Evelyn Lozada Shades Ratings for the Current Season of ‘Basketball Wives’

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Controversy made Evelyn Lozada move on from “Basketball Wives.”

Evelyn Lozada said it was time for her to walk away from “Basketball Wives.” In her opinion at the time, the show had just become way too toxic for her. In fact, her feud with OG spiraled into a court battle. As we reported, OG felt like she was treated unfairly because of colorism. She also believed being labeled for being violent was unfair when Evelyn had an actual history of altercations. And she also accused Evelyn of posting racist shade on Instagram at the height of their problems. Evelyn denied this. She also sued OG for defamation. OG countersued for emotional distress.

Since leaving the show, there have been a lot of changes in Evelyn’s personal life. She’s currently starring on Peacock’s “Queens Court.” The show followed as Evelyn, Nivea, and Tamar Braxton looked for love. Things really worked out for Evelyn and Tamar since they are now engaged to the men they met on “Queens Court.”

The current season of “Basketball Wives” underwent a bit of a cast shakeup. Some of the LA crew returned. And with Malaysia Pargo’s departure considered, the current cast is Jackie Christie, Brandi Maxiell, DJ Duffey, Brittish Williams, Jennifer Williams, and Angel Brinks.

Evelyn Lozada had a shady moment on WWHL.

Well, Evelyn was asked about “Basketball Wives” while she was promoting “Queens Court” on “Watch What Happens Live.”

A fan asked, “What do you think of the current season of Basketball Wives? And would you ever return to the series even just as a friend?”

Evelyn threw a little shade, “Well, I think the ratings will speak for itself as far as Basketball Wives.”

She continued, “And you know what? I’m never gonna say never because I really enjoyed doing Basketball Wives for many, many years. Really good friends with Shaunie (O’Neal). So you never know. It’s a good check, it’s a good check.”

Evelyn was also asked what her dream “Basketball Wives” cast would be. She said that being on the show with Jackie, Shaunie, Brooke, Malaysia, and Suzie Ketcham is her pick.


  1. Evelyn all u did was stayed in shaunie a$$ and always brought a negative vibe 👎🏾… bring tami back

  2. I love Jennifer she was treated wrong by the cast all they did was talked about her Jennifer definitely my favorite I don’t care what nobody says

    1. Jennifer not INNOCENT I remember her and Evelyn use to BULLIE Susie back in the day….Jennifer and Evelyn were the mean girls

  3. I agree with her tho, it has become boring to watch. need the original cast. Shaunie,Evenly, Tammy Malaysia, Jackie, etc. I only watch now because Jackie is still there.

  4. I’m a fan of basketball wives,but Brandi need to stop acting like she tough,especially with Duffey,I don’t think she want to see the old Duffey,Brandy you need to chill you are not tough.

  5. I don’t know why it came back and this cast is a bunch of crazy women all women dressed like young girls need to retire and stay home and Jackie Christie needs to definitely stay home why is this so bad

  6. The whole show needs a make over. These women are 40-50 and that is why ratings are low.

    Basketball wives as a title is funny. How many were just “baby mamas” or “girlfriends”?

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