Porsha Williams & Candiace Dillard Bassett Clash Over Ashley Darby Drama

Photo Credit: Bravo

Candiace Dillard Bassett and Porsha Williams had tension while filming RHUGT.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard Bassett just wrapped up another controversial season. As we reported, Candiace fell out with Gizelle Bryant. The two women clashed due to accusations Gizelle made about Chris Bassett. She said Chris made her feel uncomfortable at the previous reunion. And he asked her to talk but she didn’t feel comfortable talking to a married man alone in her dressing room. As the season progressed, the accusations worsened with Gizelle saying that Chris was being a “sneaky link” who wanted to see if she was “with it.” Gizelle apologized for this however, Candiace didn’t receive it.

Interestingly enough, Candiace and Gizelle decided to move forward from the drama post the reunion to film the current season of “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.” And it wasn’t Gizelle that Candiace had tension with during the first episode. It was Porsha Williams.

The scene kicked off after “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Whitney Rose said that out of all the women, Candiace is who she thought she wouldn’t get along with. But she’s been pleasantly surprised.

She told Candiace, “I totally misjudged you. I feel like we’re a lot alike. And it really is a pleasant surprise.”

Whitney elaborated after Candiace questioned what originally turned her off, “Just based on how it aired with Ashley Darby after she had her baby. And I felt like you were shaming her for being a mother. And then you shared with me today that you’re doing IVF.”

Candiace then shared her theory about Ashley, “I’m on my mom journey. And what I went through for the last two months was really hard. But I don’t feel like it gives you a pass to be ****** just because you are a mom. And I feel like Ashley would sometimes weaponize that because I wasn’t a natural mom. I’m a bonus mom but I’ve not born children naturally. I feel like she used that and then tried to make it seem like, well you don’t understand because you’re not a mom. And I think that’s ****** up. It’s reverse mom shaming.”

The conversation went left after Porsha Williams chimed in.

Porsha interjected, “I’m sorry but there’s another thing that was happening. When Candiace grew…”

Candiace responded, “When did I grow?”

Porsha answered, “If you let me finish this sentence, you will hear it.” She continued, “When Candiace grew, she got to the point to where she was now in those shoes. She really pictured herself through IVF, through wanting a kid like…”

Candiace disagreed, “No, that’s not what happened. That’s not it.”

Porsha went on to try to finish her thought on the drama between Candiace and Ashley, “I feel from a viewer, like cause I’m a viewer, I wasn’t there, I thought it was relatable to say that when she spoke those ignorant things to Ashley…And she didn’t like how it landed that now since she’s in a place of ‘I wanna be a mom’ and it’s like, you know what? ****, I shouldn’t have been saying those things.”

Candiace still didn’t agree with Porsha’s perspective, “No, I said it to be mean because she was being mean.”

Porsha then quipped, “Oh ****, you’re just mean as **** then.”

The episode ended with Candiace giving Porsha the “death stare.”

As we reported, Porsha and Candiace have an interesting history. Candiace didn’t appreciate when Porsha publicly sided with Monique Samuels about their on-screen altercation. And Porsha later takes issue with Candaice’s questions about her controversial romance with Simon Guobadia.


  1. It’s so interesting to me how everyone remembers what Candiace said or did since her first season but barely any of her detractors seem to remember what Ashley has said and done since she’s been on RHOP.

      1. Porsha was fist fighting on TV and putting her hands on producers less than 2 years ago. She can shut the f-ck up. The hypocrisy is getting on my nerves now.

    1. Candice 8s mean. You cant take back ugly words. And the stuff she said about Ashley trying to get pregnant was foul. But now dhes the victim typical narcissistic behavior. Karma is not forgiving. Hows her music career going???

