LaTisha Scott Gets Even & Puts Tiffany Whitlow on Blast with Messy Accusations

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Tiffany Whitlow’s bluntness is not sitting well with her LAMH costars.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Tiffany Whitlow is having an explosive current season. As we reported, she rubbed Sheree Whitfield the wrong way during the recent episode. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member has been publicly dating Martell Holt. And while some people are skeptical about whether the relationship is actually real, Tiffany offended Sheree for a very different reason. While the cast attended a party to celebrate Martell’s magazine cover, Tiffany decided to have a conversation with Sheree. And she asked Sheree how it felt to date Martell when he’s well known for cheating on his ex-wife, Melody Shari, and fathering a child outside of the marriage.

In response, Sheree told Tiffany that she’s an avid watcher of LAMH. So she reminded Tiffany that she cheated on her first husband. So Sheree didn’t think Tiffany should be the one to point out Martell’s cheating past. Either way, Tiffany’s actions bothered Martell. And he felt she was out of line for the questions.

During an interview with Carlos King, Tiffany responded to Sheree’s defense of Martell. And she said that the difference is she has changed. But Tiffany doesn’t feel as if Martell has demonstrated that he will now be faithful in his relationships moving forward. In fact, it’s rumored that Martell has been dating another woman in Atlanta. They even purchased land together last year.

Well, Tiffany will be a hot topic once again on the upcoming episode of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” This time it’s LaTisha Scott who has a bone to pick with Tiffany.

LaTisha Scott puts Tiffany Whitlow on blast.

Apparently, LaTisha didn’t appreciate Tiffany’s comments about her business relationship with Marsau Scott. In a scene, Tiffany said that it appears as if LaTisha is only a boss at Scholt on paper. And Marsau doesn’t allow her to do any real work for their real estate business. She also told Stormi Steele that cheating accusations about Marsau have been brought up too many times to not be questioned.

On the next episode, LaTisha and her cousin Keke Jabbar discuss Tiffany’s comments. And LaTisha makes some accusations of her own.

She says, “I just don’t get it. Stop talking about me when you know you got a whole bunch of stuff out here that could be said about you people are withholding and not really saying.”

LaTisha added, “It was going around Huntsville that her and her business had some dealings going on.”

And Keke brings it all together, “So you mean to tell me that Tiffany is in a situation where it’s rumored that she’s cheating on her husband or has cheated on her husband with her business partner?”

She continued, “But then she’s talking about you and your marriage. That’s pretty jacked up.”

When it comes to whether or not the accusations are about Tiffany’s first marriage or current marriage to Louis Whitlow remains to be seen.

You can check out the preview below.


      1. On Point! She know she can manipulate her husband! She is so phony. Lou needs to look at the tape!

  1. Latisha will talk about everyone else’s cheating but stays mute about what Marsau does. I really wish she had this energy for him because he disrespects her constantly. Even their own kids can see it.

  2. Tiffany deserves to be put on blast pregnant and all I can’t stand her a-s she’s a fraud trying to stay relevant

  3. Tiffany is DETERMINED to hold her spot so if the PRODUCERS say GO BE MESSY she gonna do it but I think she may want to RE THINK playing in KeKe face she seem like she doesn’t have a problem going upside a B**** head…You have been WARNED.


    1. I don’t think she would want to catch an assault charge by going upside somebody’s head. Do you think things are going to turn into a physical fight? Tiffany would have no problem aggravating someone until they assault her and then she’ll file charges and have them locked up. Leave that crazy woman alone. Eventually, her mess will catch up with her. The bottom line is she knows how to push people’s buttons. She’s Messy.

  4. I totally agree! You put it out there, you should have to deal with the consequences.
    The part that did it for me was that she painted a different picture when she spoke to her husband about the situation.

    1. Right.. she is so phony. Lou needs to view the tapes. Her facial expressions make you want to say something real bad!

  5. Tiffany’s been shady from the beginning. She’s using her pregnancy to be messier than usual. I hope this is her last season.

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