Jackie Christie Goes All the Way off on Jennifer Williams

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Jennifer Williams and Malaysia Pargo clashed on the recent episode of BBWLA.

Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams is no stranger to having tension with her costars. In fact, she had a messy exchange with Malaysia Pargo during a recent episode. As we reported, Malaysia thought that she was on cordial terms with Jennifer. However, she found out differently while Jennifer was on speakerphone with Brittish Williams. In fact, Brittish FaceTimed Jennifer to have her cosign the group’s sentiments about Jackie Christie as of late. According to Brittish, some of the other women feel like Jackie has been acting out because she’s been bored at home. Doug Christie has been pretty busy as the assistant coach of the Sacramento Kings.

Well, Jennifer backed up Brittish’s comments about Jackie. Jackie didn’t like this very much. And she wanted to make it clear that she was not bored at all. She’s fulfilled in life and has a happy marriage.  Regardless, Jennifer went on to say that Jackie has been weird and it’s annoying that Jackie has been trying to push the others into playing nice with Malaysia.

After Malaysia heard Jennifer say this, she snatched the phone and hung up on her. This resulted in Jennifer and Malaysia having a short back-and-forth. In a green screen interview, Malaysia said she thought that she and Jennifer had moved past the drama they had years ago. But it seems as if Jennifer wants an issue again. So Malaysia is done trying to be cordial with Jennifer moving forward.

Jackie Christie calls out Jennifer Williams in future episodes.

Interestingly enough, it seems as if Jackie is going to be done with Jennifer soon in future episodes. During a trailer to show what’s coming ahead in future episodes, Jackie ends up going all the way off on Jennifer.

In one scene, Jackie tells Jennifer, “You don’t come here talking bout nobody hating on you. ***** get your **** and get out!”

And in another scene, it gets uglier. Jackie says, “You lied day one you funky ***.” She continued, “I’m the wrong ************ you stupid ************!”

By the end of the video, Jackie makes it known that she’s ready to throw hands, “Keep talking **** and I’ma **** you up! And that’s a promise.”

Other interesting moments in the trailer include DJ Duffey letting her fiancé know that he doesn’t act like he’s ready for marriage. Brooke Bailey also tells her husband that it’s unlikely they can move past his cheating. She tells him, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”

And Brandi Maxiell and Duffey’s friendship is tested. Duffey is so stressed out that she asks Brandi, “What more can you want from me, Brandi?!”


    1. That’s not true Jennifer is a really sweet person that everybody disrespect. She is the classiest woman on the show

      1. They all have a lot to say and are mouthy. However, that isn’t relevant to the discussion at hand here. Jennifer isn’t a fighter. Trying to constantly fight someone who doesn’t and can’t fight is corny and bully behavior.

      2. Jennifer stands by what she says. She just doesn’t know how to fight. And honestly, it’s refreshing to see a black woman on TV who doesn’t fight. Especially since the stereotype is we’re angry and violent.

  1. Why are they still advocating this type of behavior? Jackie old azz need to stop trying to be a bully. That aggressiveness is not flattering and I’d wish the network would let these women know that.

  2. I don’t understand why some of you are siding with Jackie. I thought y’all said y’all were tired of the fighting and bullying behavior.

  3. Jackie is literally a grandmother. She’s too old for this and y’all are too old to be defending Jackie’s behavior.

  4. It’s not just Jennifer, being naughty. Jackie has been very naughty in the past as well. When Jackie get caught it is so funny to watch her back track or try to lie, especially in the early seasons past.

  5. If Jennifer is not a fighter she need to stop talking sh**….i am waiting to see her BRING THE SMOKE…She keep trying Malaysia she gonna get the same treatment Laura got thinking Malaysia was just a pretty face her first season on the show.

  6. Jackie is to old to be on that show trying to hang with those younger ladies, breast all hanging out and pushed up, go any higher she will hide her neck, Brooke reminds me of Tami, she keeps it real,

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