      1. Well, it appears to me that you all let Ashley take back all the ugly words she says to people so what else is going on? Candiace’s career is great which is why her music charts unlike Ashley’s and she’s getting more work outside of RHOP. How’s Ashley doing now that she won’t get anything out of that divorce? Karma right? 😜

    2. Exactly….Porsha shouldn’t have an opinion or thought on no type of situation…. Hunni…. she’s already done too much as it is and it’s all on film 📽️🎥

  2. Porsha is literally friends with Gizelle’s messy behind. She has done deplorable things on RHOA. Let’s not forget what she also did on that train wreck of a spinoff she had with Dennis/Simon. So this is rich coming from her. A lot of people could take Candiace’s clap backs better if she looked like Gizelle and Ashley. They’ll never admit it though.

  3. Hmm I get what Porsha was trying to do. She was trying to give Candiace an opportunity to be fake and pretend she’s changed and so remorseful for what she said to Ashley. It would have been a good look PR wise but Candiace is too authentic for the PR game that Porsha was good at until her dirt was too hard to conceal. I disagree with Candiace’s actions all the time but I do appreciate her authenticity. She’s not going to be fake to appeal to fans. That’s why she’s a great reality star. It’s why NeNe was so great during RHOA’s heyday. Authentic people make great TV because they don’t care about being liked.

  4. Porsha needs to stay away. She’s got a lot of nerve. She’s coming across as a dense bully. You’re trying to call people out but cried and backpaddled when you were confronted with spreading a lie about Todd & Kandi. They should have sued you. They did Bravo a favor.

    Gizelle is just as messy on this show as she is on HWOP. Why is she still on the show? Now, I understand why Pastor Jamal Bryant cheated. You truly were not an example of a first lady. Get it together Gizelle! You have three beautiful and smart daughters watching you sell your soul to the devil.

  5. LOL! As always everything is blamed on Gizelle.

    Words are just as foul and physicality. You can take back hitting someone, apologizing, etc. But you can’t take back ugly words. That’s the difference between Candiance and Porsha. And Porsha is not the only who has used physical violence. More than once………
    It’s just we, as black females are watched more closely and people tend to remember everything black people do. There has been several physical fights on RHONJ. The RHOBH has the most drama out of all the HW shows.

    1. You’re seriously trying to convince yourself that being violent isn’t a big deal and clap backs are worse. Violence isn’t a little thing especially in the black community. If you think it’s fine to be violent (this will literally put you in jail like it did Porsha), your dislike for Candiace is greater than your common sense. Interesting how much you guys are willing to forgive and downplay everything from women who aren’t dark skinned.

      1. RHOP has really shown me colorism is still a big issue. Ashley and Gizelle can eat babies and fans will still only talk about what Candiace said. It’s like the twilight zone. And I am someone who couldn’t stand Candiace from day one. I’ve defended Porsha plenty on here, but she’s literally the grandchild of a civil rights activist and she assaulted her coworker, child’s father, and a producer while the cameras were there. She’s actually worse than Candiace but most won’t admit it.

    2. You cannot take back putting your hands on somebody. Not sure why you’re acting like violence is some forgivable thing. For most people it’s not. That is why you don’t go to prison for words outside of making a threat. Calling someone wide bodied isn’t equal to assault in a court of law. 🤣

  6. This is colorism at its best ! PEOPLE remembers what candace does but never remembers what Ashley or the rest of the biracial women DO.

  7. Wow 😮 Gizelle, Ashley and Robyn are utterly disgusting and they’re all nasty arse light skin privilege women that are always talking chin about someone’s else husband. Ashley and Robyn shouldn’t never say nothing about husbands because Ashley’s husband likes MEN and him and Juan are friends. Juan USA well known cheater and he doesn’t care how much he embarrasses Robyn. Gizelle should never ever, ever talk about no one husband, her husband was sleeping with women in the church, in her women group, it got so bad during the divorce Gizelle had a nervous breakdown and was in the Nut (CrazySection) Mental Hospital. They’re all so miserable 😩 it’s sad and they can’t stand the facts that Candance is happy with her husband and they’re making their marriage work.
    Something the other three can’t say. Porsha shouldn’t say anything to anyone about chit unless they ask her, she’s beautiful but she’s so much dumber than Dora ever was. Porsha is really DUMB except
    when it comes to a man.

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