Sheree Whitfield Checks Tiffany Whitlow + Defends Non-Existent Relationship with Melody Shari

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Sheree Whitfield wasn’t a fan of Tiffany Whitlow’s questions.

Sheree Whitfield‘s romance with Martell Holt resulted in him appearing on the current season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Now Sheree will be getting involved in the drama that is taking place on “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” To no surprise, the LAMH cast has opinions about Sheree and Martell’s romance. Marsau Scott said that this is an upgrade for Martell. And he also suspected that Melody Shari was bothered by the relationship. Melody said this kind of thinking is absurd. She accused Marsau of trying to pit her and Sheree against each other. Interestingly enough, it’s Tiffany Whitlow that Sheree ends up having tension with, not Melody.

As we reported, Sheree didn’t like some of the questions Tiffany asked her while they were filming LAMH. In fact, she clapped back after Tiffany asked her what it is like to date Martell when his affair was so public. And Sheree reminded Tiffany that she cheated in her past marriage, too. Producers then flashback to a scene of Tiffany talking to Melody about this.


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Well, the conversation is really awkward after Tiffany asks Sheree if she’s ever met Melody before. Sheree says no and Tiffany then says, “I would want to meet the person who’s going to be around my kids.”

Sheree responds, “But when he has the kids, she’s not around.”

Tiffany persists, “That is so weird. We gotta fix that. We need to fix you and Mel. I need y’all to meet.”

But Sheree stands her ground on this, “There’s nothing to fix. There’s nothing broken.”

Tiffany proceeds to ask Sheree if she suspects Martell still has strong feelings for Melody, “Do you think he still has feelings for Mel?”

Sheree looks on in shock.

Check out the clip here.


  1. Tiffany, Tiffany, Tiffany!

    Where ever you come from, you ain’t scared. You’re going to keep your paycheck.

    Lawd have Mercy! Do you know Sheree? Well, at least you ask what others aren’t brave enough to ask. Kudos!

  2. Keep your job, Tiffany! Ask the nosey questions directly to the one who can answer. You stopped She by She from talking a minutes. Kudos 👏.

    1. I absolutely agree. She must be really bored. She can’t get get enough of other people’s business. KeKe will give her a the business she needs.

  3. Y’all had a chance to get rid of Tiffany messy ass, but that’s what yall like she wayyyy to messy.

  4. Tiffany, Tiffany !! Why is she so dang on MESSY? Please give her a storyline so she can stay out of everybody’s business…smh..

  5. Tiffany is in everyone else’s business to keep the spot light off of her. She is very reckless. Her karma is going to kick her in the butt. All money isn’t good money.

  6. Tiffany being real messy while she’s pregnant by a man she don’t really like having sex with?! And they both are cheaters to boot! She should ask herself that. Then will act all innocent when they come for her and her fake marriage looking to be relevant!

  7. Tiffany needs to mind her own business and get a life. She is very annoying!!! She needs to take her messy self off the show and get some business of her own.

  8. They let the Whitlows know their a-ses were boring so y’all better up y’all game if ya want a OWN check😂😂😂 now they getting EXTRA as h-ll😜😜😜 Need them coin$$$$

  9. I never realized grown women still behaved like high school girls until I started watching these shows. I find Tiffany amusing. She is bored to death, but her mouth is going to get her a** whipped. Although she is consistent, stands firm with asking the questions where the others just gossips behind the person’s back. Hilarious!!!

  10. Sheree is better than me cause by the time I finished with the things I have to say it would be labor day for her, crying and looking stupid wouldn’t be enough to shut my mouth cause I would have already known from watching the show she is a mess starter. I would have dug out information about her just in case and been ready. Good for you Sheree for keeping your cool even though you ain’t finish. Tiffany tries to manipulate everybody but y’all keep watching its coming. Melody also to classy what she and Martel do or don’t do and how they handled their separate situations is up to them actually since Mel ain’t bothered she feel it’s her place to bring mess,she wanted information to turn it around and take back to Mel,what a friend she is. Just up to no good as always.

  11. Tiffany stirring up mess everywhere she goes. Got her husband about to fight 3 men over her and her mouth….Then conveniently has to be rushed to the hospital cause she’s seeing Stars….. Please Girl you trying to escape all of the drama she caused.

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