tweets. What we’re saying Scewb is that Candiace is always held to the fire when she does the wrong thing. However, Robyn, Gizelle, Ashley, and Mia are not held to the same standards. Look at how they glossed over Mia assaulting Wendy. Look at how Ashley taunting Katie about her mental health wasn’t made a big deal. Or Robyn’s history of aggression took years to address. Or Robyn actually trying to insinuate a victim of harassment is lying on Juan. We’re not saying Candiace is innocent. We’re saying people like you are more offended by her while ignoring the light skinned women who are equal or worse. That is colorism.

          1. Even Wendy had to correct Candace on her statement. You can’t complain about colorism amongst the cast when you make reverse colorist statement. I get the Gizelle, Robyn, Mia and Ashley are hated but you can’t overlook certain thing because of your dislike for them.

          2. Wendy did no such thing. Rewatch and actually listen, Scweb. What Wendy actually said is for Candiace to be knowledgeable that people like you would wrongly assume and purposely misunderstand her message. And you’re doing that now. Reverse colorism and reverse racism do not exist. Pointing out a light skin’s woman’s approximity to whiteness shouldn’t offend you at all. Please continue to show your true colors on here. It shows Candiace was exactly right.

        2. @Scweb I noticed you made no mention of Gizelle and Robyn saying that James Harden, a black man, looked dirty. And probably had fried chicken and watermelon in his beard. So why is your outrage and pearl clutching only reserved for the dark skinned woman?

          1. I was speaking on specific moment on the show. Secondly, I wasn’t aware of that statement. Robyn and Gizelle was absolutely wrong for the comment about James. Honestly each women on this show have done and said things I don’t agree with. For some reason everything has become a colorism issue. In life we have differences and don’t like people base on them as individuals. Everything isn’t a colorism issue. What would’ve been viewed as a joke 5 years ago is now you being a racist or a colorist. Comedians now have to censor their jokes. We are becoming a little to sensitive.

          2. @Scweb Well, now you’ve been informed and in comparison, your anger for Gizelle and Robyn’s actions was the minimum. That’s what people are talking about when they say it’s a colorism issue. People like yourself don’t seem to have the same kind of rage when it’s lighter skinned people doing wrong. And it’s not that people are now too sensitive. No, it’s just that people who didn’t have a voice now have one. And they aren’t going to accept bigotry anymore. You really are everything I assumed you were from the first comment.

          3. You understand what happens when you assume? I personally don’t take these reality show serious. It’s scripted reality. The are paid to interact. In real life you don’t receive a call sheet on location and arrival times. You aren’t given topics to discuss. Nothing is organic or real about reality TV. Each person is made into a character. I haven’t seen anyone that has been a completely rounded person. They each are edited into a certain character to fit a storyline. Since I don’t see these shows as been real, I look at them as being a soap opera. They are outlandish, dramatic and scripted.

  3. I just saw part 3 of the reunion and I am disgusted at Robyn, Gizelle, and Mia.

    It appears that these 3 lie just to breathe and they are very hypocritical. They get very defensive of the exact same thing that accuse their other cast mates of.

    Robyn does not want to admit that Juan cheated on her yet again and she is simply embarrassed. She stated to Andy that she didn’t think that Juan’s “situation” negated a discussion because it had already been resolved. For argument sake, let’s say that was the reason, then why did she bring up the picture of a gentleman and the supposedly “Karen from the back”? This didn’t transpire during taping so why did she bring it up? It’s called deflecting.

    Robyn and Gizelle bring up their cast mates’ drama and they create drama about them to deter people from zoning in on their miserable lives. Gizelle is very private and wants to talk about “things later…” instead of addressing situations. Chris spoke facts……. If you were uncomfortable you didn’t have to allow me to enter your dressing room!” Now Gizelle is uncomfortable talking to Chris in her dressing room but very comfortable talking about his penis….. ???????please make it make sense!

