LaTisha Scott & Marsau Scott Receive Criticism from LAMH Fans for Revelation About Marriage

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LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott receive criticism about their marriage from LAMH fans.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” couple Marsau Scott and LaTisha Scott are used to controversy. In fact, Martell Holt was the first person to accuse Marsau of cheating on the platform. He said he only did this in response to Marsau making jokes about his longtime extramarital affair with Arionne Curry. Martell now has a child with his former mistress. Regardless, Martell felt like Marsau crossed the line with his dark humor. So he figured he’d get even by accusing Marsau of cheating with “20 different women.” The friendships in the group took a turn after LaTisha went to Melody Shari to get clarity on the accusations made by Martell. They haven’t been on good terms since.

Marsau has denied stepping out on LaTisha. However, the topic came back up again during last season’s reunion. LaTisha and her cousin Keke revealed that in the past, Marsau received a naked photo of another woman. She was a potential employee at the time of the text message exchange. Either way, some people took this as proof that Marsau may not be faithful. However, LaTisha doesn’t see it that way.

To no surprise, the controversial reunion moment was a hot topic on social media. Some LAMH fans have put the situation in the same category as Marsau’s solo Africa trip. Well, those same critics happen to have a lot to say about a recent revelation LaTisha made while she and Marsau were speaking on a relationship panel.

Marsau Scott didn’t know LaTisha Scott schedules their intimacy.

LaTisha was asked about a previous interview in which she said that she has to schedule a time to be intimate with Marsau. And she confirmed that she does this, “We have several businesses. And we have 3 kids. So my schedule is crazy. Yes, I have to schedule it on my calendar. It’s on my calendar. We get a wake up at 4:30, 5:00 am. Get it in right quick. And get our day started.”

After it’s said that this method makes it sound like being intimate is a chore, LaTisha responded, “Just like we have to schedule date night, it is a part of my schedule. Sometimes hey, ‘Tisha, you need to go down on your man today.’ It’s on my planner, it’s on my schedule.”

Marsau is eventually asked to share his thoughts on LaTisha’s methods. He said he didn’t know that LaTisha does this.

“I had no idea. That would be a problem. Believe it or not, that might be a problem. Thank you for that. We got an argument now.”


  1. I wouldn’t have LaTisha and Marsau on my relationship panel but to each its own. None of those marriages look all that great honestly.

      1. I feel like marriage is a struggle in general. You literally have two different individual who are trying to become one. We have to let go of this fairly tail that marriage is easy and it won’t come without challenges. I talk to married people who are Christians and they do not glamorize marriage in a way that portray the narrative that everyday is perfect and everything is great. Life is hard and we all go through things.

    1. No one cares about quality, it’s the quantity. So folks see a “almost 20 year marriage” and run with it.

    2. Marriage has ups and downs, no doubt. But if marriage is “hard work,” and a “struggle,” you’re not doing it right.

      Sounds to me like a lot of folks went into marriage for the wrong reasons, and without a framework in place to base success in it.

      TV personalities aren’t the proper role models any of us should use for examples
      of anything in relationships/marriage. That should have come from our parents.

      Unfortunately, for many of us in the black community, therein lies the problem.

  2. When you’re male identified, scheduling s-x with your husband makes a lot of sense to you. But if LaTisha was actually her own woman and being satisfied by Marsau s-xually, she wouldn’t need these calendar reminders at all.

    1. Latisha and Marsau’s marriage is nothing to write home about. But I think this show does a good job at highlighting that a lot of women really settled for the sake of just being married. Latisha has to schedule this stuff because Marsau probably isn’t pleasing her. He’s misogynistic enough to think s-x is just for men.

    1. Hi Hershey,
      Please don’t use Marriage In Huntersville as a staple for all marriages. Marriage should be overrated as it is a gift designed by God if the two parties are committed to one another. It doesn’t mean every day is smooth sailing. It does mean that during the rough seas and high winds you love one harder, pray harder, and navigate safely to “peaceful shores”! It’s about acceptance and appreciation.

