‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Tatti Confirms Pregnancy

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Tatti and Ceaser clashed ahead of his controversial “Black Ink Crew” exit.

Black Ink Crew” star Tatti had an eventful recent season. Before Ceaser‘s departure, he and Tatti were having a lot of tension. In fact, Tatti said that she didn’t feel like Ceaser appreciated her as an employee. And she said that she made a lot of sacrifices that required her to put Black Ink before her own personal life. So she took it personally when Ceaser didn’t want to invite her to a team building weekend after she skipped out on a staff meeting for mental health reasons. This resulted in a blowup. Ceaser took the moment to tell Tatti what he really thought of her.

Turns out, Ceaser doesn’t feel like Tatti sacrificed much or contributed anything worthwhile to Black Ink.  He even told her that most of the people there don’t really like Tatti. In his opinion, all Tatti really contributed to the brand was drama. So he wasn’t open to her having a mental health day when a staff meeting was scheduled.

Tatti is having a baby with a Black Ink artist?

Ceaser also pointed out that Tatti’s past legal problems didn’t make her the best employee at times. So he wasn’t feeling it when Tatti asked him to allow her to open her own Black Ink shop in Long Island. Not too long after, Ceaser was fired from the show because he was seen on security footage allegedly abusing a dog.

Well, Tatti may soon be a bit too busy to open up a tattoo shop of her own. Days ago, the “Black Ink Crew” cast member confirmed that she is pregnant. In an Instagram caption, she wrote, “This whole experience has been WOW! I can’t believe I’m having a baby. I can’t wait to find out next week if you’re a girl or a boy – I really feel you are a girl đź’• either way I already love you SO much #BabyJ coming this July.”

It’s rumored that Black Ink artist Jemz is the child’s father. She also tagged him in the post.


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  1. Tatti did a lot for everything Black Ink. Waaaay more than Teddy & Puma
    I feel she started slipping when she started messing with Teddy. Seriously she fell for the okie doke.
    As far as Ceaser, he doesn’t respect Tatti.Not enough to rep the brand.
    The legal issues may have a part in it but I don’t think it does. Maybe because she’s white.

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