    I have no words for Mia…… Well, yes, two words… “STOP IT!” She pulled out sheets of paper in a big bedazzled box and didn’t read one word…… mmmhhhmmm and you want to prove a point……. And you love being right…… and you want us to believe that you were showing compassion and mercy for Jacqueline?
    Mia, please get some help. You can probably get a disability check for it and some
    prescription medication for your psychosis and delusions of grandeur. Now there isn’t any thing on the market for BS except Charmin Wet Wipes to clean it up.
    Candice, I love you but MUST clear your throat and dilute that hate and hostility. Your future is too bright. You can’t retract words. Don’t let your dreams be overshadowed by your distaste for demons. They will vanquish themselves soon. Light, no matter how small will block our darkness.
    Karen, Wendy, and surprisingly Ashley, handled themselves with grace. And they spoke their truth. Ashley even admitted to her part in the “Chris situation”. We all know she did that as dig on Candice.
    Finally, I have a question for Andy…. “ What kind of situation have you brought up in situations…. Time to hand out some pink slip brother!”

  4. 1.Jacqueline proved that Mia is a lier who lies simply to look good. Mia lies for clout and attention.
    2.Charisse lied about Karen because she heard Karen said something about her. She thought that going on Karen’s mother funeral it would prove that she was a good friend. Charisse “believed” that because Karen invited her to her event that was filmed they were friends again. Charisse didn’t realize that was a work event 😳 with the entire cast, including husbands. Poor Lil’ Thang.
    3.Charisse, Robyn and Giselle hear rumors about Karen and the other ladies all the time because people call them and message them. Only, they don’t understand that the other ladies hear rumors, receive calls and messages about them also. As Karen said just because someone tells you something about someone you don’t have repeat it.
    5. Robyn pretending that Karen accused Juan of sexual assault. Karen said that he it hugged her so tightly it hurt. Ray said she told him, and he said for her not to say anything to keep peace within the group. Robyn came up short on that.
    6. Robyn, Robyn, Robyn really does think that everyone is stupid. She didn’t read the messages the Canadian Woman sent about Juan, but she reads messages about the cast, okay 👌 🙄. Juan said and she believes it, and that settles it. Now that she has more money she doesn’t want Juan to blow her money like she did his.
    7. Candice used colorist language to describe Giselle and it was spot on. Giselle was stuck on what to say about Chris. If she was uncomfortable why a. Enter the room when she saw it was empty? b. Why did she lay across the bed? c. Why did she not approach her good friends before Ashley mentioned Chris messages to her? Giselle didn’t say anything before because it was a perfect way cover to the word on the street about Robyn and Juan.
    8. Production showing that footage of Robyn showed that she is shady and is not the friend the ladies thought.
    Summarizing: The word on the street is that good of a source for information.

  5. Candice is as wrong as Gizelle. Period. The amount of people in these comments talking about Gizelle’s morals and immaturity YET they support Candice’s lack of morals and maturity AS LONG AS IT’S DIRECTED AT Gizelle is sad. It’s also crazy too me to watch Candice talk about how Gizelle uses her “almost white privilege” right in front of her very own white husband who looked VERY uncomfortable with her statements. It’s very sad because Candice could be a decent person but she has a lot of misplaced anger and she needs to get help so she is not so reactionary. Everyone (but Robyn and Ashley) agreed that Gizelle took it too far AND she apologized, so it was never about a resolution it was about the “get back” and at some point you have to let the “eye for an eye” stuff go.

    1. I’d like for you to explain to me what was wrong with Candiace said please. Statistically, she said nothing but facts. The problem is black people don’t want to talk about colorism or admit that light skin people do have privileges that dark skinned people do not have. Gizelle’s actions are always downplayed while Candiace’s are overblown. That is colorism dear. Another moment of it was Robyn literally lied and downplayed Juan failing to report the harassment and abuse of a student. No one is outraged. Why is it that Robyn and Gizelle can do very despicable things, but people like you feel Candiace should be dragged and hated for how she phrases things when angry? It’s almost like a dark skin woman’s justifiable anger is more offensive than anything else.