      Reality television is unreliable and not real life. I have been married to my spouse for almost 40
      years and I can say I love him more at this moment as I did when we first met. Yes he gets on my “d” nerves at times and I know I get on his, but at the end of the day, we depend on and love one another. Marriage is individualized and not the same for everyone.

      S-x with my husband is amazing and I don’t schedule an alarm to be with him and We are just as busy as Mrs. Latisha but if that works for them, I’m not going to judge. From the article, it appears that Mr. Scott was unaware of “alarms”!

      Respectfully, is that something you wanna drop to an audience about your sex life without conferring with your spouse? That’s messy and to me disrespectful. But whatever makes the ratings I guess. I’m unsure if you are married or not but if your aren’t, I pray it will be beautiful and fulfilling for you. Love is a beautiful thing!

      1. Marriage is highly overrated and you are probably sacrificing in little ways that will only matter to you once you catch him cheating. Or realize your worth…

      2. Well said! I was married for 13 years and now divorced. I have experienced feeling undervalued and cheated on, which led me to commit adultery. I committed adultery because I wanted to know if I really was not lovable. Anyway, I have made peace with my past and still believe in marriage and all that God created it to be. So for those whoarw discouraged because of what you see and hear, or even for what you have been through yourself; I pray that God will heal your broken heart and break the shackles of hurt and pain that holds you back from the reality of God’s love and the power of unity.

        1. Oh Sweetie,
          Please trust me, I know my worth which is why I am able to love him. I take care of myself, and “we” take care of each other!
          All this hostility and it’s still a Beautiful Day in the neighborhood.

          Now, I will not debate with you or anyone else about a relationship that I cherish and enjoy. Facts are facts and if you want to be negative then go ahead. From
          your statements it appears that you are the one my dear who has been hurt. Not every man cheats, nor is every woman oblivious about her husband, including me. If YOU want to live your life doubting marriage be my guest, it doesn’t erase my stance on marriage. Just like you have a right to express your feelings on this forum, I have that same right.

          Yes, I have made sacrifices for my husband, children, career, etc but they have made sacrifices for me. When I decided to go back to graduate school and medical school, my husband and children sacrificed as well so that I could fulfill my hopes and dreams.

          A man does not define my worth, I was raised to know that when I was child; and now that I am a grown woman, my husband lets me know how proud he is of the woman that is his wife!

          I’m not the one you need to feel sorry for or spew dire statements to. I pray that the hurt and pain that the man you involved yourself with caused you,
          will heal and you can stop being so negative and judgmental.

          If you would stop hopping up here to attack someone you don’t know and read my reply to Hershey, you would ascertain it was to be uplifting and encouraging.

          Hate what I’m saying or not, agree or disagree, I’m still living my best life and loving love!

          1. So true I’ve been with my husband 24 years, married 22 years. Marriage is a give and take. I had to learn not to bring in past hurt from previous relationship, even with my dad being in and out of my life. I don’t think we should look to entertainers for marriage advice. There are days when I say really,but I know my husband loves and respect me and vice versa. In this day and age that we live in is hard to find true love, glad I’m done with that. But I would say to anyone looking for that special someone PRAY and ask the lord to lead and guide you, be specific about what you want in your spouse. It’s not about tearing each other down online, we don’t know each other. I pray for all those who struggle in relationships but if it’s not for you ,be happy for the next person. Black Love does exist . Beautiful Day keep Loving!!!

        2. Hope In Love,
          I love your post. So heartfelt!

          I am so glad that the marriage did not stop you from knowing your worth and being able to experience the love and joy that you deserve. I am a believer that if you trust God and petition Him he will honor your desires. It appears that not everyone receives what I am saying and have been borderline offensive but reading your post minimized everything that was said. Your post was so sincere and uplifting. I pray that God will bless you beyond anything thing you can ask.

