LAMH Recap: Melody Vents Her Frustrations + Martell Makes Interesting Comments on Sheree

LAMH Season 6 Episode 2 Melody Shari
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During tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” Melody and Martell’s custody drama continues to take center stage, and Keke’s relationship with LaTisha is a major topic.

First, Melody continues her one on one with Stormi at Kimmi’s celebration. She also has to deal with Martell continuously asking if he could walk her to her car and pray when she’s ready to leave.

Meanwhile, Kimmi points out that Martell is showing signs of regret for ruining his marriage to Melody. Speaking of which, when he crashes the Fletchers’ date night, he reveals that he’s not exclusively dating Sheree Whitfield.

Next, Melody’s moved to tears when she speaks to Neil Fletcher regarding her frustrations surrounding Martell’s custody suit. She’s saddened by not being able to see her children every day as she did while married to Martell. However, she doesn’t want Martell to use custody as a way to control her actions.

Lastly, at the nudging of her cousin Courtney, LaTisha sets up a sit down with Keke in an effort to hash out their issues.

Here’s the recap for, “You’ve Scotts to be Kidding.”

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