      1. That is exactly what it is. They really can’t take it when dark skinned women are rightfully angry about the double standards and privileges light skinned women have. Black people will act just like white people when we bring up racism. Our version of “reverse racism” is “reverse colorism.” Neither exist. Black folks just don’t want to be accountable for our own bigotry. Look how Ashley and Mia reacted. It was disturbing.

        1. Just b/c Candumb (got tht from special k)liked it……married to a white done mean she don’t have colorism issues as well that may be the reason she liked tht period ask y’all self how long this girl gone last on tv making racial slurs ok the other lighter woman has done things tht wasn’t brought to the forefront right away ,let’s go all the cll it black angle white I dare not make a full of myself on national tv and say”y’all let the white women do it” be bttr not equal! We trying to ride above that:)

      2. Maybe it’s just Candiace’s personality that nobody likes. She says vial and hateful things. She is hostile and aggressive. Basing everything on color is getting really old. My skin tone does not determine how I am perceived by the world. My words and actions and behavior are far more determinate than my color.

        1. Racism and colorism still exist. No, the issue is that you all are harsher to Candiace when she does the same thing the light skinned women do. That is colorism. And it’s unfair. Stay on topic please.

    2. “Candice is as wrong as Gizelle. Period. ”

      When did Candiace falsely accuse someone of committing a crime? When did Candiace falsely accuse one of the husbands of trying to hit on her and see if she was with it? When did Candiace sit back and say someone deserved to be assaulted because she doesn’t like them? They do horrible things to Candiace. She rightfully becomes upset and drags them. Then y’all come on here and pretend she’s the worst person in the world. LOL. I’m not a fan of Candiace’s but I can’t say I don’t notice what’s going on here.

    3. Robyn from day one always said she never agreed with Gizelle regarding the Chris situation. Robyn ever defended Chris.

    4. Trina: question why was Chris in Gizelle room that long to give account of events (in his words)because he knew her room was empty before entering,why are U turning ur head in a corner,first of Gizelle could have said Chris we can talk some other time or somewhere public but not in my dressing room Chris also could have said since ur team not here let’s just talk in here in the hall thy both adults and this could have totally went a different way I’m not blaming Gizelle only wen both of them could have acted differently

  6. I clearly explained why Candice being reactionary is a problem. You can choose to live a life where your behavior is dictated by others (in other words an eye for an eye) OR if you can realize that you are NO BETTER than your “attacker” if you lower yourself to their behavior. For some reason RHOP fans think holding EVERYONE accountable instead of just the people they have vilified is wrong. This is not a fairy tale. Candice does NOT maintain ” moral superiority” by talking about Gizelle’s uterus or dragging Ashley’s ex.
    Also how does EVERYONE think Gizelle is “getting away” with ANYTHING when 80% of the comments of anything RHOP related is dragging Gizelle? Candice’s “theory” about Gizelle being believed about Chris is disproven ANYTIME someone posts a story about her. The audience has made clear they don’t like her or trust her. So where is her “WHITE” privilege? The fact that you felt the need to respond to my comment PROVES that NO ONE is allowing ANYONE to in ANYWAY explain or excuse her behavior. At some point A LOT of yall need to learn to agree to disagree OR just admit that you don’t like Gizelle and leave it at that. But it very much shows a lack of maturity to believe that one person’s bad behavior gives the other a license to be equally or more “bad”.

    1. You’re being obtuse and I’m not doing it today. You saying Candiace and Gizelle are equally bad this season is in fact colorism. So let me guess, you were outraged when a white woman wrongfully used her privilege to call the police on an unarmed black man in a dog park for telling her her dog should be on a leash (she lied and said he attacked her). But you somehow don’t notice Gizelle also weaponizing her own privilege the same exact way and you’re trying to police Candiace’s reaction? Typical. I’m curious, what are your thoughts about Gizelle saying James Harden looks like he had fried chicken and watermelon in his beard?