          There is enough negativity on television to devalue relationships and make others feel hopeless. I don’t indulge in negativity but truth and faith. We should be encouraging one another.
          So to you dear sister, you are queen worth more than gold. Always remember that! And there is POWER in UNITY!

    2. I don’t like Tisha at all, she has no redeeming qualities, every time I find one she turns around and kick it to the curve. Tisha actually never take up for anyone but expects everyone to ride hard for her. Tisha your own husband is your worse enemy, he’s always finding ways to embarrass you and you do
      a great job of doing it to yourself because you never take responsibility for anything. There’s really busy couples that have to pencil in sex, Tisha and Marsua is not that busy. Your kids are in school all
      day long. 2 hour to clean, one hour to cook, you still have free time because you’re not working Tisha
      so what are you doing? Marsua does nothing with his son or for his son. What father doesn’t take his
      teenage son to get a haircut? Marsua because he goes alone because he uses that as an excuse to be out of the house. He’s an awful father and husband, Tisha is miserable in that marriage on theirs.
      That alarm BJ was a dig at Mel and Martel. Tisha everyone sees and knows why horrible Marsua
      treats you. Marsua treats you like the maid

    3. It is
      In this day…it is easier than it was before us. More & more women seem to NOT have a problem with dating married men. Question is..WHY???

    4. Totally agree. And those who come off as happy and so perfect just faking the funk for the look or image. Deep down inside it’s not what they make it look like, they be unhappy ASF!

  3. Love is beautiful specially God’s love! If you recognize that everything else is just a plus. I’ve been married for 10 years, with hectic schedules and 2 young children. Intimacy is spontaneous for us. In my situation planning is not going to work, and that is ok it works for us. Find what works for you and so be it! We have to look pass what entertainment wants us to see. If the alarm schedule works for them then it can’t be wrong, her husband knows who he married, he knows her mouth, he knows her habits so just let it be. They are not hurting any of us and I bet the alarm is still being used. Lol

    Remember one of their “businesses” is entertaining us at what ever cost apparently, so don’t judge the style. If they like it I love it. It’s just not for me and my husband.

    Right now they laying back collecting those checks smiling while some of you are fussing with one another….. hmmmm

  4. It would be nice to see a panel be different and actually ask men what they are doing to please their wives because the narrative is always about what efforts the woman is making. S-x is for women, too. And if Marsau was holding it down, LaTisha wouldn’t have to rely on iPhone reminders. He’s the problem.

      1. We see all the focus on men’s pleasure because of misogyny. I c—-max just as much as a man does. The issue is many women and men are convinced by the same lies, so most men don’t make an effort to be good partners. And a lot of women don’t require it. I required it and married the appropriate partner. I just want more women to step outside of the box and stop settling for lackluster s-x and relationships. It’s better out there.

      2. It’s 2023. Who believes this outdated nonsense? Women enjoy s*x just as much as men do. Stats show, if you care to research it at all, that women are the least satisfied with heterosexual s*x. Men don’t really know what they’re doing and only care about their own pleasure. Please stop spreading misinformation and delusion.

  5. I like your comment. No I’m not married but I believer every relationship is different & you have to put in what you would expect to receive from your spouse.
    Communication is very important & s-x should not be the main focus. Also that’s private. Everything does not have to go on social media/ talked about to others.
    Blessing upon your 40 years ❤🙌

  6. These couples all have assorted businesses….so the say. Martell wine is still in limbo, now he has to come up with money to get his clothing line going. These couples are a joke inso far as being real go getters. The are all lazy and think the are big movie stars. What Tiffany brings to the show is Zero.
    Now I see Marsau is going to Detroit L&M couples to speak about getting rich like him….what a joke.
    Would not hire him in my construction business as a janitor. He would not. Know what to do.
    Getting disgusted with what you are showing so far this season.

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