Kandi Burruss’ Feud with Sheree Whitfield’s Friend Caused by Gossip?

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Kandi Burruss is no longer on good terms with Sheree Whitfield.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” returns this Sunday and fans are already talking about the season premiere. As we reported, Kandi Burruss said in previous interviews that she feels like a target was placed on her back. Marlo Hampton and Sheree Whitfield concluded the previous season by being quite critical of Kandi in scenes and green screen interviews. Interestingly enough, their interviews were more revealing. Sheree told Carlos King that she feels like Kandi has way too much power behind the scenes. And she would like to see Phaedra Parks return to the show. However, Kandi said she would leave if that were to happen.

Marlo told Carlos that she firmly believes Kandi has been “coasting” on the show for far too long. So she’s been applying pressure so Kandi will actually “work for her check.”

Sheree and Marlo’s actions completely caught Kandi off guard since she advocated for Marlo to secure a peach. And to her knowledge, she and Sheree didn’t have any problems. So she was surprised to see Sheree agree with some of the shady comments made by Marlo.

Sheree Whitfield’s friend clashed with Kandi Burruss.

Well, it’s looking like Kandi and Sheree’s tension continues on Season 15. And the drama will only intensify because Kandi ends up clashing with Sheree’s friend Courtney Rhodes.

In a trailer that was already released, Kandi was seen going off on Courtney. She was so heated that she said she wished she could headbutt Courtney. But Kandi knew she had too much to lose. So walking away from the drama was best. This seemingly went down at the party Sanya Richards-Ross planned for Aaron Ross’ birthday.

A new preview was released and it shows what may have led to Courtney and Kandi’s issue. In the video, Sheree says that she and Courtney became friends because their children went to school together. And Sheree enjoys her company, “Courtney is a Capricorn. She is no-nonsense. She’s not a fake person, she’s just an all-around girl’s girl.”

Sanya talks about the upcoming party. She goes on to tell them that Kandi was the first one to RSVP. Courtney responds, “Kandi seems cool. We’ve been in similar circles.”

She then turns to Sheree to say, “I don’t know if I told you this but I thought this was interesting. Did I tell you she was calling around asking some people about me? And she was like, ‘I heard she said that we were friends.'”

Courtney adds, “Why would I say we’re friends?”


  1. Sheree consistently brings the worst people on this show and that says a lot about her character. Bravo made a mistake bringing her back.

      1. Yes, I whole heartedly agree. Both Marlo and Sheree’s storylines are not even entertaining. They both appear to be low class unintelligent women who base their lives on materialistic things.

      1. I don’t think anyone said Kandi was innocent but it’s clear as day that Sheree and Marlo are starting problems with her out of jealousy. I personally cannot agree with being a hater. That is a shameful character trait.

    1. Sheree should have been brought back. She and Marlo both are jealous because they want the bag that Kandi has. Kandi is always on the grind. Phadra is not needed because she is too thirsty and she does anything to be on TV.

  2. The last lady Sheree brought on this show stole Drew’s purse. Why is Sheree still allowed to bring friends on this platform? It’s like Bravo brought her back to tank RHOA.

  3. I think Marlo should’ve never gotten a peach and I think sheree and Marlo both are jealous of kandi. Why can’t all the ladies just get alone. It’s shameful to see that women especially black women hate on each and put each down like they do. They could accomplish so much more if they would work together and love and embrace each other.

    1. Marlo is a hater. If your not wearing designer clothes 24/7 , your benearh her. All the money Kandi got you never here what she has on. You can tell when people are not use to anything.

  4. Marlo and Sheree are the reasons I no longer watch that show. Bring back Porsha and Cynthia and maybe even Eva. Marlo is uneducated and unprofessional. Sheree is thirsty. Phaedra in not needed, she’s phony.

  5. Sheree is as lost as her clothing line. And Marlo is looking for whatever fame she can find. So, get them off the show before the ratings become so low you will need a magnifying glass to find them.

  6. Sheree grown kids must be embarrassed of their mom actions. Sheree is fake dating a serial cheater who is now cheater with ATL women. Her fake boo martel got on national tv on lamh with the fletchers and said he is not exclusive with no woman he having fun dating. Sheree on national tv saying she in love he her boo. Meanwhile. Martel get in public arguments with his mistress and baby momma and fights. Sheree is pitiful for a cheater. Kids please help yall mom to stop making a fool of herself lying say martel a good man. He just aggressively got at his ex and mom at their kids party.

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