    2. You new here? The majority of these commentators have never liked Candiace and they were Team Gizelle and Ashley for years. The fact that they can still acknowledge a colorism issue means their biases don’t trump facts. They aren’t the problem here. You are.

      1. Actually I’m NOT new here. Which is why I can EASILY call BS on the Gizelle supporters. H-ll look at this VERY post. But I get how triggered a lot of people are with colorism….and so does Candice….which is why JUST LIKE WENDY, I don’t agree with it being used in that particular context. I was EXTREMELY specific to the scene I didn’t agree with and you and others are choosing to misrepresent that as I don’t believe in colorism or that colorism wasn’t apart of the show. Let me state this very clearly: Gizelle and Robyn and Ashley were foul this season. HOWEVER playing “tit for tat” does not make you ANY BETTER. And that seems to be what everyone gets so riled up about. Idk I always understood that God is one that decides when and where and how someone reaps what they sow, so I would rather leave the “get back” to him.

  7. The fact that you start your statement with an insult (because I don’t agree with you I’m obtuse) and said you “aren’t doing this with me today” YET continued to write a full paragraph let’s me know, you are not in a place to have a logical discussion WITHOUT emotion. So on that note I will do what I said in my FIRST statement and just say that I will RESPECTFULLY (Because how would calling a stranger names make me a authority on what’s right and wrong?)ageee to disagree and pray you have a blessed day.🙏🏽

    1. No one called you out of your name. Your comments are lengthier than mine. You just can’t back up any of your baseless and ridiculous arguments. And of course you’re accusing me of being emotional to silence me. It’s always the same tactics used when colorism is the subject.

  8. I’m not even dark skinned but understood exactly what Candiace was saying about Gizelle. And she was 100 % correct.

    1. Same here! That’s because you don’t have to be dark skinned to be honest about colorism. Just like you don’t have to be black to understand racism is wrong. People just like playing dumb.

  9. It doesn’t matter how Candiace said it, the truth is a lot of people don’t want to talk about colorism. So it doesn’t matter how she phrases it. People are just mad she brought it up at all. I think Wendy failed Candiace in that moment and I’m disappointed. But I get it. She’s trying to hold on to her job and fans.

  10. If you still don’t see the colorism at play, it’s because you don’t want to. Fact is Kenya was fired from RHOA for getting married off camera. She was brought back with lower pay. Robyn won’t be fired for neglecting to share an entire personal situation on RHOP. But Andy and co invited Robyn to speak her piece on WWHL.

    Gizelle straight up lied about Chris groping Ashley’s friend and him wanting her. Ashley laughed it off and said Gizelle just put “hot sauce” on it. Mia said Gizelle had a right to her “feelings”. Meanwhile, Candiace saying Gizelle has light skin privilege and uses it was “too far.”

    Monique attacked Candiace, Gizelle and Robyn wanted her gone and said she declassed the show and embarrassed black women everywhere. Mia assaults Wendy TWICE in one night, Gizelle and Robyn said she deserved it and was the antagonizer. And the segment about her violence was short and sweet while Monique was dragged the entire season.

    Ashley called Wendy “ferocious” for being mad about not being told she could bring her baby on the trip. I don’t recall Ashley giving Robyn the same label when she actually tried to fight Ashley and threatened her.

    I can go on. Gizelle really does sit up in her seat and act like a Karen when she is called out for what she does. And she has it down to a science. It’s textbook privilege.

  11. This colorism sh-t is all around this show honestly. Gizelle is much worse than what people ever thought Kenya was. Yet Gizelle is still one of the faces of Bravo and was given a podcast and talk show. This sh-t here runs deep if you’re paying attention. Candiace was spot on.

