DJ Duffey Claps Back After She’s Called out for Reposting Malaysia Pargo’s IG Post

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DJ Duffey is called out for reposting one of Malaysia Pargo’s social media posts.

Basketball Wives” fans had a lot to say about Malaysia Pargo‘s exit from the show. In fact, some were upset about Jennifer Williams‘ accusations. Jennifer believed that Malaysia brought Zell Swag around to do her dirty work. So she got even by alleging that Malaysia lost her Atlanta home via foreclosure. While some fans said that Jennifer crossed the line, Jennifer doesn’t see it that way. And she has no regrets about coming for Malaysia the way that she did. Interestingly enough, Malaysia told Jackie Christie and DJ Duffey that she was leaving the show because she didn’t particularly care for being around the other women.

Before Malaysia departed the current season, she and Duffey were building an acquaintanceship. Brandi Maxiell said that she didn’t have a problem with this. However, Duffey isn’t so sure that Brandi told the truth. And they have been clashing since Malaysia made her exit.

On the upcoming episode, Brittish Williams confronts Duffey over a social media post. Apparently, Duffey reposted Malaysia’s post. In the post, Malaysia promoted Duffey’s business.

In the preview, Brittish said, “You and Brandi are at odds right now. She keeps saying that she’s not mad about you talking to Malaysia. But why would you post the picture to Instagram?”

DJ Duffey has had enough.

Duffey responds, “When I reposted Malaysia, Brandi didn’t cross my mind. Me and Brandi were cool at that time. And Brandi and Malaysia were cool at that time. So Malaysia posting my business without me asking her, of course, I’m gonna repost it. Am I wrong?”

Brittish then explains why she feels Duffey is in the wrong, “Yeah because this is the thing, you and Malaysia are not friends. Y’all are just associates.”

Duffey doesn’t see the issue, “She ain’t did nothing to me.” Brittish disagrees, “That just means your loyalty don’t mean nothing…”

Well, Duffey thinks this perspective doesn’t make much sense, “My loyalty is not in question. I’m supposed to say **** your effort on helping my business because I don’t want to hurt Brandi’s feelings? Who just called me weird…who talked about me going to counseling?”

Brittish responds that Brandi and Duffey were still friends at the time of the repost. And Duffey says it wasn’t about that, “It’s not about Brandi and us not being friends. So I don’t owe no loyalty to Brandi.”

In a green screen interview, Brittish says more, “I’m super shocked that Duffey saying that she didn’t owe Brandi any loyalty. To my knowledge, they’ve known each other since they were teenagers. I just think that maybe she’s upset and not thinking clearly because saying you’re not loyal to somebody is basically **** them.”


  1. Brittish is just as thirsty as Brandi cause they have NOTHING to talk about unless they are in a FORCED conflict with someone. Please end this show after this season! 🙏🏽 I’m over here rooting for Duffy and Angel atp cause they are the only ones that seem to have a life outside of BBW.

  2. They really making Malaysia their story line…. British how about you explain to us why you think stealing 30k wasn’t a Big deal…or Brooke let’s hear more about the husband we barely met…oh he’s not in basketball… Neither Jennifer or British have a basketball man either… the entire show only has 1 basketball wife!!!!!

  3. Yeah, this is ridiculous. I don’t blame Duffey. Brandi is childish and so is Brittish. They made the season so terrible too.

  4. I totally understand why Malaysia left. Imagine dealing with this kind of foolishness when you have real sh-t going on in your life.

  5. So Duffey reposted Malaysia supporting her business and she’s wrong? Has Brandi posted Duffey’s business? Brandi is too needy of a friend. Malaysia is gone and they’re still talking about her. Why did they even bring Brandi back. It’s weird she supposedly made up with Malaysia but talked behind her back saying she don’t trust her, but didn’t tell Malaysia this. But she forgave the husband that slept with over 250 women, crazy for real. Only Duffey, Jackie, and Angel have something going on outside of the show. What are the other women doing? Brittish don’t think scamming people out of their money isn’t a bad thing, girl it’s a crime. I believe they added more charges on her. That’s what I would be worried about instead of everyone else’s business. She better hope her daughters Father don’t go for full custody because he can and will win right now.

  6. This show has actually never been positive. The imagery of a group of women of color in competition who mostly shop, travel, drink. & fight each other is not what society needs. No little girl should desire to be like any one of them.

  7. I agree with ALL OF THE ABOVE posts. End this show while the audience still has a “small” amount of respect for these women. I stopped watching it for every reason in the world. END IT–it’s beyond time.

  8. I agree fully please end this and the comments about Brandi being needy and how that husband has slept with over 250 women and she has the nerve everything she does is annoying to the 10th power. She has a nasty attitude like her friends must treat her with the upmost respect and kiss her feet and she gets to call people weird and whatever else she spews out her mouth. Please end this show or take off Brandi and even Brittish and bring on some real basketball wives and delete Jennifer to shes annoying also they way they think that they are so d-mn entitled cracks me up. Please bring on some new faces I think I can speak for myself and a few more we are sick of these ones especially Brandi !

  9. If Malaysia post a pic wearing Duffy waist trainer what’s wrong with Duffy reposting Malaysia has a huge fan base….was Brandi LOYAL enough to post herself wearing Duffy waist trainer…Brandi is a DRAIN. to my sinuses…ugh

  10. Everyone of these comments are on point!! Most of these women are hasbins- mainly nasty Brandi, Brooke and Brittish oh let’s not forget boring ass Jennifer 😣!
    They this they’re high class- none of these women know what having class looks like! Shaunie needs to end the show!!! It’s garbage 🗑️

  11. I fill like duffy didn’t do anything wrong and to be honest she dont have to be loyal to brandy grow up you all is grown women bufffy do you

    1. Brandi an British an Jennifer are all jealous as women Brandi thinks everyone is supposed to kiss her a-s when shiny and all of them were on there she didn’t have that so now she thinks she’s runs the show Jennifer is not tough she’s never have been and British need to worry about herself instead of stirring the pot Brooke needs to have her own mind I love Angela and Duffy they are very real Shaunie definitely need to get these group of women off they’re not setting a good example for teenage girls that watch the show or for anyone else let alone they are very negative an I watch it every Monday Jackie is messy but she is very real an the way she kiss the ladies a-s an then they talk about her behind her back when they’re giving her a hug they’re rolling their eyes up and soon as you tell one something they wait till they get in the group to start saying something about what you just told them that’s drama is this show rig or what

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