‘Baddies West’ Star Natalie Nunn is Assaulted by Chrisean Rock on the Upcoming Episode?

Photo Credit: Zeus Network/YouTube

Chrisean Rock and Natalie Nunn clash on the next episode of “Baddies West.”

Natalie Nunn has her hands full on the current season of “Baddies West.” While fans are aware of her public falling out with “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” alum Tommie Lee; Tommie won’t be the only one that Natalie clashes with. In fact, she’ll get into an explosive situation with Chrisean Rock on the upcoming episode. Natalie even had some tough and controversial words for Chrisean in the trailer for the next episode. While they were having a heated moment on the bus in front of the others, Natalie says, “But, but Rock, it’s always funny. I pray you get to my age.”

Chrisean doesn’t appreciate what was said. She responds, “You’re so disrespectful, bro.”

Regardless, Natalie doesn’t back down. She screams, “What the **** is wrong with you?!”

Natalie can then be seen storming off of the bus and yelling in frustration, “Y’all ****** got me ****** up! No! Get off the ******* bus! Bring her the **** outside right the **** now!”

After Natalie makes it off of the bus, she ends up having a heated moment with Scotty, too. And in the trailer, she tells Scotty not to say a word to her, “Don’t ******* say **** to me!”

Chrisean Rock and Natalie Nunn’s disagreement turned physical.

Natalie ends up putting her hands on Scotty during her moment of rage. Rollie Pollie later tells Scotty that what Natalie did should be proof to her that Natalie is not her real friend, “You beat the **** up, by your friend! You are nothing to her!”

Check out the trailer here.

Well, some “Baddies West” fans have been calling Natalie out for her treatment of Scotty and the words she had for Chrisean. Interestingly enough, an Instagram Live video from months prior may shed some light on what caused all of the drama. Apparently, Natalie was on Instagram Live with the rest of the baddies while she was talking to Zeus Network creator Lemuel  Plummer. Chrisean was visibly irritated with Natalie. When she wasn’t able to get Natalie to take her annoyance seriously, she eventually slapped her. Natalie was furious and called Chrisean out for slapping her before promptly ending the Instagram Live session.

You can check out the live video here.


  1. I really don’t understand why Natalie couldn’t have just stayed behind the scenes instead of being a cast member. She is too old for this nonsense. Let these young girls have it. Imagine getting slapped filming a show you’re supposed to be the EP of. Whew.

  2. Nat. Old a-s need to sit down… why are you mad they’re calling you old??? You are and messy asf why are you on the show anyway??? Just be behind the scenes Bc you stay in the middle of bs… how is your husband even putting up with this SH-T it’s gotta be Bc the money is coming in good Bc b-tch you’re to old for half of the sh-t you do on that show!

  3. Natalie called Christean a barbarian…but was the one walking around an air b n b barefooted. That’s nasty…And definitely not bad b behavior. Oh and clear that face up BADDIE

  4. That shish was funny a** f*** Natalie was just embarrassed a** f*** dats why she had to come out acting a d-mn fool. If she wanted to get active she would’ve did all that foolery on da bus. Lol she actually ran off the bus hoping Chrisean didn’t get off and put dem ROCK a** hands on her wanna be boss a**!!!! Deez Hoes Crazy A** F***….. Bosses My A** They Need A B**** Like Me On Dat Show I Can Show Dem Wat A Boss Is 🤣🤔😂

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