  12. I’m just waiting on the right person to handle Candumb she a tv bully just b/c Gizelle messy don’t mean U have to bark racial slurs at them especially coming from somebody that claims to be so educated if she was tht smart she could have chosen different words that cut the same U are your best teacher b/c it’s you thats learning as you go along Candumb came to this show bitter,broken and full of hate so she using this platform like I started before the field I work I teach ppl not to disrespect someone to you disrespecting yourself b/c I’m telln y’all just like ppl like for Candumb to come for Gizelle somebody coming for her! How a black women w/Caucasian husband make those comments her and Chris both nothing but fake cry babies

      1. No anonymous you are part of the problem, Candice has this obsession with colorism, and talks about how she gets mistreated because her skin is dark, and then makes a racist comment to Gizelle, I guarantee that if Gizelle had made a raçist comment about Candiaces complexion all he’ll would break loose. None of these ladies are innocent but it seems as if the light skin ladies get attacked more.

        1. I just left a Twitter thread where white people were outraged that a game developer removed a racist image from a new video game. The white people in the comments said that black people are snowflakes and the real racists for being offended by the image. That is exactly what you sound like right now POST.

  13. I’m really just happy Candiace dragged Gizelle the entire reunion because she deserved it. Gizelle has become too reckless. And if Bravo won’t hold her accountable like they hold Candiace for everything she does, well then Candiace should be able to drag her until she’s tired.

  14. Chile…I may as watch the white shows if all I’m going to get is micro aggressions. This season has been cringe! I don’t know if I can do another season. I may be done.

  15. Robyn is a LIAR.

    Juan CHEATED on Robyn AGAIN.
    Robyn LIES for Juan.
    Robyn SELLS the TRUTH of Juan’s infidelity- instead of speaking about it on RHOP.


  16. So, all of you here saying that Candace wasnt racist think her saying Gizellie LIES because she is close to white is not racist? Implying white people lie and behave badly is NOT racist? I get that you all hate Gizelle but Candice was disgustingly racist as well and that is NOT ok. That little girls arrogance and vile words will come back to bite her in the ass. Trust. Lastly, light or not, ALL are black in the eyes of the world, so this war that black people have with each other saying this side has it easy when some children are teased mercilessly for being light, or women who are light dealing with the prejudice that they only get success because they are pretty. To sit and think one side does not suffer because they are light is disgusting self hate. You all forget people used to say the same about beyonce. That she was the successful one because she was light. How do you think it made her feel when she infact had the best voice and worked her a-s off…. Black people should learn to be kinder to each other. And a persons personality is their personality. Not everything is about colour… Not always. But you all take it there and be Nasty about it. Nene was once the most powerful housewive who behaved unbelievably bad and got spin offs and shows. And she is dark skinned. She got away with anything….And no one has mentioned that. The hypocrisy is disgusting.

    1. You labeling Candiace telling Gizelle that she looks white and has privilege as racist is the equivalent of white people saying black people are racist when we point out that white people don’t suffer injustice from police officers at the same rate as black people. That isn’t racism, it’s being honest about systemic racism. It isn’t wrong to talk about colorism. Also, Ashley said the same thing to Gizelle at the reunion back in season 1. Gizelle agreed with her and said that she could pass as a white woman.

      Link: https://urbanbellemag.com/2023/03/07/fans-call-out-ashley-darby-gizelle-bryant-after-clip-of-past-rhop-reunion-goes-viral/

      When we talk about colorism, we’re pointing out things like this – moments when Candiace commits an offense the light skinned women have also committed prior. But somehow Candiace receives worse backlash. I think it’s also important that I point out that you bringing up women whom you believe are dark skinned having success over at Bravo doesn’t negate that colorism still exists. That’s the equivalent to white people saying racism was over because Obama was elected president. It’s not honest and it seems like it’s an intentional way to quiet colorism discourse. Light skinned people experiencing racism doesn’t negate colorism’s existence. But since we’re talking about NeNe, why did you leave out that NeNe also felt like she experienced workplace discrimination based off skin color?

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